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Patient satisfaction is an important and commonly used indicator for measuring the quality in health care. It is thus a very effective indicator to measure the success of doctors and hospitals. According to a survey, satisfied patients share their experience with five others while the average patient with an unresolved complaint will share to nine to ten people.

We at Narayana Nethralaya use patient satisfaction as a performance tool to measure quality of health care services. Since it is not directly observable hence patient feedback surveys are been utilized as the measuring device. The feedbacks are taken widely on both online/offline platforms i.e. (Google, Face book, Website and Paper Feedback). The patient feedbacks coming from various sources on monthly basis are evaluated, results are analyzed & patient satisfaction index is been calculated. For year 2021, the patient satisfaction benchmark number set is 92%.  The feedback received is analyzed thoroughly and helps to improve the service standards and processes within the organization. Our current rating on social media platforms are (Google – 4.8  and Facebook – 4.9). Patient satisfaction affects clinical outcomes, patient retention, and medical malpractice claims. It affects the timely, efficient, and patient-centered delivery of quality health care.

NN Reviews by Centre

Rajaji Nagar

NN Health City



NN Doctor Reviews

Dr. K Bhujang Shetty

Dr. Rohit Shetty

Dr. Naren Shetty

Dr. Ravi Krishna

Dr. Aishwarya

Dr. Sharon D Souza

Dr. Anjali Kiran

Dr. Abdul Rawoof

Dr. Anand Vinekar

Dr. Sushma A

Dr. Bhanumathi M

Dr. Chaitra Jayadev

Dr. Dhanaraj Rao

Dr. Hemamalini

Dr. G. K. Venkatesh

Dr. Naresh Kumar

Dr. Ramgopal B

Dr. Priya BV

Dr. Pooja khamar

Dr. Poornachandra B

Dr. Sathidevi

Dr. Rohitha Nayak

Dr. Ramesh Venkatesh

Dr. Zia

Dr. Santhosh Gopi Krishna

Dr. Sruthi

Dr. Yathish

Dr. Padmamalini

Dr. Satyabala

Dr. Sumitha Muthu

Dr. Gairik Kundu

Dr. Shailaja

Dr. Jyoti Matalia

Dr. Himanshu

Dr. Prarthana

Dr. Ankush

Dr. Sushma Verma

Dr. Sujani

Dr. Shilpa Das

Dr. Namita Dave

Dr. Sushma Tejwani

Dr. Nandini C

Dr. Adrian Braganza

Dr. Prathiba

Dr. Ajay Krishna

Dr. Gagan Dudeja

Dr. Lubna Zameer

Dr. Collin Nazareth

Dr. Sherine Braganza

Dr. Thirumalesh

Dr. Shoruba Dinakaran

Dr. Chaitra Aroor

Dr. Sanket

Dr. Prajna Ghosh

Dr. Tejal

Dr. Sadanand Shetty

Dr. Prathibha Hande

Dr. Prashanth

Dr. Narendra KP

Dr. Sai Bhakti Mishra

Dr. Subhashchandra

Dr. Harsha Rao

Dr. Moupia

Dr. Anupama Kiran Kumar

Dr. Vishma Prabhu

Dr. Harsha Nagaraj

Dr. Sunitha A

Dr. Raksha Rao

Dr Megha G

Dr Anusha K L

Dr. Arthi Rasquinha

Dr. Shanthipriya K

Dr. Dishitha Rathod Gowda

Dr. Anusha Arvind

Dr. Nagesha C K

Dr B A Maithri

Dr Priyanka V Walvekar

Dr. Varshitha Hemanth Vasanthapuram

Dr Harsha Saxena

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