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Shakthi Vel

Really good care eye hospital Dr Anand vinekar

Shiva Linga

Dr Anand vinekar was very good doctor and sir explained to very nicely….tq Narayana nethralaya..

Amaresha T

Whole procedure went smoothly Dr Anand vinekar is good doctor and must recommend person So many facilities are here for premature babies and testing All facilities are good We are very happy for whole things

Salim Ahirasang

It was good hospital Good experience with Dr Anand vinekar

Prashanthkumar Prashanth

Very good hospital in Bangalore Service and promoting good work for society For premature babies Dr Anand vinekar Very good doctor Very impressed

Chandas Ranju

Heart fully thanks to Dr Anand vinekar Great job….
Over all good experience

bhagyashree biradar

My baby undergone ROP laser treatment with Dr Anand vinekar
And got good results
Team helps lot
Good healthcare systematic
Awesome team and doctors too good
KIDROP team all over Karnataka team working if anything needs premature babus treatment or test contacts narayana nethralaya team

Ashwiniashu Ashu

Very happy to share my experience Good hospital Good doctor Anand vinekar

Manjunatha R

Dr Anand vinekar is very trust doctor Very dedicated person working for premature babies

Pradeep Junjananavar

It was a good experience Dr Anand vinekar My both babies are normal
Premature born we came to eye test
All good
Thanks to Doctor and team work

Shivu kompi

Ok Good results
Thank u Dr Anand vinekar sir…

Prakash chavan

I gave birth to premature, Dr Anand vinekar team was came for eye test
And team is very good caring,
Overall good experience, doctors we interacted very friendly much professional,
We are coming from Bijapur 500km…

Giri Prasad

Good service
Excellent service
Anand vinekar

Mounesh Achar

Extremely good all process.
Dr Anand vinekar must recommend person for kids…
Thanks to all

Madhu M

Very good service and concern Each and every test going to smoothly
Dr Anand vinekar
Amazing person
And treatment very good for my baby eyes…
Over all good

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