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Dr. Sushma Tejwani Reviews

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Sharanya Mohan

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My grandmother has been treated by Dr. Sushma and Dr. Shoruba. They are always extremely polite and kind. Wonderful doctors.

Rownak Afroz

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Consulted Dr. Sushma Mam for my father, and Dr. Thirumalesh Sir for mother. Happy with their service .

Jemi John

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The overall service by the hospital is very good. I had got my father’s cataract and Glucose surgery done by Dr Sushma Tejwani. She has done an excellent job. We got both the eyes done in a span of one month and all went well. Even all the staff members deal with the patient and attenders very well. Keep up the good work. Will surely regiment the hospital. Even the cost I found to be a little lower that some of the similar hospitals.

Vibhor Varshney

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I enrolled my dad for Cataract, Glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. The process from the time of diagnosis, tests to surgery was smooth. We are grateful to Dr. Sushma and staff for settings the right expectations and successful surgeries.


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With sushma mam we have consulted for my mother in law..its cataract surgery…happy with service and treatment..Than you…

Rosan Polai

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Dr Susma tejwini iam Happy for narayana netralaya hospital

Kiran K

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Consulted Dr. Sushma for glaucoma.. Good doctor and good experience.

Adv Palto

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Consulted with dr..Sushma Madam..She provides good time to discuss our concern.. Treated nicely…staffs are also good..Thank you so much for thus awesome service

Takbir Ayan

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Dr.Sushma has lots of patience and enthu…gives information clearly…Happy for your treatment and service…Thanks to the team of narayana nethralaya…

Thapan Akavoor

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Just completed eye surgery of my father by Dr Sushma Tejwani. We really had a very good experience. Doctor took a special care in explaining everything in detail to the patient. That instantly made us relaxed. Entire process and surgical procedure were very well coordinated and hassle free. Kudos to the establishment and coordinators.

Sasi Edavana

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Dr. Sushama Tejwani is the consultant and I am happy with all all the procedure. Thanks all the staff members.

Savantika Singh

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I have consulted with Dr.Sushma for my husband’s cataract surgery. I am happy and satisfied with all facilities and also with the doctor.

Sofi Sweety

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Sushma Tejashwini consulted my dad fr his cataract removal and lens fixing.. We r pretty much with d service provide

Papia Jana

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Visited narayana nethralaya…consulted with dr.sushma mam..I am happy with all the service…Thank you for this treatment and behavior..

tanvi Reddy

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I have consulted with Doctor Sushma Tejwani madam for my mothers eye surgery.. I am happy with all the service.. Thank you..


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I have consulted with Dr.Sushma madam.I am happy with the service.

Tapan Haldar

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Visited narauana nethralaya for my eye check up.. dr sushma madam I have consulted.. Excellent experience it was.. Very nice energetic experienced doctor she is.. Very happy for coming here.. Thank you so much for your support and services..

Kunal Basu

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Consulted with Dr. Sushma Tejwani. Overall experience is good.

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