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Ansar Ali

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Its a nice place for eye check up..Doctor Sushma abd Doctor Pratibha…Experienced both of them..staffs all are doing nice work..Highly recommendations

Panchali Das

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Doctor Sushma Tejwani.Highly recommendation..

Pradeep Kumar Dutta

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I came gauhaty Assam in Bangalore narayana nethralaya…. Consulted with doctor sushma Tejwani…. She is excellent informative skill and provides treatment to us…I am happy with all staff and doctor.

Joykumar Sarker

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For me consulted with doctor Gagan Dudeja and for my daughter met with pediatric eye specialist doctor pratibha Panmand..for my wife Doctor Sushma Tejwani…Overall experienceis nice. Suggested nicely..Highly re commented

ravikumar mani

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Nice service with best treatment..consulted with dr Sushma ma’am dr Namita ma’am and Dr Shoruba Dinakaran..Surgery done by Dr Sushma Tejwani .It want well..Highly recommended

priyabrata panigrahi

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Dr Sushma Tejwani, it’s a nice experience, and all the staffs are cooperative.

Arthodorshi Bikkhu

Doctor Ajay Krishna Murthy.. For me I consulted with this doctor..Behaviour to treatment very nice..Then for my mother met eith dr.Pratibha and Dr.Sushma Tejwani..Overall experience is nice here. Very nicely treated my mother..She is fine after cataract surgery.. Highly recommendations

Lal Sahab

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I am posting this after my father cataract surgery for both eyes.Right eye done on 19th Dec and left eye is done today 29th Dec.Meet Dr Sushma Tejwani. She is very fine doctor of Glaucoma and Cataract surgery. She is very calm and listen carefully and she explained issue very nicely so any one can understand easily.Operation procedure is quite easy. Got call from respective person one day before operation after fixing appointment. He told to come at 8am. Checked BP and sugar and then paid remaining fees after insurance. Waited for 2 to 3 hours to send in OT.After operation, nurses came and explained about medication and told to follow instructions.Need to wait for summary after operation.
Whole team was supportive and taken care properly.Take prior appointment and submit documents to insurance counter before operation for easy billing and smooth process.Me and my family visit Narayana Nethralaya and meet Dr Sushma Tejwani atleast once in a year. Since last 10 years, I know her.Overall experience is quite well. Visit here if you need.Thanks, Lal Sahab

Prodip Saha

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Shakkor Nandi

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Doctor Namita maam and Doctor Sushma maam..Treated nicely both of them..Highly recommended.

Akuthota Nagarjuna

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Dr.Sushma listens to patients well and treats great.Thank you NN for your help..

Manju Dobriyal

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Dr. shushma tejwani..My experience was vry good with her. She is vry good Dr. n vry friendly.

Aayush Agarwal

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Dr Shushma Tejwani has operated for cataract and is best in town. Such a humble and experienced doctor. Satisfied with the staffs and doctors.

Abu Based

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Dr.Sushma Tejwani…Surgery went well.. Overall experience is nice here..Very carefully done the surgery.. Satisfactory experience with this hospitality..Thank you all of you..

Shubal Das

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Got nice service with excellent facilities.. Consulted with dr.Sushma Tejwani..best place for eye check up..Thank you..

Kumar Kumar

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Doctor Lubna ma’am and Doctor Sushma Tejwani..Pleased after consultation..Surgery done second time also provided Dr Sushma ma’am..Thank you all of you..

Fazle Rabbi

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My mother got nice treatment from dr.Namita Dave..for my father consulted with dr Thirumalesh mb and Dr.Sushma maam..All are given proper treatment and service..Thank you all of you..

Kingkar Debnath

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I have done my glaucoma surgery under dr susma tejwani ….feeling good …good with all treatment provided and staffs also very helping…. thanks ..highly appreciated

Ajinkya Bam

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Dr. Sushma Tejwani was very kind, reliable and proficient doctor. Highly recommended.

Madhu Gowda

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Good process with nice technique..For my child consulted with dr Jyoti Matalia then she suggested for Dr.Sushma Tejwani..Both are experienced and everything is cleared after consultation..Surgery went we. Highly recommended

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