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Dr. Naresh Kumar

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Ranganadhan .P

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I had had eye operation which was don Dr naresh kumar yadav he did very well and staffs we very good ragavandra

Ravi Kumar

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Dr Nagesha was given very good treatment

Surya narayana Surya narayana

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I was came retina checkup Dr nagesha CK was explained my retina eye problem and he was giving good treatment and staff also very helpful thank you narayana nethralaya

Srividya A

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Dr Nagesh is very friendly with patients and makes them feel at ease.

Manu G

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Dr Naresh Kumar yadav Good humble n patient friendly

Mohan nayak

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Dr Naresh Kumar Yadav provides excellent service. I came in for appointment with my dad and it was smooth process.

Bheema Raju

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Dr Naresh kumar yadav sir I had very good experience with him and treated me good and Dr jajayshree PV : she is very good and treated well thank u. Thank for raghvendra staff for his service

Bhashyam Srinivasan

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Dr Naresh Kumar Yadav has been very patient and reassuring. He has cleared our doubts and made us feel comfortable. Mr Rahhavendra has been helpful and very efficient in handling our appointment related issues.

Yash Shitole

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Dr Naresh kumar yadav is treated very well and little bit improvement are there in mother eye and staffs are very cooperative

limca ml

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Great treatment by dr NARESH kumar Yadav. Satisfied. Great attribute by mr raghevendra also

Cherian Vettiyilcherian

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Dr Naresh Kumar Yadav treatment is excellent and well experienced and staffs are all very cooperative

Kendriya Vidyalaya IISC

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We got very good services from hospital ..Doctor Naresh kumar yadav treatment given has benefited the patient. He feels better.excellent Doctor.the other supporting staff has given good services .Thank you .

Rangarajan Malur

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Dr Naresh Kumar Yadav The best treatment thank you very much staffs are all friendly.


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Dr Naresh Kumar Yadav Treatment is excellent I am taking Treatment since 14 years I am very happy in his service.

Soumya Hegde

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Naresh Kumar well experienced doc The faculties are very cooperative with patients

bhargav gopal

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Dr . Naresh Kumar Yadav Handled the patent very well, clearly explained the problem and suggested further procedure very well. I strongly recommend him to others

Sangamesh Sobhard

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Dr Naresh kumar yadav treatment is excellent and he is very good doctor he give good suggestion to us staffs are all very supportive.

Parashiva MB

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Dr Naresh Kumar yadav treatment is excellent he talks very calm and he explains our problems very politely and overall team is very supportive thank you.

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