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vijay kumar

Got surgery for child by doctor Pratibha panmand..service to doctors treatments was awesome..Recommended

Sanju Harijan

Doctor Namita Dave checked with proper instructions and doctor Pratibha panmand for child Recommended

namrota das

Doctor Sherine Braganza..Injection perfectly performed and for child consult with doctor Pratibha panmand…..Happy with service.


Doctor Nandini c then doctor Pratibha panmand.. Treated for eye check up..issue free treatments with proper care..

Raghu Rathod

For my sister’s son came for eye check up, today Dr. Jyoti Matalia did the surgery, went well. Also consult with doctor Pratibha panmand ..overall hassle-free with proper care.

Tamanna Tanni

Doctor Shoruba Dinakaran treated,then after checking send to doctor Pratibha maam..Recommendations highly

Hasnain Hasbi

Doctor Nandini c and doctor Pratibha panmand..Checked as required..

Gopal Ghosh

Today got treatment by doctor Pratibha Panmand..systematic and good guidance

Avijit Hazra

Doctor Nandini c checked and given some guidelines as required.. For baby consult with doctor Pratibha panmand.. recommended

Md. Rafiqul Islam

Doctor Himanshu matalia ..eye treatment went well,nicely treated..for child consult with doctor Pratibha maam..Happy to be here..also consult with oculoplasty doctor Gagan Dudeja.. recommend

Samar Pradhan

Process and systematic way all are maintaining..Doctor pratibha panmand..Great experience

MD Rofikul Islam

Today got treatment by Doctor Pratibha Panmand for my grandson..pediatric eye specialist.. Guided and suggested the best guidance..

Shah Alam

My child was having some problem in his eye.so consult with doctor Pratibha maam and doctor Sameeksha ma’am..Happy with service with all the guidance and treatment

Pipasha Ghosh

For my husband came here in nethralaya . Recommend . consultant doctor Adrian sir and dr. Pratibha panmand..Also consult with dr.Sameeksha ma’am for oculoplasty issue..guides as required..

Kaberi Saha

Doctor Himanshu sir checked for my elder daughter, pratibha Ma’am treated for my younger daughter.. Recommend highly

Raha Nuha

Checked with pediatric eye specialist doctor Pratibha panmand..good process and systematic check up done.

Excellent shahid

Came for routine eye check up and consulted with doctor Pratibha panmand for my son..Useful suggestion


For me first consult with Retina then Glaucoma doctor..Doctor Sherine and doctor Shoruba maam..For my grand daughter doctor pratibha maam..All have given proper guidance. ..cleared..Thanks to the team..also Thanks to doctor Thirumalesh mb for your guidance


Doctor Gagan Dudeja checked,then for daughter consultation provided by doctor Pratibha panmand.. Recommend

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