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Ziaul Haque

Google 2

Good service with nice treatment..Doctor Thirumalesh sir checked nicely..Thank you.

Varun creations

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I cane for eye checkup narayana nethralaya bommasandra dr thirumalesh consulted very nice and all facilities are good I’m so happy with service thank you

Vimal Jamuda

Google 2

Good and satisfying outing for my eyesight…Advice everyone to have regular checkup for your eyes

Selvi S

Google 2

Dr. Thirumalesh mb…Very good service

Ratan Enterprise

Google 2

Nicely checked and given treatment.. Consultant Dt.Thirumalesh mb..Best service with co operation.. Thank you..

mostak libaray

Google 2

Got nice service and treatment.. Doctor Jyoti Matalia is a nice doctor with patients centric mentality .. we are satisfied after consultation..for my mother consulted with dr Namita maam and dr.Thirumalesh mb…All doctors are too caring and guven full efforts to patient.. Thank you all of them..

Prodip Ray

Google 2

Doctor Namita Ma’am and Doctor Thirumalesh mb..I came here for ny eye check up..My eye condition was not good.. Sir suggested proper treatment..finished without any problem..Really its a best place for eye check up..Highly recommendations

Ragini Keshav

Google 2

Doctor shoruba maam suggested for Retina opinion for my father. Then we consulted with Retina Specialist doctor Thirumalesh MB.. Both are treated carefully and injection done by Dr Thirumalesh.. We are pleased after check up and treatment.. Thank you..

Dev Sarkar

Google 2

For my father consulted with dr Thirumalesh mb..very nicely treated his eyes with full efforts..Thank you..


Google 2

With Shoruba mam lubna mam Thirumalesh sir and Sankar sir i have consulted for eye check up..best treatment they have given..step by step they are guiding soo nicely..also met with Ajay sir. Best eye hospital..Thank you..

Vaskar Das

Google 2

Guided nicely and suggested good Guidelines.. Dr.Thirumalesh mb..Pleased.. Thank you all of you..

Rupesh Venkat

Google 2

Dr.Thirumalesh.M.B. is one of the finest doctors for retinal services

stephen Raj

Google 2

Doctor Adrian sir and Doctor Thirumalesh mb..Retina surgery done successfully by the specialist doctor Thirumalesh mb..Satisfactory experience..nice process and all are given proper response..Thank you.

MD Masum

Google 2

Overall experience is nice..Consulted with dr.Thirumalesh and Dr.Lubna maam..This place good for eye check up..We are coming from long distance just because of this type treatment.. Thank you all ofyou..

Fazle Rabbi

Google 2

My mother got nice treatment from dr.Namita Dave..for my father consulted with dr Thirumalesh mb and Dr.Sushma maam..All are given proper treatment and service..Thank you all of you..

Sahanara Begum

Google 2

Doctor Namita Dave and Dr.Thirumalesh MB..Too much satisfied..Thank you all of you..

Hatem Tai

Google 2

Doctor Thirumalesh MB..Got nice service and treatment.. Experience doctor with expertise.. Thank you the team of nethralaya..

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