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Sapna Armaan

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Dr Ramagopal Awesome Energetic ..I like the way he sings ….e kiwi nodi …a kiwi nodi so cute

Sapna Armaan

Google 2

Dr Ramagopal Awesome Energetic ..I like the way he sings ….e kiwi nodi …a kiwi nodi so cute
Please mellow down , and should learn to give pre instructions to patients as elderly people are like kids and hear or understand very slow

Aarya sekhar V B

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Dr Ramgopal an excellent doctor for glaucoma.Thank you whole team for the great work. Especially MR Venu the PCCO for coordinating well.

Swetha Honey

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Dr. Ramgopal B, of narayana nethralaya was very good at treating patients…

Sabahat Zahra

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Dr Ram Gopal Verma is very patient in treating his patients

Vinutha vinu

Dr Sanjay and dr ram gopal are very good doctors both doctors are explaining about treatment is excellent, I’m happy.

Siddalingadevaru Devaru

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Dr Hemamalini and Dr.Ramgopal glaucoma dept consultation is good and satisfied.staff also very nice service.

Medha Yadav

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Visiting Dr Ram Gopal regularly for my mother’s eye check up since last 10 years. During the initial examination nerve issue was detected and laser treatment was done a couple of years back only when it was required. Clear communication from doctors and staff members are also super helpful. Overall a good experience and satisfied with the service.

Krishna Murthy

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Dr.Ramgopal excellent treatment I’m Happy and fully satisfied staff service is good

Somya Chaturvedi

Dr Sanjay and Dr Ramgopal are really good…they treated my son’s eye injury….iam happy and satisfied with the treatment

BH. Jagadeesh

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Dr Ramgopal is a genius and Padma Malini is very nice we have any problems she give a good solution patients is very good thanks to Narayana nethralaya ms.rajeshwari service is good

Soma shekar

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Dr santhosh g k in retina Dr ramgopal in glaucoma Dr sumitha Muthu those 3 doctors we consulting those doctors I’m happy and satisfied thz to Narayana netralaya and thier staff

prajwal M

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Dr Ramgopal is Super treater and we have undergone surgery with him excellent treatment.and staffs also very good truly satisfied with everything thank u so much to narayana nethralaya


Dr Ramgopal B (Glocoma consultant) Thank you sir,greatful to you sir

Basawaraj Bomman

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Dr ramgopal is excellent and He’s our God he has treated me very well, and about staff they r quite tremendous i like the total atmosphere thanks narayana nethralaya

Nirmala G C

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Dr. Ravi krishana we are satisfied your consultant… My mother is happy for this eye surgery Dr. Ramgopal we are satisfied your consultant..My mother is happy for this eye surgery

Prashanth N

Dr Ramgopal is very good he’s a great surgeon I wish him to continue in the same way. Such a gentleman thanks to Narayana Nethralaya

Ashok Bhavikatti

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Very good Dr Ramgopal very very good treatment I’m fully satisfied.staff good service

Chandrika Naik

Dr. Ramgopaal good treatment Very nice fast moving in opd I’m fully satisfied

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