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Dr ramgopal is very kind and clear and also good informative

Begum Gulzar

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(Translated by Google) Dr Ramgopal good treatment

Narahari Kadambi

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I went for consultation with Dr Ramgopal and my experience was very pkeasant. He was clear and professional in his diagnosis. His prescriptions were precise and very effective. His team including Dr. Anshukumari and Nirosha were extremely alert and forthcoming at the counter and were efficient and courteous. We had an excellent experience overall and look forward to further consultations in the future.

Kalaimani N

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Dr priya B V and Dr Ramgopal is soft spoken and has provided good hospitality. Thanks to nn

Diwakar D

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Best eye Hospital in Bangalore. My father was getting treatment in other hospital for almost 4 years but was not getting any better. We visited Narayana Nethralaya after a family friend recommended it and in just 8 months his eyes are well and normal. Thank you Dr. Ramgopal and Dr. Ankush kawali.

Kumuda C

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We had a great experience visiting dr Ram gopal who is specialist in glaucoma .. He will go through each and every stage explaining with every details. Very happy to get asset by such Dr.

krupa janardhana

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Dr. Ram Gopal , sir has been efficient n has explained d situation of my eye. He takes time to help me understand. Has been a kind one.I initially visited Dr. Padma Malini mam for my condition. She has been my doctor from a very long time n she has been d most helpful person around here who has given me al d information n kept me informed abu my situation. She along with d doctor interning for her have been real guidelines n lifelines for my serious condition It couldn’t have been possible to b d same person with a 6/6 vision had they not worked on me n been my source to fall back on. They have been patient, helpful n have been reachable at even d most odd hours and dint cringe a bit at d time if their duty. Its a miracle to find tis kind of service to mankind in these times. Thank you for d team effort in getting me back upto where i wish to b! God bless !!

Radha E

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Dr Ramgopal is an excellent doctor and he’s explained us very well he’s very genuine in all the way of treatment

madhav shurpali

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Dr ramgopal is very good great doctor and staffs are also very good thanks to nn

Usha Jagannathan

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Usha Raghavan MR No.1188975 Very cordial and efficient staff and team work with standardized procedures at every phase. Very happy chose Narayana Nethralaya and I have no hesitation to recommend the hospital to my friends and relatives. Best Wishes to Dr Ramgopal B and team.

Revanna R P

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Dr Ramgopal consulting very excellent and staffing good overall nice hospitality…..



I am Coming from devanahalli madhya district I first visted narayana nethralaya . Dr. Ram Gopal good surgeron operatin done . All staff very good carring good human being please opening new breanch opening madhya district iam very happy god bless you

Sheetal Jain

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Dr ramgopal her treatment was proper along with service

Nagaraj Naga

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Dr Ramgopal is a genius of glaucoma department and his assistant venu has taken a proper care of us really satisfied with all the service

Ranjit Madappa b c

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Dr.Ramgopal B has been a nice doctor to visit. His calm nature with the patients does wonders to the ones visiting him

Shoban Manjaly

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Dr ramgopal very satisfied with his diagnosis and he’s very polite and i have done consultation for my father an the staff’s are also great they coordinate each other very well truly satisfied

Tanuja Reddy

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Dr Ramgopal He is very patient and listens to our issues…will definitely recommend

Vykunta Swamy

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Dr RamGopal b Good treatment, good service and staffs are also excellent

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