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Ruma Karmakar

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had visited Narayana Nethralaya Banerghatta for my (Ruma Karmakar) DCR Surgery. I had visited Dr. Moupia Mukhopadhyay for my treatment. She is very professional and explained us the process very nicely. She also explained us about the post operative care process. She is very patient and skilled doctor. We are very happy and highly recommend Dr. Moupia Mukhopadhyay and her team.

Tara Bhat

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Dr.Moupia and Dr. Subhash are good Doctors in this hospital

monalisa Choudhury

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I was swelling under my eye from last 4 year and went to so many doctors but everybody told me this swelling is because of your sinus but one day i went to Narayan Netralaya and we met Dr. Moupia Mukhopadhyay and she diagnosed that this swelling is because of tumor and experienced that she has lot of empathy towards the patients. She was very keen in explaining us the procedure in detail regarding the surgery as well as the tumor growth and how it can be handled. Her diagnosis was very convincing and perfect. Surgery was for 3 hour and the tumor was removed. Dr. Moupia was a very big moral support for us. The patience, care and dedication the doctor showed towards us was tremendous. We were very fortunate to have Dr. Moupia’s care. The pre/post surgery follow up checkups also excellent..

Ramaiah R

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(Translated by Google) Dr moupia (Original) Dr moupia

Prakash Biswakarma

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Very good Services received from Dr Sharan Shetty and Dr Moupia mukhopadhayay as well as entire team of hospital.

Avinash Athreya

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a wart on my right eyelid and had unsuccessfully attempted to get rid of it twice via dermatologists. The wart returned on both occasions and infact it started to grow at a rapid pace. That is when I consulted Dr Moupia, hoping to get a solution for my problem. Dr Moupia helped me get rid of the wart permanently via a small surgery. The surgery was very smooth and infact I didn’t even realize. Am very thankful to Dr Moupia for helping me in getting rid of big wart on my right eye. I would definitely recommend Dr Moupia.

Dalbi joshy

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We consult dr.moupia .it was very good experience

Amitav Dash

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Great experience at Narayana nethralaya for my mother’s cataract surgery. Dr. Aarushi listened to us with patience and handled the case very nicely. A big thanks to the whole team at NN banerghatta road! I am adding to my review after 2 years. This time my father needed specialized eye care and without a second thought I took him to NN Banerghatta road. Apart from retina and cornea care necessary for a diabetic patient, he was troubled with water running out from his eyes constantly. His case was handled by Dr. Moupia and he was administered botulinum injection, which addressed his condition with over 95% reduction in the water discharge. For a patient of advanced age, Dr. Moupia established rapport very nicely and that helped in giving confidence about remedy for the patient to undergo the procedure. Now my father is convinced that he would only come to NN Banerghatta Road. A big shout to Dr. Moupia and team of NN yet again!

Chavva Madhuvani

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I strongly recommend Dr. Moupia for her attentiveness and the way she handled my case. Though it is emergency situation she was calm in dealing with it. She explained us the situation and started the procedure and with in a weeks time she ensured the situation to normalcy. She is very patient and very skilled. With no second thought I recommend Dr.

Praveen Prabhu

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Hospital is maintained excellently. No problems for patients. Thanks to Dr. Moupia & her team for giving greatest service to the patients. Nursing Staff is excellent and dedicated. Housekeeping is very good. Doctor is very professional and gave confidence to my aunt who underwent dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR). Please keep up the good work. Thank you for taking very good care of my aunt (Mrs. Jayashree) right from the first consultation to the post operation process.

Priya Ranjan Prakash

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Very good hospital equipped with knowledgeable human assets. All the staff are well behaved and the hospital is complying all COVID behavior protocols. Dr. Moupia Mukhopadyaya is one of good Doctors of the hospital.

Suraj Limbu

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I really satisfaction for Dr. Moupia mam 🥰🥰🥰she’s given nice Consultation

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