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Jinu S

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Dr.Moupia have done Ptosis surgery for my 1Y old baby, We are very happy and highly recommend Dr.Moupia. Dr.Kishore(anesthesia) and all the staffs are very helpful and cooperative. The whole process of consultations to surgery was very well organised.Recommends for all kind of Eye Care

Rajesh M

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We are facing eye (Blind eye) problem for past 15 years (Problem: Getting more eye pain and eye becoming small every year). One day we went to Narayana Nethralaya Bannerghatta branch to consult Dr. Moupia for present eye problem. We decided, go with prosthetic eye treatment for reduce the eye pain and also Dr Moupia clearly explained about the prosthetic eye treatment. Surgery went very well (Surgeon DR.Moupia) and after 6 weeks of surgery artificial eye placed in the blind eye socket. Now eye pain reduced compared to before surgery and also both eyes are same. Thanks to DR.Moupia , Ocularist MS. Jubanki And MS. Jyothi and all the staff.

soma das

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Though my daughter has quite some eyes concern, really happy with Dr. Pragna Ghosh and her treatment. The way she explains is very good. Overall hygiene of the place is well maintained despite the crowd. Again showed my mother today in Dec. The service and doctors are still the same and so good. Dr. Moupiya and Dr Chaithra are not only good doctors but so caring and humble.

Basavanna Viraktamath

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Consulted Dr.Moupia for the Right eye upper lid cyst mass lesion All the staff and Dr.Moupia are very friendly and helped to clarify all the doubts

Karthic Seshadri

Had been to Narayana Nethralaya, Bannerghatta Road for a regular eye check and that is where the beautiful journey started. I happened to meet Dr. Moupia Goswami Mukhopadhyay, who was the consulting doctor in the Aesthetic Studio. She was so calm and explained each and every finding related to my eye. The topic took us to the facial changes, creams i use, etc., and then to the hair fall which i was experiencing. I had a patch on my scalp which she observed and she guided me to try PRP using the latest technology for this issue but she never forced us, unlike other hospitals. Now, i have now completed 5 sessions and seeing amazing results. After 2 sessions, hair fall while bathing, wiping and combing completely stopped and after 4 sessions, the patch area is covered by my own hair which was a like dream to me because i had given up that hair is gone forever. The hair has become thick and i am really happy that people are seeing the difference in my hair growth. Doctor was more excited than me with the results and was very happy for me. Doctor’s team is very humble especially Jyothi mam whose hospitality is very warm each time we visited and also the timings was confirmed well before and was kept up. Overall, i strongly recommend you to visit Aesthetic studio in Narayana Nethralaya, bannerghatta road and meet Dr. Moupia Goswami.

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Monjima Acharya

I had a good experience consulting with Dr.Moupya Mukhopadhyay and Dr. Nikita Pathare. They were very lenient and handled my case with utmost delicacy. Will be returning back soon and recommend them to others.

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Vipul Jain

I would rate it 6 on a level of 1 to 5….. Simply Best… .. Recently got a minor procedure done at Narayana Netralaya by Dr. Moupia and it couldn’t have been better. Staff was extremely efficient and courteous.By the time I arrived at the hospital all my paperwork was prepared & I didn’t have to wait even for 5 minutes.The procedure was done by Dr. Moupia. It was smooth and was executed seamlessly.Narayana Nethralaya is equipded with Morden and equipments along with Best Doctors.I would recommend Narayana Nathralaya for any sort of eye care.

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Bhavana Darapaneni2206

There was a wound on my eye like big size pimple…it’s there on my left by birth…then I visit Narayana nethralaya hospital in banglore and there I met Dr.Moupia.Then she diaognosied prblm to be COLOBOMA of upper lid….The hospital is really gd. Dr.Moupia communicates with me very well.Finally my eye became normal…the others can’t find for which eye the surgery was done

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Ravichandran K

We visited the Narayana Netralaya – Aesthetic studio for the first time in October 2020 for Facial problem. As the medicines were not giving positie response,my wife had the first Botox injections in October 20 from Dr. Moupia. The ambience of the Aesthetic studio is very nice. The secretary Jyoti, was very helpful in arranging the appointments, to helping the Doctor in all the things necessary for the treatment. The first dose of Botox was very effective and my wife could start taking photos of herself which she had not been doing for nearly a decade because of the facial problem. We thank the Dr.Moupia for analysing correctly and proper treatment for the problem.All the Best Aesthetic Studio

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Dheerendra Joshi

My Father is 67years old and was diagnosed with mucinous carcinoma (cancer tumour) in his right eye upper eyelid. We were referred to Narayan Netralaya by our doctor in Belgaum. In Narayan Netralaya we met Dr. Moupia Mukhopadhyay and experienced that she has lot of empathy towards the patients. She was very keen in explaining us the procedure in detail regarding the surgery as well as the tumour growth and how it can be handled. Her diagnosis was very convincing and perfect. Surgery was for 30min and the tumour was removed. Dr. Moupia was a very big moral support for us. The patience, care and dedication the doctor showed towards us was tremendous. We were very fortunate to have got Dr. Moupia’s care. The pre/post surgery follow up checkups were comforting and convenient. All the Narayana Netralaya staff truly stand up to their values of medical profession and ethics. All the precautions and sanitisation was taken care in the hospital. Narayana Netralaya stands out in giving high quality care and services to the patients.

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Sarojamma Channabasappa

I consulted Dr.Moupia for prosthesis eye at prosthetic studio staff was very co operative they took interest of making prosthetic eye for me and it is very nice thank you very much for jubanki

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