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Dr. Collin Nazareth Reviews

Total Reviews – 118

Nancy Bibeiro

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Came to Visit Dr. Colin Mascaras. Doctor was kind and explained the issue well. Overall had a good experience

Subhash Voleti

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Dr. Colin, very knowledgeable and helpful. Got good guidance. Thanks a lot. V V Subhash

savitha s

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Dr.Colin a.s.Nazareth a very good consultation

Samanvitha Gowda

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Dr. Colin A S Nazareth, Was a gentleman and he was very polite towards his patients and guided me with effective treatment.

Vijay Bhaskar K

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Dr. Colin from Indiranagar branch explained the instructions very clear. Thanks

Jahnavi Muniyappa

Google 2

Dr. Colin had very good experience and friendly, understood the need of the patient

Akshath T.R

Google 2

I visited Dr Colin he very good in understanding my problem and treated well


Google 2

Dr. Colin Nazareth was very good… excellent advice given by

Suresh Mani

Google 2

Dr Colin A s Nazareth He was very courteous and explained in very convincing manner.

Mansukhi mengam

Google 2

The experience is hazel free and Dr. Colin has checked and advised the medicine and further diagnosis.Process of the admin is also smooth.

Aniket (Anya)

Google 2

Very friendly and professional consultation by Dr Colin. Helped to solve all the queries.

Debashree Mukherjee

Google 2

Dr Collin Nazrath. It was a good experience, received details of the consultation from doctor nicely.

kishan nair

Google 2

Dr. Colin Nuzareth is a very good doctor.

Rahul Singh

Google 2

Dr. Colin AS Nazareth was very friendly and overall experience in checkups including the staff and all was good.

Syed Roshan

Google 2

Dr Colin A S he is very kind doctor his conversation is fully satisfied

Rudrambike Yathidh

Google 2

Dr. Colin AS Nazareth: He communicated with comfortable language and good experience

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