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Dr. Anjali Kiran

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Dr.Anjali Kiran-Staff are co-operative hospital good-No,all is god hospital

Poonam Raikar

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We were consulted by Dr. Anjali Kiran- Oculoplasty and orbit service specialist..Dr Anjali is a expect and had a good treatment and consultation.

Subramani V

Dr.Anjali Kiran is a good doctor and convincing reply and good advise for my watering eyes


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Dr Anjali Kiran well treated doctor and with good medical instruction good service in Occuloplasty department thanks Narayana Netharalya

Mohammed yusuf

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Dr.Anjali kiran madam is given good treatment and good surgeons also and madam assistance Rajeshwari .R was so much helpful thank u to her. And vision done by Optometrist Dhanalakshmi madam also done well with her job.. Thanks to all

sneha gannu baby vlogs

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Thanks Dr Anjali kiran,and team Narayana netralaya Very good service staff behavior I like it

Ranganath Ranga

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Dr anjali kiran nange tumba baya agittu en agutto anta nan ellu bere kade ogdale bande yarno kelkondi kunigal enda narayana netralage bande elli elru tumba respons madudru ade riti dr anjali kiran medam avru tumba change nodudru ega normal agi eddini thank you medam


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Dr.Anjali Kiran She well surgery done for me,staffs are given good supportive services…thank you doctor…

girish shetty

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Dr.Anjali Kiran is one of the best doctors in Narayana Nethralaya. My father had a DCR surgery. The process was really smooth. They hospitality and information sharing was really good. She shown us that how the procedure goes, how the medication should be taken, how to be prepared for the further problems if we face any.


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Dr. Anjali Kiran I undergone DCR surgery, doctor is well experienced and I feel very well after surgery. Thanks to Dr. Anjali Kiran and NARAYANA NETRALAYA

Uma Nagesh

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Dr. Anjali I had very good doctor and staff in Narayana Netralaya every thing done on time.

Sathvika Manivannan

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Dr. Anjali Kiran is a very good doctor, had external DCR surgery…now recovered. Excellent service:)

Srikanth N

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Dr.Anjali Kiran speech is good operation is successfully done.madam given good clarity and good suggestion..what ever we asking doughts they explained clearly, expecially clarity given on operation time..thanks so much Dr…

Manjula Hr

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Good to have treatment with Dr. Anjali kiran madam always smiling face and she is always patient with all

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