Overview of National Board Residency:

Narayana Nethralaya has been known for it’s quality teaching and academic programs. The National Board of Examinations, New Delhi has accredited this Institution & recognized it for postgraduate DNB courses in Ophthalmology. With a high patient load and state of the art infrastructure Narayana Nethralaya has been privileged to have post graduate training to 8 candidates (4 primary and 4 secondary) every year.     

Training programme:

Once selected, the candidates undergo an orientation programme with respect to the functioning of the institute, the various departments, the teaching programmes and their duties during their tenure in the Institute. The candidates are posted in both the hospitals owned by the Institute on rotation.

The candidates are rotated through various departments including Cornea, Retina, Paediatric ophthalmology, Oculoplasty, Uvea, Glaucoma, Cataract and refractive lens surgery, Community ophthalmology and contact lens and low vision aids with the particular consultant for personalised training from each consultant.


Training is aimed at enhancing clinical and surgical skills for diagnosing various ophthalmic conditions and understanding the rationale behind the management of the same. DNB trainees are encouraged to work up cases and present it to the consultant on a case to case basis. Trainees are involved in with hands on of various investigations like slit lamp photography, B-scan, FFA, ICGA, OCT etc for a holistic learning experience. DNB trainees are also given experience in handing various LASER based machines used in treatment of cataract and glaucoma.  

Wet lab facilities and Hands-on training:

Wet lab facilities are available to students. After learning about basics of instrument handling and resident doctors get to assist and eventually perform independent Cataract surgeries.  Our Institution is into community ophthalmology in a big way. Screening camps are conducted in various far flung areas and selected subjects are operated for cataract at the base hospital. The DNB candidates are involved both in the screening and surgical procedures of these patients under the guidance of the camp organizer and the concerned consultant. The DNB candidates get to operate cataracts, first under the supervision of a consultant and later independently in the camp set up.

Eye banking, community services and webinars:

Post graduates are actively involved in harvesting donor corneas’ for corneal transplant procedures with an in-house eye bank. Various programmes are arranges and educational camps and webinars are organised for spreading awareness regarding eye donation and general eye health. With the new normal of social distancing and digitalisation of human interaction, Narayana Nethralaya continues to ensure that community services and DNB training continues seamlessly for benefit of the society.   

Academics and Research :

Case presentations, seminars and journal clubs based on the DNB curriculum happen 5 days a week. Our institute subscribes to both foreign and Indian journals. The library is equipped with latest editions of books in most of the sub specialities. The candidates are helped by the consultants in their thesis from time to time. Our institute has internet facilities and teleconferencing equipment for the benefit of the candidates. Our candidates are encouraged to present cases and papers at various CMEs, State and National conferences. They have even received awards for the same. They are encouraged to participate in the clinical trials conducted at the institute and also contribute to articles in various journals. Due recognition is given to the research work done by the post graduates.


Duration: 2 years for post diploma and 3 years for post MBBS

Stipend : As determined by the National Board of Education

Intake: 4 Primary DNB seats and 4 Secondary DNB seats as granted by National Board

DNB programme: Post graduate trainees have daily formal teaching lectures and scheduled case presentations. Hands on experience of various clinical and  surgical procedures and wet lab training on simulators to refine their surgical skill. Post graduates are encouraged to conduct and present research papers at various state, national and international conferences during their tenure. Post graduates are actively involved in harvesting donor corneas’ for corneal transplant procedures with an in-house eye bank and are sent for outreach camps as well.

Training hospitals: Post graduates are posted in all sub-specialty at Narayana Nethralaya’s 2 different centres on a rotation basis for maximum exposure and holistic training.

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