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The Department of Molecular Diagnostics & Laboratory Services was established in 2007 at the Narayana Nethralaya.

Molecular Diagnosis of infectious diseases is the next generation diagnosis in Microbiology department. An era of high technology which includes PCR and Real Time PCR has arrived in the Microbiology department for a routine use.
Molecular Microbiology has become the hottest laboratory area and rapid technique to detect bacteria, fungi and viruses using DNA probes are now become the part and parcel of routine diagnosis of infectious diseases. More over Molecular Microbiology tests helps in faster detection of etiologic agents and there by helps in escalating and deescalating the antibiotics.
PCR techniques now been used routine because of their faster mode of detection than the culture and affordability. Hence in nearer future it will not be a surprised that molecular microbiology tests may entirely replaces culture methods.

We at Narayana Nethralaya, Narayana Health city have realized the need of molecular microbiology diagnosis for the treatment of infectious diseases and have the state of art facilities for testing various bacterial, fungal and viral etiologic agents.

The Molecular Diagnostics laboratory at Narayana Nethralaya at Narayana Health city , Hosur road, Bangalore have been identified as one of the laboratory who have all the prerequisite for testing COVID -19 . The Lab has got approval from ICMR todo COVID -19 testing. The lab is Accredited by NABL and the COVID -19  and H1N1 ( Swine flu) test is in NABL scope. This laboratory have a conventional PCR as well as Real time PCR machines and BSL-2 . The  Lab Director has tremendous experience in Molecular Diagnostics and have been  trained in the testing of COVID -19 at NIHHANS. The laboratory have other 7 trained staffs who are ready to take the workload day and night. The laboratory has the capacity of processing of 3500 samples per day. And the report will be available within 24 hours after reaching the samples to the Lab. This is the first Ophthalmic Hospital to do COVID- 19 testing in India.

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We are the first lab in south India approved by Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for H1N1 Testing in Private sector.

This lab is primarily intended to aid in diagnosis of infections in the eye and other organs in the body. We are positive that this laboratory will have a large positive impact in clinical care and research into infectious causes of eye and systemic diseases.

We have highly trained, skilled and motivated technical expertise who work around the clock and issue the results with in the 24 hours after receiving the samples. In our laboratory we perform series and variety of PCR tests both qualitative and quantitative for various bacterial, fungal and viral agents.

This lab is equipped with the state of the art Molecular Diagnostic machines and laboratory is of WHO-GMP standards.

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Dr. Venkata Ramana. A

Director, Department of Molecular Diagnostics & Lab Services

Narayana Nethralaya, Narayana Health city



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