Narayana Nethralaya Institute of Molecular Diagnostics and Laboratory Services (NNIMDLS)

Narayana Nethralaya Institute of Molecular Diagnostics and Laboratory Services laboratory conceptualized and established in April 2007 was aimed at providing the diagnostic services to the patients prior to the surgery or developing post-surgical complications. This extended the most valuable arm to the clinicians aiding them in taking the crucial clinical decisions driving the patient welfare. With the increase in the repertoire of testing parameters using sophisticated and modern state of art machinery, the microbiology lab at Narayana Nethralaya catered its diagnostic services to areas beyond ophthalmology to those affecting systemic pathology.  Narayana Nethralaya Institute of Molecular Diagnostics and Laboratory Services headed by Dr .Venkata Ramana A, excels in the holding high the pillars of diagnosis namely, the accuracy of the findings and the time taken for providing the test results, thereby saving the precious moments for clinical decisions. The laboratory undergoes frequent stringent assessment for maintaining the high standards in quality and has been duly accredited by NABL, the highest accreditation provided by Govt of India for laboratory practice quality.

Routine microbiological assays:

The fully trained technicians are capable of handling clinical samples of around 100-150 per day with a shortest turnaround time. The routine microbiological assays laboratory is well equipped for testing bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral infections for clinical samples using gold standard routine methods. The laboratory has the facility and proper laboratory personal to culture and grow micro-organism. The laboratory apart from identifying the causative micro-organism the lab provides report on the antimicrobial susceptibility profile, immunological response using ELISA test, staining of clinical samples.

Molecular diagnosis assays:

Molecular diagnosis division of the Institute of Molecular Diagnostics and Laboratory Services exclusively deals with polymerase chain reaction (PCR) based diagnosis. There are several advantages of PCR based diagnosis with faster diagnosis, detection of fastidious micro-organisms (micro-organisms that can’t be grown in laboratory set up) and also in detecting low load of microbial infection are some of the salient features of molecular diagnosis. In a clinical set up diagnostic department always fights the race with time to save precious lives and organs. In this aspect PCR based diagnosis provide much needed support. However, the stringent regulations and quality are much needed to efficiently run such a molecular diagnosis laboratory that is established a premier branch under the supervision of  Dr Venkata Ramana A. The staffs are well trained and can handle upto 5000 samples per day.

Some of the pathological conditions demanding early interventions such endophthalmities, ICU stay patients, Bone marrow transplantation patients, antibiotic abuse are some of facets where molecular diagnostic wing provide the much needed support to the clinical team. The molecular diagnostic team caters to the Narayana Health city apart from providing our nation (India) a much applauded diagnostic help during pandemics such Swine flu, and much recent COVID-19. The molecular diagnostic lab is the only laboratory in an ophthalmic institution that has been recognized as COVID-19 testing centre by the Indian Council of Medical Research. During pandemic such as the COVID-19 infections, the molecular diagnostic wing has been at the forefront and has been one of the first private laboratories with highest testing facility maintaining high quality standards. The laboratory has received several appreciative awards for their distinct contribution towards of public health during pandemic times. The laboratory quality are cross evaluated routinely by BMCRI, NIMHANS and Sankara Nethralaya providing the credibility and quality standards.

Molecular Diagnosis of infectious diseases is the next generation diagnosis in Microbiology department. An era of high technology which includes PCR and Real Time PCR has arrived in the microbiology department for a routine use.

Molecular Microbiology has become the hottest laboratory area and rapid technique to detect bacteria, fungi and viruses using DNA probes are now become the part and parcel of routine diagnosis of infectious diseases. More over Molecular Microbiology tests helps in faster detection of etiologic agents and there by helps in escalating and deescalating the antibiotics.

PCR techniques now been used routine because of their faster mode of detection than the culture and affordability .Hence in nearer future it will not be a surprised that molecular microbiology tests may entirely replaces culture methods.


We at Narayana Nethralaya, Narayana Hrudayalaya Health city have realized the need of molecular microbiology diagnosis for the treatment of infectious diseases and have the state of art facilities for testing various bacterial , fungal and viral etiologic agents.

We have highly trained, skilled and motivated technical expertise who work around the clock and issue the results with in the 12 hours after receiving the samples.

In our laboratory we perform series and variety of PCR tests both qualitative and quantitative for various bacterial, fungal and viral agents.

We are the first lab in south India approved by Government of India, Ministry of health and family welfare for H1N1 Testing in Private sector in 2009.

We had processed more than six lakhs of COVID -19 RTPCR tests up to August 2021.

We standardized the Black fungus (Mucor Mycosis ) RT PCR Detection in a short time and helped the clinicians with specific and accurate diagnosis during COVID-19 pandemic situation.

We are in process of developing multiplex infectious molecular  panels which helps the clinicians to get the diagnosis of infective agent at the earliest thus helps in shorter ICU stay and institutes specific antibiotic therapy.

Biochemical diagnosis assay:

The laboratory additionally provides biochemical testing facilities such pre-surgical work ups, haematological investigations, blood coagulation tests, urine analysis, biochemical investigations for blood sugar, liver function tests, electrolytes, vitamin D estimation, thyroid function test, lipid profile, urea- creatinine levels, immunological analysis of viral infections. The laboratory also receives diagnostic samples from across Karnataka and other states for analysis. Below is stated the work flow and the sample shipping details provided for sending diagnostic samples to tested at its diagnostic facility.

Our Routine labs are accredidated by Quality Accreditation Institute (QAI) as per ISO 15189:2012 Standards.

Application of the Institute of Molecular Diagnostics and Laboratory Services

The Narayana Nethralaya Institute of Molecular Diagnostics and Laboratory Services lab provides support in

  • All kinds of infectious diseases to identify
  • Anti-microbial susceptibility profile for micro-organism cultured in the lab
  • Immunological response pre and post anti microbial treatment
  • In ophthalmic clinic – Endo-ophthalmitis patients
  • General hospital – aids in deciding the stay at ICU; pre-post bone marrow transplant infection status; proper management of antibiotic treatment preventing antibiotic abuse
  • Infection tests during pandemic, epidemic outbreak
  • Sterility check for GMP lab facility, Operation theatres, ICU wards, sterile solutions, sterile instruments and sterile materials used in surgical procedures.

List of Molecular Microbiology Tests performing in our NNIMDLS

Molecular Test  (Qualitative Detection)




Nested PCR for Eubacterial genome ( Both Gram Positive & Gram Negative)
2 Nested PCR for  Pan fungal Genome
3 Nested PCR for Propionibacterium acnes

Real Time PCR  for Mycobacterium tuberculosis and NTM



Real time PCR for  Cytomegalo virus (CMV)



Real time PCR for HERPES Simples Virus( HSV 1)



Real time PCR for HERPES Simples Virus( HSV 2)



Real Time PCR Adeno Virus



Real Time PCR for  Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV)



Nested PCR  for Toxoplasma gondii


11 H1N1 Real time PCR
12 Covid -19 Real time PCR


Molecular Tests ( Quantitative Detection)





Hepatitis B Virus Quantitative PCR



Cytomegalo Virus Quantitative PCR


Herpes simples Virus -1 Quantitative PCR



Herpes simplex virus -2 Quantitative PCR



Adeno virus Quantitative PCR


6 EBV  virus   Quantitative PCR
7 BK Virus    Quantitative PCR



  • For H1N1 and Covid 19 Testing contact Dr.Venkata Ramana. A
  • For other Molecular  tests the following procedure to be followed
  • BLOOD:Collect approximately 1 ml in an EDTA Vacutainer. Please avoid the use of Heparin.
  • Other clinical specimens are to be collected in a new sterile glass/plastic vials without any transport medium. If delay is anticipated store the specimens in domestic/ hospital grade refrigerator.
  • Clinical specimens should be transported in an ice-cold container.

For Details Contact

Clinical specimens to be sent to the following address:

Narayana Nethralaya

Department of Molecular Diagnostics

Narayana Hrudayalaya Health city

258/ A, Bommasandra, Hosur Road,

Bangalore -560099

Phone: 080-66660670

For inquiries please feel free to contact

Dr Venkat Ramana .A

Email : [email protected]


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