Academy of Cataract Emerging Retina Surgery Training (ACER)

With an aim to continue the endeavour of conducting customised training in Phacoemulsification and Vitrectomy procedures, Narayana Nethralaya Bangalore in partnership with Oertli and Toshbro come together for this promising venture called as ACER fellowship.

This fellowship shall encompass the following:

[1] Short term Training Program in Phacoemulsification (1 month):

  1. Hands on Phacoemulsification training in the operating room using the latest Oertli Machine platforms. Under the guidance of experienced Phaco Instructor, step by step phaco training shall be conducted including subtle nuances and tips to improve outcomes.
  2. Wet Lab training at the proposed NN OERTLI WET LAB.
  3. ICO-OSCAR scoring shall be done on each case based on the ICO-OSCAR SCORING System.
  4. Post-OR discussions
  5. Academics related to Phacodynamics, phacokinetics, surgical anatomy, different IOL choices
  6. Post-fellowship support

[2] Short term Training Program in Vitrectomy (3 months):
Here, Trainees will be given a chance to get accustomed, to the microscope and BIOM and other wide angle viewing systems. Initial surgical experience would include Vitrectomy in the wet lab followed by step wise training in the surgical training in the OR using the latest Oertli Machine platforms.


  • Applicant should be a certified Doctor in Medicine in his/ her home country
  • Foreign applicants shall have to secure license from National Medical Council Of India for the duration of fellowship
  • Applicant should be fluent in English
  • Applicant should be pursuing training in ophthalmology or should have completed residency in ophthalmology at a reputed institute
  • Applicant should have basic knowledge of operating room practices and etiquette
  • It would be better if there is basic surgical experience in ophthalmology

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