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Pushpendra Patel

Just one word for this hospital NN4, simply ‘awesome’ ! I have not seen such awesome hospital in terms of hospitality, service, patient care, cleanliness and lots of other things. I visited here for cataract surgery of my father, 51 yrs old. Here doctor explains every detail of disease and surgery. They didn’t make any false promises of getting clear vision after surgery because of some retina problem. After first meet with Dr Naren Shetty, it took us some time to understand that we just met with doctor, not with some very close relatives or friend, such a close behavior Doctor exhibited with us. Surgery went fully fantastic. I can see doctors are experts here in their field. Dr Aniruddha was able to forecast some retina problem even after very high level of cataract. Every person here including receptionists, counselor, technicians, doctors, nurses, CRM and other staff are really helpful. I highly recommend people to visit this hospital, even if you feel your eyes are in good condition. Thank you.

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Saurabh Kumar

Dr naren shetty was very much friendly and we are satisfied with the cataract surgery done by him. Dr Lucy has done the checkup post surgery and given us the valuable information. We recommend Narayana nethralaya for the cataract treatment as very much satisfied.

MRD No: 1247353

My most interaction was with Dr Naren Shetty, and I can say that he is a gem to Narayana Netralaya. Very weĺl professional , helpful and down to earth person. keep up the good job doctor, cheers!!!

Rashmi Minesh

Dr. Naren Shetty is a very kind and gentle doctor Was happy with the surgery done Narayan Netralaya staff very helpful and organised

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Ravindra Gowda

Dr Naren shetty has done surgery to my mother and we are happy that we have done surgery by Dr Naren and thanks for very good service.

Biradar Sanjiv

overall my experience with this hospital very good. Dr Naren sir very Good and co operative. thanks Narayana Nethralaya.

Nadhiya Subramani

Dr.Nareen shetty treated the patient really well and friendly. He did the surgery in such a way that I would like to recommend my family and my friends to this hospital and specify their names

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Murali Krishnan

Dr. Naren setty did the cataract surgery for my father and also for my mother, both the eyes. He is very kindful. Dr. Lucy did post operative check up and she explained very politely. Hospital is neatly organized even though they have huge in flow. Overall happy with the service…..

Arpita Sen

Staff are disciplined, caring and always ready to help. They always wear a smile on their face with a positive attitude always. The whole process of pre and post cataract surgery of my mom by Dr Naren Shetty was a cake walk for us. Thanks to the doc and his whole team of NN for imparting great services at affordable cost. The best part was I forgot my purse with all money and credit cards inside the parking lot.After an hr I realised that I left my purse and gave the key to the NN driver for valet parking.But really happy to see that when I rushed to get my purse back it was lying in the same place in my car.This shows great sense of honesty not only with NN direct staff but also with the valet parking drivers.Thanks NN Regards Arpita

Anil Kumar

very fine hospital I am happy Dr.nareen sherry done surgery to my father and Dr luci kaweri analyzed my father after surgery both are experts in cataract thanks for a quality treatment 

Manju Prabhu

Overall a good experience. De Naren Shetty did the surgery for my dad. Dr Lucy Kaveri did subsequent reviews

Santhosh Kasar

Dr Naren Shetty and Dr Luci kawery vary good and excellent service

Rajareddy Reddy

Dr. Naren Shetty. Lens Surgery was done very well and very well checked after surgery by Day Luci Kerri thank you NARAYANA Nethralaya.

Gaurav Ts

Very good service By Dr Naren shetty. The doctors and staff are very friendly and good care takers

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Venkat venkataravana

Dr naren shetty and Dr luci kawery has been good especially Dr naren who did sugery was fine vrywell in cataract surgery and Dr luci one who saw the patient on the next day of surgery was also good she explained us very well about what happened on the day of surgery. thank you narayaana netralaya.

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Akshay Malkapurkar

It was a great experience with Narayana Netralaya . My father underwent a cataract surgery under Dr Naren Shetty. He is just too superb very polite and calm and can ask him whatever he responds with at!most patience. Thover all service is just too good right from the receptionntill thedoctrs they areh highly cooperative and provide the best in class service. I would just like say guys keep up the fantastic work, god bless .. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience.

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Ambika Adiga

Dr naren shetty and Dr luci kawery has been good especially Dr naren who did sugery was fine vrywell in cataract surgery and Dr luci one who saw the patient on the next day of surgery was also good she explained us very well about what happened on the day of surgery. thank you narayaana netralaya.

Lakshmi bai & Mallareddy

Dear Dr. Naren Shetty, I am very much happy and impressed with your management and treatment of my cataract surgeries in my both eyes not only mine and also of my Mrs. ( Enti. Lakshmi bai in April 2016) in your e steamed hospitals. I felt very happy with your hospitality and pleasant conversations with the patients and guidance for treatments. I observed that you are so active and energetic. Your entire staff also attending the patients on time and giving good guidance without any confusion and receiving with utmost pleasure. I have seen many corporate hospitals in Hyderabad but never seen like yours. I felt there are no complaints to put forth on your hospitals. Really I am not praising you but expressing my factual feelings. Particularly I am very much thankful to you. Wish you all the best. With regards & thanks. Sincerely, Enti. Mallareddy, Asst. Commissioner for govt. exams, (retrd). Hyderabad.

Rudresh Rud

Dr.naren sherry and From luci kaweri sir your hospital specialty is good your good care operation is well thank you sir.

Ashwin Kumar

I would want to share my lasik experience at Narayana Netralaya: I visited on a saturday at the bannerghatta branch and being a weekend it was crowded. While entering the hospital, I had a small tussle with the security but the head of security was kind enough to calm me down. Next, the receptionist was very kind and helped me with the proceedings. I had to undergo an eyetest and meet doctor Naren Shetty. Dr Naren was very patient and explained the whole procedure clearly he even cleared all our doubts very well. I have never come across such a great experience with the doctor. The lasik was fixed for a week later, to be honest i was a bit scared but when i reached there the Dr helped me calm down and took really good care of me. He explained each and every procedure that he was doing. After every minute he made sure he ask me if I was dong fine. In the end I did not feel any pain and the whole procedure went very very smooth. I just want to conclude by saying I would definately recommend Dr Naren and Narayana Netralaya. Really happy with the surgery. No more glasses…

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harsha hl

Reavthi as been done a good service regarding eye surgery dr Inaren shetty .was too good

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kiran G

Hospitality at Narayana Nethralaya is absolutely appreciable regarding clinical hygiene, staff behavior, facilities, including highly experienced doctor and surgeons. It feel safe to come here even during this pandemic leaving all worries aside. I am very great full and express my thanks gratitude to the NN team. Thank U All.(Dr.Naren shetty)

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naga raju

Dr.Naren Shetty is a excellent talent and good human behaviours, staff also very co operative to patient Thanks to Narayan Nethralaya.

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ravi ravi

Dr.nareen shetty I feel very good service also very good totaly happy with narayan nethralaya hospital thank you so much

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AK New

Dr. Narenshetty operated cataract surgery for my mom , it went very well we are all very happy for that we appreciate the guidance and care that is taken by the doctor and hospital staff. Thanks to Dr. Narenshetty ,hospital staff and hospital management.

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ashok kumar

Dr Naren Shetty’s treatment was good and services good.thankyou Dr Ravi krishna treatment was good and services good overall good experience

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Syed Naumaan

Dr Naren Shetty – Very humble person and treats patients as a family members and interacts with them really well.

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Reshma Anjum

Dr naren shetty Had a nice experience with doctors and their team.. surgery experience was really good thank you doctor for ur care you took to cure us ..

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Shobha Gannevari

Had catract surgery at Narayana nethralaya for my mother in law.. by Dr.Naren shetty, whole thing went well very friendly staff

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