Dr B A Maithri

Dr B A Maithri Reviews

Total Reviews – 216

Pampapati Talwar

Dr Maithri Very good Whatever query we have she responded very super
Super consultant

Sumithra Sumi

Dr Maithri Pediatric department
Very super consultant very friendly and staff too
Good doctor

Ahmed Syed

Dr Maithri Consultant was very nice and good suggestion, will understand 🙏

Chaitra Manju

Dr Maithri very good doctor seen very well
Well treated our child and very friendly

Shruthi DR

Dr maithri pediatric department
Very good consulting super friendly doctor very nice

suma naidu

Consulted Dr. Maithri for my son’s vision problem, it has greatly improved in one year.. Very much satisfied.

Ranjitha M

Maithri madam treatment is good hospital is best for kids eye problem


Dr Maithri Pediatric department
best eye doctor
She is very friendly and explain clearly very kind person they talk very friendly with the baby’s happy good hospital best service.

Vinay Bellur

Dr.Maithri B A is a very experienced and explains to the patient in detail.

Praveen Bn

Dr maithri Very good doctor
Very friendly she treated the patient very well

Krishna Gowda

Dr maithri Very good consultant
Seen very well
Well treated

jaynna divya

Dr maithri Pediatric department
Satisfy and happy with consultant

Anu Sridhar

Dr maithri very good consultant and staffs are very quick response

Vani K

Dr. Maithri is very good in treating and explaining us. She is also motivating my son who has strabismus. His vision is improving.

suri sk

Dr Maithri We had a very good experience with the hospital.staff
Dr Maithri is very friendly.
The staff are really helpful
Thank you so much for pediatric service for the children

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