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Krishna chaitanya Thatha

Diabetic diagnosed for me on Mar 2022 with HBA1C 13.3 One day in June 2022 while working there were few black spots appeared in vision.
When I reached out to near by eye hospital.They confirmed it is diabetic retinopathy.Then I started getting laser treatment from well reputed eye hospital in Bangalore, they have done more than 10 times laser, by the end of Dec 2022 they informed me that , they are going to stop treatment and will do only observation.All these days I was struggling very much.Both the eyes full of bleeding blocking my vision. Those were my bad days in my life.As my work is full sitting in front of system and unable to see properly.One of my colleague suggested to visit Narayana nethralaya in Indiranagar.There I meet Dr. PRATIBHA HANDE. In the first appointment itself she started treatment immediately, with in 60 days, I am able to see clearly, now my vision is very perfect. I am very guilty that, why I didn’t meet Dr. Prathibha in the first, I would haven’t suffered entire this one year.Thank you very much to Dr. Prathibha for great treatment.

pavithra suri

Dr.Pratibha Hande did vitrectomy to my mother and she has been so patient enough to handle old people. Had a great experience. She is knowledgeable too.

Pradeep Kanjithanda

I’m happy with Dr.Prathibha man surgery she is a great vitrectomy surgeon. Mine Eye vision is now 90 percent vision has been improved I’m really thankful to her.

savitha wulff

Dr. Prathiba is one of the best in class as an eye surgeon. Her patience , knowledge and friendliness is noteworthy. I am so glad that Post the diabetic retinopathy surgery my dad is able to see again and we owe this to Dr Prathiba. We are extremely grateful for her dedication to do her best for her patients and we are in trusted hands.With my parents being in India and us being abroad , the hospital feels like an extension of home with very good service , support , collaboration and care from all staff at the hospital. Special mention to Selvi as well who is superb with coordination and helping us get though administrative procedure.Thanks once again to the Narayana Nethralaya Team

Dinesh Panigrahi

I consulted to Dr Pratibha and it’s a nice experience. She did understand the problem and help me to do the needful.

Nitin Chinthala

I had nothing but positive experience being treated under Dr Prathiba Hande for retinal tear and Dr Rohit for refractive surgery. Other Staff has always tried to develop great rapport and helpful with me .

Jason George

NN is our go to place for all things eye related.Recently my dad had a cataract procedure that went very smoothly thanks to Dr Prathiba, Sanket, and Prashanth.

Shivang Rampriyan

I accompanied a patient. This place has awesome doctors. Dr. Pratibha Hande and Dr. Sanketh Bhatnagar are amazing and super experienced with amazing finesse. Mr. Danish was especially kind, welcoming, knowledgeable, and accommodating. If this were a restaurant, we’d visit again. The case summary was especially thorough. First time saw such a comprehensive report.

Mariamma Abraham

I am Mr. Koshy Abraham….. My overall impression about the hospital is great. Highly professional, patient friendly with sophisticated equipments and dedicated professionals. My special thanks to Dr. Prathibha whose service was commendable. When I came I was almost blind . It was Dr. Prathibha’s confident words that gave me courage to proceed with the surgery. She was so confident and so passionate with her job that reflected in my recovery. The eyes are so precious and here it is handled preciously. Thanks. May God bless all in this hospital.

abhijeet ranjan

Dr Pratibha.The experience was very good. Also, Nutana was very helpful with all the process. Thanks for such nice experience.

Jestin Mani

It has been a very good experience at Narayana Nethralaya, All the doctor very good, especially Dr. Pratibha Hande who was super helpful, explained the issue & answered all the questions patiently.. thank you for everything.

Praveen Kumar

Dr. Prathiba Hande : My father underwent a retina hole surgery, procedure was good and we are satisfied with the treatment.

Kris Reddy

Consulted Dr.prathibha and Dr.sanket.referred to rajaji Nagar for opinion Dr.sushma and Dr.abdul to see


Dr sanket and Dr pratibha are the doctors I consulted. They were very descriptive and I recommend others

Krishna chaitanya Thatha

Dr. Pratibha had good experience with doctor and treatment.I believe everyone should meet and visit once who is having eye problem and issues.

NT Rao

Excellent facilities and extraordinary treatment by Dr Pratibha Hande and Ms Deepa of Patient Care at Narayana Nethralaya today

Arghya Sen

had smooth experience in the Hospital.Visited for both my parents. Prathibha had explained the diagnostics and treated with patience.

Ramani Iyer

The procedure was smooth and It was an excellent experience getting treated by Dr Prathibha. She took an holistic view of my situation which is persisting for few years now and I am going through check ups.

Deepak Payne

Dr. Sanket bhatnagar had very good consultation. Staff also very cooperative. Overall satisfied. Consultation satisfied with Prathibha Dr

Padmini v

Dr.Pratibha handed Overall experience awesome

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