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priya priyadarshini

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Experience with Dr. Prashant was extremely good for cataract surgery.. Overall the hospital is great.. Everyone is helpful and polite.. And it’s a fast moving hospital.. You don’t have to wait hours for getting yourself checked

Aasia Haroon

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My husband underwent cataract surgery under Dr. Prashanth and Dr. Sanketh. We are overall happy with the pre and post guidance and support. Thank you.

Rakesh Rengasamy

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Dr. Prashanth and Dr. Sanket were great, pleasant and patient.

Anjan Kumar

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Dr Prashanth and Dr Sanketh were very professional and caring

Poonam Sethi

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Dr.prashanth did the cataract surgery.Consulted dr.sanketh bhatnagar

Rahul Rana

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Cataract surgery done by Doctor Prashanth R and follow up checkup by Sanket Bhatnagar. We had good experience!

pratik pushpendra

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Dr Prashanth, Dr Dishitha, Dr Sanket were very patient with our queries and helped us in understanding the procedure. All went nicely

Prabhu …..

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Good facilitated by Dr Prashanth and Dr Sanketh.. Thanks for Good suggestions by Prajna Amin and all Staff of the Hospital..

Puja Singh

Google 2

This is best eye hospital in Banglore. I had my mother’s cataract surgery done in Narayana Nethralaya indiranagar. Dr. Sanket very calmly explained everything and surgery was done by Dr. Prashant successfully. The procedure here is very smooth. Overall it was a great experience with Narayanan Nethralaya, Indiranagar

Anubhav Kumar

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Dr Prashanth and Dr Sanketh were very professional and helpful. Recommend this place for cataract ops

Vimal P

Google 2

Dr prashant and Dr sanketh ls very good and he explain about eyes very easy point to point and good

Sekar P C

Google 2

Happy with Dr prashanth and Dr sanketh

Divyashree N

Google 2

Dr. Prashanth and Dr. Sanketh were very supportive, help n kind.

Parasuram Balasubramanian

Google 2

Dr. prashant did the surgery and dr. Sanket did the post op check ups… Both doctors are excellent

padma sri

Google 2

We have visited Dr.Prashanth.R. Waiting time should be reduced.

Tamil Arasi

Google 2

Dr.Prashanth did the cataract surgery Very good service, systematic and excellent service.πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

padma shree

Hii this padmashree Dr.prasantha and Dr dishitha. Both are friendly nature They suggest which is suitable for you..they help $give Gudiness

vandana srinivasa

Google 2

Dr.dishitha consulted I’m happy with Dr. Prashanth sir cataract surgery n consulted dr.sanketh bhatnakar thank you

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