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Shashwat Shrey

Narayana Nethralaya Indiranagar branch is a very good hospital. Very organised process and courteous staff. Easy on pockets. Dr. Anupama, Dr. Sanketh, Dr. Prashanth, all are very good and highly experienced.

Harish Raj

We have a good experience for my fathers right eye cataract, Dr.Sanket and Dr.Prasanth are good and concerned

puspendu debnath

Very good experience, my mother’s cataract surgery done Dr Prasanth, very polite , insurance help desk service and counselor Selvi were very good

Mayoushree Debnath

Hello..My mother”s cataract surgery was done from Narayana Nethralaya, Indiranagar.It was such a hastle.free experience for us. Mt mother was comfortable from day 1, under the guidance of Dr. Sanket and Dr. Prashant. They are very professional and in top of their field. ..Also would like mention the supporting staff is very helpful. Right from the front office to the other counters.I would like to thank Mr. Danish and Me.Nandini for helping out with suitable appointment dates and Insurance department Mrs. Sharmila for everything. I highly recommend this hospital for any eye related problems.

Utsa Ghosh

We are very happy with cataract surgery by Dr Prasanth and Dr Sanket.

Varun B.N.

It was a overall a very good experience with Cataract surgery for my mother. Thank you Dr. Prashanth R

B Kori


My mother-in-law had cataract surgery in Narayana nethralaya indiranagar on 5th march 2024. Appointment was taken by call and we had consultation with Dr.Sanket bhatnagar sir he was very nice and communicated properly and Dr.Prashant sir was also very good person.Usually the process takes around 4 to 5 days right from the consultation till the surgery. The whole staff of Narayana Nethralaya was so good. Thank you for each and every one.

Sushmita Singh

Doctor Sanket and Prashant was very good and cooperative and overall all the staffs were good

Nitin Kumar

Dr Prashant and Dr Sanket were very informative and provided excellent service for cataract eye surgery. The process was very organised and well executed..Excellent service and excellent hospital

Anand Tripathy

I have operated my father’s eye treatment at this hospital and its really good from every prospective. Dr- Sanket and Prashant both are well experienced and their staffs were very polite and caring towards the patients.

Tina Vohra

Very Helpful staff. Clean and well maintained. Dr. Prashanth and Dr Sanket are so well up to date . Great Bed side manner and very well experienced .


Nice experience, well organised doctor Prashant’s treated my dad well. No waiting

Chandrakala Devraj

Dr. Prashant and dr. Sanket both doctors are excellent. Treated for cataract. Cooperative staffs

Vani B M

Dr prashanth, Dr sanket & the staff were very good, we r very happy about their services

Treasure Fonceca

Dr Prashanth R he is the best doctor to come across God sent Mr Danish Zafar Khan was really helpful in the process

Kuldeep Kalra

Dr Sanket , Dr Prashant, Miss Nutana and rest of the staff were very helpful and polite. Made the entire cataract operation experience very smooth and pleasant. Would highly recommend for Cataract surgery

Vibhakar Menon

Dr Prashant and Dr Sanket .. extremely happy with the services and care rendered.. vary professional

Vipul Mittal

Dr Saket Bhatnagar and Dr Prashanth were absolutely professional in their approach. It made my entire experience so smooth.

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