Dr Harsha Saxena

Dr Harsha Saxena Reviews

Total Reviews – 84


Dr harsha saxena
They treat good
Best service

Suhas S

Dr Harsha had good a experience with him treated well

kavitha n

Dr harsha saxena Pediatric opthomologyShe was nice in explaining the problem of my child’s condition

Divya Ningaraju

Dr Harsha saxena Kind and friendly Polite Pediatric department was clean and tidy

Manju S Bhat

Dr Harsha saxena Best doctor
Suggestions are good
They explain clearly the problem and give opinions
Thank you and good service

Manasa H M

Dr Harsha saxena. treatment was very well staffs are good response ๐Ÿ‘

Veerash HT

Dr Harsha saxena.Very good treatment best pediatric ophthalmology

Girish Atreya

Dr Harsha Saxena was very patient in observing the child. Would recommend

Ravindra Kumar.N

Dr.Harsha Saxena The way the doctor interacted with us was good…and the communication was smooth without any harsh word

Radha AG

Dr Harsha saxena treat good Happy treatment and opinion are really good

puneetha rani

Dr Harsha saxena …had a good consultation and with all the necessary precautions was well explained..overall staff was also very cooperative

Kavita Naik

Dr Harsha sexena is very good and friendly Doctor. Root cause identification and diagnose method is fabulous.

narayanappa k

Dr. Harsha saxena, This week we had consulted mam to check redness in my son’s right eye, she has really well treated it was tremendous happy experience. Thanks

Gopal Krishnappa

Dr Harsha saxena consultation good she is explained very nice

Purushothama G M

Dr. Harsha saxena treated very well, she so friendly to treat the children. We are very happy….

Sujatha Rajesh

Thanks to Dr.Harsha Saxena as she clearly explained the problem and so kind and I m so happy with the treatment. Narayana Nethralaya is the best hospital I ve ever seen.

manu km

Dr Harsha B L Glaucoma specialist is one the best i ever found until today for eye care. He has a great sense of care and highly knowledgeable.

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