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viswanathan N

Dr dhanraj rao and Dr ramgopal Both doctors are excellent I am happy and satisfied both doctors service and treatment.Thank you Dr. Ravi Krishna did surgery for my wife Mrs. Sumathi vishwanathan. He operated for me as well in March 2022. His treatment and surgery was excellent. Very professional and caring. Hospital staffs are very loving and caring. Very helpful. We are thankful

Ramachandra K

I was facing glaucoma problem ( eye pressure was more) then I contacted Dr.Dhanraj Rao after thorough examination suggested me use drops after 2 months pressure has come down. The suggestion treatment given by doctor is excellent

Rowena Bansal

I came for the cataract operation for my father.I was in lot of dilemma of getting operation done as my father had some complications. And after meeting doctor during our first visit all of the doubts became a faith that my father is in right hands. I am grateful to Dr Dhanraj from Glaucoma and Dr Ramesh from Retina who have seen my father and treated him well. My special thanks goes to Dr Rohita Nayak for operating my father and converting my hope to faith.May God bless them all. I am thankful to Narayana for such a good team of doctors. I came here with hope and I am leaving with faith from this hospital. I wish Narayana hospital the very best.

bhanu swamy

Dr. Dhanraj Rao. Overall experience was very good and Doctors and staff are very friendly. Best place for all eye solution.

Deepakb Menda

Dr Dhanraj is a thorough Professional excelling in his expertise and a thorough Gentleman who is very concerned about his patients.

Girish VK

(Translated by Google) Dr.dhanaraj treated very well…


Dr Dhanaraj Rao Very good treatment and services

Rajesh kannan

Dr gairik have seen very nice also staffs service also good thank you.

Neetu Shree

Went to Narayana Netralaya for cataract laser surgery. Dr.Dhanraj Rao treated very well. Satisfied with the result. Best eye hospital!!

S. Vedula

Dr Dhanraj Rao is an excellent doctor to get treatment from. Extremely satisfied. Also the supporting staff give excellent service.

Markandeya Naidu

Dr.Dhanaraj Rao
Give us a good treatment and the staffs who works outside in dept are so creative thankyou

Amit Marwaha

I am visiting Dr Dhanaraj for Glaucoma treatment for my dad. I am completely satisfied with with his treatment and suggestions. We were worried about going for cataract surgery for my dad and he gave us confidence that post surgery he will maintain eye pressure and all went well as per doctor advice. Thank you doctor for your treatment.

Shamim Ahmad58

Dr Dhanaraj Rao
Good treatment provide by Dr dhanaraj and also good behavior with patients THANKYOU

Bharat Dhabale

Dr.Dhanaraj rao
Iam very happy with dr dhanaraj rao treatment and the coordination staffs thank you for the over all glaucoma people.

Dharmesh R

Narayana Netralaya is the best eye care hospital, with regard to Glaucoma treatment, Dr Dhanaraj Rao is the best.. Dr Naresh Kumar yadav service is good very happy with his service..

Gange Aiyanna

Am old patient here..Good hospital and good staff overall experience good with dr dhanraj they have treated us very well thanks to nn

narasimhamurthy hd

Dr Dhanarajrao We are very much satisfied with the Dr and services thank you….

L Purushothama

Very nice treatment by the doctor Dr. Anjali Kiran and other doctors such as Dr. Dhanraj Rao, Dr. Durgalaxmi Modak and supporting staff are very humble and cooperative.

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