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Indira Sheker Indira

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Dr Poorna chandra sir is very experienced dr and treat us like a family dr, we r very much satisfied..

Surya prakash

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Dr Poornachandra is an excellent Retina surgeon.The treatment was very good.Comfortable with the staff.Very polite and good response.Good set up and counselling.Helpful staff Would recommend for retina problems.

Mitali Das

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Dr Poorna Chandra is good doctor Very satisfactory

Prabhakaran Pp

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Dr Poorna chandra An excellent treatment and very friendly advice. Very good experience

Anusha raj

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Dr Poornachandra best in giving suggestions.

Sandeep Kumar

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Dr Poorna Chandra Nice treatment response from the doctor is very good

Girish B.A

I got my operation done by Dr Poorna chandra before operation iam not able to see properly but now iam feeling good, very good response given by Dr and staffs

Akshatha Akshu

Dr Poorna chandra one of the best doctors who tries his best to solve pesents insuvs

Somashekar k

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Dr poornachandra is amazing. He patiently listens and guides well. I’m very happy with the service. Thank you

Mukunda Ramaiah

Dr Poorna Chandra fills conference in the patient mind and guides properly

Current1 Device

Dr Poorna chandra is best in handeling the patient & treatment which he has given was fully satisfying with happiness

Rishika C

My daughter got good treatment by Dr Poorna chandra

Denis Johnson

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Wondering treatment & overall consultation from Dr Poornachandra

Pranesh Patil

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Dr Poorna chandra. Good doctor. Polite and take care patient very nicely. A patient will be happy after visiting him. And confident


Dr.Poornachandra,Dr.Ankusha-Lakshmi Rahul-Very easy available helpdesk was able to book the appointment on time very helpful staffs

Bittu M

Doctor Poornachandra sir, excellent consultant, satisfied with the service

Imtiyaz Ahmed

Dr poornachandra is a good doctor as well as staff also good

Gautham Prabhu

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This is one hospital which doesn’t discriminate against people who come with insurance. They treat everyone equally. Been consulting with Dr Poornachandra for a few years now and it’s going really great. Highly recommended this place for eye related issues.

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