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Hrudwin Rahul

Dr poornachandra treatment is good he guide very well and excellent doctor I m happy with his service kindly doing his work and staffs are all very friendly thank you

Harish Gubbi

Dr Poornachandra ..He is best doctor I ever seen ..my father retina operation done by sir..and now my father vision has improved ..and he is very down to earth ..and explain the problem in details to patients … And given the solution as well… people who suffering from retina issue ..he is the right doctor .. especially who comes from village side …he helps lot …once again thanks to Narayana nethralaya…..

Shiva Kumar

Dr Poornachandra is very good and very humble I am very happy with his friendly communication thanks to the entire team of Narayana Nethralaya

Mahesha M

Dr.poornachandra He is a very good doctor treats excellent and he is very friendly and explain the case nicely.

Manjuprasad Manju

Dr poorna chandra the doctor is very good and the consultation and staff management is very good

kiran bm

Dr poornachandra B is treatment is good after surgery of right eye I’m able read and write.i referred my friends also

Dilip Rao

I am consulting Dr Poornachandra. He is very knowledgeable and gives clear information. The staff are courteous and friendly. Thanks

Nishant Agarwal

We had consulted Dr.PoornaChandra B and Dr.Sherina Thomas both Retina Specialist , we were really satisfied and happy with the consultation. They are very humble and cooperative.Dated 4th August 2023 We had cataract surgery done for my parent and relatives by Dr Ravi. We are satisfied with his detailed investigation and thorough examination before jumping to the procedure. We are also happy with him and satisfied because of his detailed explanation patiently.


Dr. Shruthi and Dr. Poornachandra were perfect in their diagnosis are excellent in any treatment that they suggest.

banu s

Dr Poornachandra good response and his treatment is very excellent thank you.


Dr. Shruthi and Dr. Poornachandra were perfect in their diagnosis are excellent in any treatment that they suggest.

Nagaraj Setty

Dr Poornachandra Good doctor satisfied with his service and supportive staffs thank you.

Vijayakumar A

Dr.poornachandra is given very good treatment exalent caring i am fully satisfied thanks to narayana nethralaya.

Pocket Diary by Anu

Dr poornachandra is a very good person..he saved my mother from getting vision lose due to an impact happened in eye..i believe him…he is very good

Srinivashema 313

Dr.poornachandra was very good treatment is clearly explained i am fully satisfied and Mr chandramouli is very good cooperative thanks to Narayana nethralaya.

Sreedharan Conoor

Have been under the care of Dr Purna Chandra since the last 8 months and thoroughly satisfied with the detailed examination and treatment.

Divya M

Review for Dr. Poornachandra B I had the laser treatment done for my mother at Narayana Netralaya by Dr. Poornachandra. He is an excellent doctor who treated my diabetic mother for her retina problem and put her at ease

PYTHON engineering works

All the facilities under one roof Dr Poorna chandra and staff special thank you to all for such care and hospitality

Samar sil

Dr. Rohitha mam and Dr.Poornachandra sir, lots of thanks to both of you for treating my wife Mrs Mitali Das Sil and helping her restore her vision. Thanks again.

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