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Maula maula

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Dr Yathish Treatment was very Excellent good caring Staff The Best Hospital in India


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Dr yathish is highly specialized in terms of cornea related problems and helps to cure the problems in a most efficient way

Umesh M

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Dr.yathish consultation was good.

sathish balachandran

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Dr. Yatish is an excellent doctor and has done good for my mom who was suffering from vision deterioration.


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Dr Yathish is a Saviour in our life. The best person to be referred for Cornea Transplant at Narayana Netralaya. Staff. Madhu

Kalavathi Kala

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Dr Yathish Exellent Treatment Good Experience Staff Madhu

Nagesh Nagesg

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Dr Yathish Treating is very good Hospital Staff Also Good. Madhu 1265

Manjula G

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Dr Yathish had a very good treatment and recovered soon thank you doctor.ID 1265 Madhu

Deepa Jaganath

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Dr.Yathish One a mong the most reliable & trust worthy doctor. Id 1265 Madhu

Gayathri Balyam

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Dr.Yatish S is an excellent doctor. We have been going to him for 10 years now and we don’t prefer to go anywhere else. He is very thorough in his examination and recommenda everything in the best interest of the patient. He is polite and kind

Anto Praveen

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Visited Dr.Yatish for my son’s limbal dermoid treatment. It was a very warm experience as the doctor provided complete details and outcome of the treatment before hand and was very polite and understanding.Madhu ID 1265

Maheshkumar Naragund

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Dr.Yatish … Treated very patiently. Overall good service from Narayana netralaya

Melko Sachin

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Dr Yathish sir for treating well thank u sooo much sir ❤

Suni Sahukar

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Dr Yathish good Information Treatment also Very good Humble Person


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Dr Yathish very nice Treat ment Very Good Hand staff Also Very Good Take care

masthan valli

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Dr yathish shivanna treatment is very good Dr gairik sir also good response clearing all doubts nw my brother eyes is better staff divya.c id no 2597 best coaperative best and good response thanks to narayana nethralaya

Tharesh S

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We had visited Narayana Netralaya for my mother’s eye surgery. It was very great experience. Special thanks to Dr.Yateesh, who operated well with very smooth experience.

Jayanagouda Kattegoudar

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Dr.Yathish Shivanna is a nice doctor to consult. He is patience about his work and polite while speaking to me.I had the best experience in Narayana Nethralaya about the operation.

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