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Nandeesh P

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Himanshu sir I have consulted Happy with service

Ramesh Ravi

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I have consulted Dr Himanshu .We are very happy with the consultation and getting the surgery

Uma shankar

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Consulted with doctor himanshu, happy with the services

Shilpa Mallick

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We have consulted doctor Himanshu sir. Happy with the service.

Julekha Nasrin

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We have consulted with Dr Ajay sir and Dr Himanshu sir and happy with the service

Amrutha Balaji

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Thanks to Dr.Himanshu and team for helping through the treatment for keratoconus. Also, thanks to Dr.Ajay for helping with Dermot removal of my younger one. 🙂🤗 . I had great visits and the doctor’s demeanor has really put me at ease so I highly recommend this hospital.

raman ratan

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Had undergone cataract surgery from Dr Himanshu Matila for my father. Experience at Narayana Nethralaya has been good in all visits. Hope you continue to server same way in future too.

Aparna Banerjee

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I have consulted with Dr Himanshu Sir. Happy with the service

Madhukar Ranganath

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Himanshu Natalia dr my cataract surgery. It was so smooth. Absolutely no pain after surgery. Not even mild headache

Ayan Bhadra

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Dr Himanshu is absolutely expert and the diagnosis is correct

kavitha harish

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Dr Himanshu l am happy with the service and treatment

Alok Mehta

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Dr Himanshu sir. I have consult lam happy with the service.

Suman Hallur

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I consulted with Dr. Himanshu for my parents cataract surgery. Doctor was kind and caring, also made sure that my parents are not nervous because of the surgery. Narayana Nethralaya staff was also helpful and made sure the process was smooth for my parents. Hospital makes sure to assign nurses who are well verse in patients mother tongue.

Yashika V

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Consulted with dr.Himanshu sir for my mother’s eye surgery..Happy with all the service..

Chandana Y E

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Dr. Himanshu Matalia Happy with consultation.

Md Rofiqul

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First time I consulted with dr.Himanshu sir..It was really a good experience..second time consulted with Dr.Namita Dave…Both doctors are very energetic and experienced…Good treatment they are given..Happy patient I am…suggested very good guidance…Thank you narauana nethralaya for this amazing treatment….

Santosh Rane

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We have just gone through a cataract surgery under Dr Himanshu. We must say the experience was 10/10.

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