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Innocent Mofolo

My son with a diagnosis of Keratoconus was treated by Dr Himanshu P. Matalia and his team. Excellent team and excellent care! Step by step explanation of all procedures. Vikash Kumar, the Optometrist did the Scleral contact lenses measuring and fitting with a lot of patience. We are grateful to the whole team.

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Aruna A

Dr Himanshu treated for cataract and we are highly satisfied with the staff support. Service is excellent and satisfied with team.thanks

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Dr. Archana Mandhan

There are good doctors….And there are excellent human beings as good doctors….Dr Himanshu Matalia belongs to the latter category My mother,70 yrs old fragile lady,suffering with multiple health issues and has visited hundreds of doctors for various ailments but none…NONE was as humble and empathetic as Dr Himanshu was.She got operated for her right eye cataract in September 2020,she came out smiling from.the OT exclaiming….I can see all so clearly . Then on 25th Feb…Yesterday…She got operated for her left eye.Me and my mom travelled from Delhi specially for Dr Himanshu despite the fact that many of my batchmates are great doctors in various hospitals in Delhi ,including AIIMS.But she chose only Dr Himanshu and I’m so happy I came here .The way Dr Himanshu speaks,calming an already agitated and troubled soul… No one I’ve seen can do.I learnt so much from him despite being in the same profession.Thank you Dr Himanshu and his team for the wonderful service you are giving to the society…This world needs more people like you!!God bless you

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docsmail dm

As all Knows Dr Himanshu Sir is one of the Best Eye doctor not only in india also World wide.anyone can blindly go from his words of consultation whatever he takes decision either any surgery or anything for the patients problem please just do it all will be well that will be good for you.because nobody on top of him as simple as this. To me Suggested Sclera lenses.by him and his Team lead by Vikas did a wonderfull consultations on my eye on my clarity of the vision as in now is 6/6.earlier RGP lenses done lot of scarings used to fell down frequently .now i can do all things on confidence.Very Happy to post this Valuable Feedback!!Appreciate the NN2 and DR Himanshu and his teams Efforts!!

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swathi shyam

Dr . Himanshu who treated my dad for 2 yrs and gave him a good eye sight and also the surgery which was taken place was too well and good and the staffs were really friendly and helpful in all the way . My dad got his eye sight back thank you so much

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Iftekhar Ahmed

Dr.Himanshu treated best.and treated by Dr.Jyothi since 5years for my daughter she is feeling better. thanks for supporting and service

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Shokat Ali 

Dr. Himanshu got surgery done and we satisfied with the treatment. Happy .. thanksgiving good service.

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Raju Naidu 

I had recently undergone LASIK surgery @narayana nethralaya Bomasandra branch , a day prior I had to take few tests and the same day I was found eligible for the surgery. After couple of days my surgery took place and the surgery went so smooth and painless. I thank Dr.Himanshu Matalia for his guidance and support for the LASIK.I would request and recommend to all those who are planning for LASIK surgery @ narayana nethralaya.

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M.S. Hegde

Dr Himanshu Satisfied with the treatment.iam very well pleased throughout the procedure done in a systematic way.thanks for your service.

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Jagadeesh K

Dr Himanshu matalia and his team working very Harding to the satisfaction of passions .I wish to continue the same convey my thanks and regards to all .

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sathish k

We consulted dr himanshu matalia for cataract operation. The whole experience was very good and satisfactory..

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Aboody Alsayed

Dr.Himanshu Very good doctor second surgery we do with the same doctor after 6 years and we are satisfied

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shreya shetty

Having done my Lasik procedure was a fantastic experienece at Narayana Nethralaya. A huge thanks to Dr.Himanshu and his team for a fantastic experience from a power of -7.5 to a perfect vision.

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