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Humayun Ahmed

Dr. Jyoti Matalia is highly skilled doctor. Her experienced hands makes patient’s OT treatment painless..Recommendations highly for the better treatment

Sk Mahasin

Dr. jyoti Matalia checked then refer to doctor Thirumalesh mb .Got surgery by sir and it was a good experience with overall process.. Supportive team..

Sk Mahasin

Dr. jyoti Matalia checked then refer to doctor Thirumalesh mb .Got surgery by sir and it was a good experience with overall process.. Supportive team..

Chinnappa M

Surgery went well.. Doctor Jyoti Matalia.. Excellent experience…Second surgery also provided same doctor with care..

Shariff Mr

We had a good experience with pediatric eye specialist doctor Jyoti Matalia..carefully treated with properly guidance

Khayrul Islam

They are really professional and even overall Narayana nursing staff is also very helpful and friendly. I would happy to recommend this hospital to everyone who is looking for Eye surgeries. Thanks to doctor Jyoti Matalia for carefully Treatment..Also consult with doctor Sherine Braganza..

Ananya Mohanty

DR.jyoti Matalia refer to doctor Sherine name for retina issue for my relative,today got laser by doctor Sherine..Hassle free with proper treatments

Amina Khatun

Doctor Jyoti matalia checked for my son,also consult fo cvi assessment with Esthar ma’am..For me consulted with doctor Sherine ma’am , Recommended

vishwa n

Doctor Jyoti matalia treated my child then refer to dr Himanshu Matalia for cornea issue..we had a great experience with all the process,surgery provided dr Himanshu Matalia with care .

monisha j.p

Dr. Jyoti matalia. Is the best pediatrics ophthalmologist whom we had come across, after having a bad experience from one of the ophthalmologists near to my locality. She guided the best what can be done to my 2-month-old baby and was treated very well and the baby is doing well thank u.

sanjoy bhowmik

Doctor Jyoti Matalia and doctor Thirumalesh mb..Consulted for eye check.up..Treated as required for my daughters

Ruma Chanda

Doctor Jyoti Matalia..My child was having some issue in his eye,Doctor Suggested excellent guideline.. Great experience

Amulya Arjya

Doctor Thirumalesh MB and Doctor Jyoti Matalia..both are experienced in their dept..pleased after consultations.. Highly appreciated…..

Raghu Rathod

For my sister’s son came for eye check up, today Dr. Jyoti Matalia did the surgery, went well. Also consult with doctor Pratibha panmand ..overall hassle-free with proper care.

Satish M

Doctor Jyoti Matalia checked for eye ,today recently got laser treatment by doctor Sherine Braganza. Overall good experience

Ananth Gole

Outstanding Surgical Experience with Dr. Himanshu Matalia..Dear Dr. Matalia and Team,I am writing to express my deepest gratitude and commend Dr. Himanshu Matalia for the exceptional care received during my cataract surgery. Encounters like these are rarely uplifting, but Dr. Matalia’s professional expertise combined with his warm and caring approach made the experience not only comfortable but remarkably positive.From my Father’s initial consultation to the post-operative follow-up, the clarity with which Dr. Matalia explained the process, the options available, and what he could expect during recovery was incredibly reassuring. It is evident that Dr. Matalia prioritizes patient education, which in turn facilitated a space for trust and ease.The surgery itself was a testament to Dr. Matalia’s adept skill and precise technique. His confidence and calm demeanor throughout the procedure alleviated my anxieties, making what could have been a daunting experience feel safe and well-managed. It is rare to find a surgeon who combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality medical care.Moreover, the professionalism and kindness exhibited by the support staff were second to none. Each individual I interacted with was courteous, attentive, and seemed genuinely inveI have, without hesitation, recommended Dr. Himanshu Matalia to others considering cataract surgery. It is without a shadow of a doubt that his hands are ones you can trust to guide you through such a significant health journey. I am sincerely appreciative of his dedication to his patients and the craft of ophthalmology.sted in patients wellbeing. It is apparent that the standard of excellence upheld by Dr. Matalia resonates throughout his team.Thank you once again, Dr. Matalia, for your exceptional care. Your commitment to your patients’ vision and health shines as brightly as the results of your work.Warm regards,Gole

Narayan Sen

referred by msh to check my wifes eye sight.. I had a seamless experience from day 1 – no long waiting time, hassle free guidance from all the staffs – very friendly.Doctor jyoti Matalia..Recommended for this systemic and good service

Premium Delowar Hosen

Consulted With Doctor Jyothi Matalia Madam for my child’s eye check up. Doctors guides so nicely…Thank you..Happy to be here..

Rakhi Pramanik

Doctor Jyoti H Matalia..Consult for child’s eye treatment.. Good process with good Treatment


Happy with service provided by Dr.Sushma , Dr. Shoruba and Dr.Nandini for my relative. Also concerned with Dr. Jyoti Matalia. Highly recommended. Thanks to the full team of Narayana Netralaya

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