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Rinku Chakladar

Dr Jyoti treated for baby 3month .we are from West bengal and came here for treatment for cataract. the whole staff including nurse opd and team treated excellent with guidance. thanks to service

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kavya M singh

Dr. Jyoti Matalia treated for my baby 3months for cataract.the procedure done excellent with all care and comfort .thanks to whole team 

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Parvathi M.sarvand

Dr.Jyothi, Dr Sushma and Dr.Gagan all taking care of my child since 5months baby .And til now giving treatment ,he is 7year ..All the doctors are caring with good cooperation…Everyone til now are very much helped to treat my child and we take regular follow up since 7years..we thank to responsible team working here with great passion and care.thanks for wonderful support and service..

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Ashok Anjali

Dr.Jyothi treated for my baby Sathvik 2years.Staff are well cooperative and supportive …We are from Vkota andra we are taken care with our language by staff and well done.Thanks to whole team.

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varun reddy

Dr. Jyoti Matalia, Dr. Ashwini & Anesthesiologist I don’t remember ur Name..Thank you very much😍😊 Very friendly & professionals doctors u guys I got my squint surgery done. U guys are very talented in what u guys are doing in and u people are very good doctors & very caring & guided me in a right way. I’m very happy😊. The hospital staff and doctors and management.👏👍 All the best Doctors Great future Ahead 😊

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Armaan Tabassum

Dr. Jyoti Matalia Very friendly doctor .My child is very well. She is talented and good doctor. She is very caring and guided me in a right way. I’m very happy. The hospital is very good and happy with all staff and doctor.and also management.

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Chandrika k Chandu

Dr.Jyothi.Treatment done for my kid Lensectomy .. Treatment went through out with a proper guidance and each of the staff supported us.,We are satisfied with the procedure and surgery.Thanks to team.

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ياسر ياسر

Dr Jyothi is excellent and kind. very happy for everyone. we are from Iraq and all the staff are very good in treating patients and helpful. would recommend hereand get consultation for eye to get Best of Best treatment.

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shaziya afreen

Since my birth, i had been trying to figure out my eye problem and a solution for it as its too complicated. I am grateful to Dr. Himanshu (cornea specialist) and Dr. Jyothi (neuroophthal) for coming to a proper diagnosis, giving me options, helping me and my family choose what is best for my eyes and more importantly, not giving false assurance and NOT treating me like a money earning tool. As a germinating Medico, very much inspired by your simplicity, honesty and communicating skills

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Sohan Sahil

Dr. Jyothi Being a consultant she is good in treating patient.. Very happy with the service…. Thanks and like to recommend

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Lalitha Sankala

Dr.jyothi Matalia Dr, Jyothi Matalia is been very kind and she understands my son s health condition and always gives us right advice We are happy to have her on our side for the past nine years We thank her and appreciate her time

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Balaji G

Had a great support from Dr Jyothi,surgery went well and satisfied with treatment

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{Patient Name}

Dr. Thirumalesh and Dr. Jyoti treated for my kid….we are very happy with the procedure and everything went good….. We are little unsatisfied with the discount part for which we went to Dr. Narendra and he quite aggressive responded and we felt little bad for that. Otherwise everything else good….Thanks

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