Dr Anusha aravind

Dr. Anusha Arvind

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Mohan Kumar

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Visited hospital for the first time..great hospitality..Both doctor Anusha A and Dr.Sujitha were very patience and made my daughter very comfortable during the tests…

Pradeep G

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Dr.Anusha Arvind is a very good doctor, she explained the issue very well, i suggest this doctor to everyone.


Dr.Anusha Arvind- All doctor and staff good

Chetana Patil

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Dr Anusha Arvind Must say the doctor was very explainable and very interactive and the staff was very helpful in every step

Pooja S B

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I am satisfied with Dr.Anusha Arvind Thank you. .

Chethan S

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Dr Anusha arvind and Dr Sai bhakti both Dr also seen excellent all over experience is too good with staff also

Babu C M

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Overall experience is excellent.I suggest Dr.Anusha for all type of neuro opthalmology issues…

Narasimha R

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Dr Anusha arvind they treated me well and staff also maintained Harish

Bhavani v Bhavani v

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Good neuro opthalogy dr anusha arvind and dr sujith are excellent and all staff are good.But one request to help poor by BPL card thank you

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