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Tirumala Tirupathi

Dr.Vishma Prabhu, Dr Anusha,A a big Thank You…..excellent treatment, very clearly explained , approachable and kind. Thank You!!!!!

Venkataramani Krishnamurthi

Dr Anusha arvind Very happy with the doctor. She was very patient,receptive and kind. Explained the procedure clearly and made me very confident. My best wishes to her.

Prashanth M

Dr Anush Arvind madam is good response and she is very well supportive to my mother eye check up and give good suggestion

Shantharaju Hg

Dr anusha arvind and Dr sujith kumar service is so nice.Their way of approach with patients is very good.They motivate the patients to recover soon.Their soothing words make recover.Thanks a lot

j sindhe

Dr Anusha Arvind treats patient carefully and diagnosis every step that is necessary. And most important she waits for the patient’s response and only then proceeds for further steps/tests. Calm and patient be it with adult or children.

Indusai Vecham

Dr Anusha arvinda ,Dr Sujith both are treating well all services are good i got good eye result with in 40 days

Pavitra Balraj

Dr Anusha Arvind, very good doctor, explains well and takes good time to check all the aspects

Shiva Kumar

Dr Anusha arvind well treatment,nice doctors,nurse,and staff.

Mamatha Sadashiv

Dr Anusha arvind it is a excellent treatment and very carting very good service from the staff my mom under went cataract surgery now she is reading very well very helpful

Nagashayana Anil

Dr. Anusha Arvind and staffs are very informative and obliging


Very good service and nice doctors thank you Dr. Anusha arvind and Dr. Sunit sir

manyashri raj

Dr Anusha arvinda mam had treated me very well and I got a good response

T Vijayababu

Dr Anusha arvind explained very well and good treatment thanks to Narayana netralaya

Nisha A

Good hospital and nice staff and doctor thank Dr Anusha aravind

Nishant Rattanpal

Hello all i have met Dr Anusha arvind regarding my problem …and having great experience with her as well as staff people are quit cooperative and helping all …. recommend you all Dr Anusha arvind

Mamatha Ramesh

Nice Doctor and good experience thank you Dr. Anusha arvind

Chandu Dhruthi

Dr. Anusha arvind mam explained well and happy with overall service thank you

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