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Nagraj Gondili

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My mother was advised cataract surgery back at my hometown. We approached Narayana Nethrayala and booked an appointment with Dr.Nandini, after her consultation I got to know about complication my mother had with her her left eye. Dr Nandini later advised us to Dr.Lubna Zameer the senior doctor. Dr.Lubna conducted surgery, the results are really good after surgery. Thankfully to Dr.Lubna Zameer and Dr.Nandini and their team.

Nemai Dey

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Surgery went very well..Doctor Lubna Zameer.. Experienced and helpful.. behavioral approach also nice..Thank you..

Panna Chowdhury

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Dr Lubna zameer…This is one good eye hospital in Bangalore…both my parents had done operation in this hospital…we have found that Dr Lubna is one of good doctor..she is handling all people very nicely..

Abhijat vikram singh

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Very satisfying experience, so happy with Dr. Lubina. She has done surgery for my mother and mother in law both. Highly recommended for cataract surgery.

Eramma G.Eramma

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Satisfactory experience provided Dr Nandini maam and Dr.Lubna ma’am..Thank you..


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Dr Lubna zameer..Good service with nice treatment nice behavior with advice thank you…


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Dr Nandini C Dr Lubna zameer good service and good treatment

Nandini Reddy

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Dr.Lubna Sameer…Good doctor treated my mother in law with proper care

Shankar Pandey

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Great experience with Dr Lubna. My father had cataract surgery without any difficulties.

Priya Reddy

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Dr Lubna and Dr Adrian…Surgery done by Dr.Lubna..Happy with the service 😀


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With Shoruba mam lubna mam Thirumalesh sir and Sankar sir i have consulted for eye check up..best treatment they have given..step by step they are guiding soo nicely..also met with Ajay sir. Best eye hospital..Thank you..

Rudra Swamy

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Good Treatment Ms.Dr Lubna Zammer, Thanks Naryana nethralya.

Vinod Kumar

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DR Lubina Zameer has done my mother cataract eye operation and it was excellent co-opearion by Dr Nurses supporting staff. So total hospital is overall good…

santhosh km

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Best treatment and supportive team, Guided very well.Thank you Dr. Lubina.

MD Masum

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Overall experience is nice..Consulted with dr.Thirumalesh and Dr.Lubna maam..This place good for eye check up..We are coming from long distance just because of this type treatment.. Thank you all ofyou..

Sankar Kandasamy

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Dr. Lubna zameer…Visited narayana nethralaya for my mother.After surgery she is fine..pleased with consulted..last month my father also did cataract surgery with the same doctor. All over experience is nice..highly appreciated

Kumar Kumar

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Doctor Lubna ma’am and Doctor Sushma Tejwani..Pleased after consultation..Surgery done second time also provided Dr Sushma ma’am..Thank you all of you..

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