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Akhilesh padhy

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Dr Sadanand Sheety is very down to earth, I recommend him to everyone.

jayashree balaji

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Dr. Sadanand shetty It’s my 1st time coming Here but sir is very sweet and very understanding

Anurag Tyagi

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Dr sadanand shetty very nice and facility & speed & quality of work is very good

Meera Menon

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Dr Sadananda shetty Very happy with my doctor and the hospital

Sriranga Bathini

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Dr Sadanand Shetty is polite and very helpful. We had a very pleasant experience.


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Dr Sadanand Shetty is very friendly and listen every problem and explain nicely.Very good Doctor. I went for glaucoma opinion and regularly eye checkup.👍

Gaurav Jain

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Visited dr sadanand shetty Good experience

Ada Fathima

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Dr. Sadanand shetty is extremely friendly and a hands on doctor. Kudos to the doctor for being so approachable and gives adequate advice too.

Sreenivasulu Gajula

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Dr.Sadanand Shetty checked my wife’s eyes when we visited hospital. Thanks to Doctor for his patience in explaining all our questions and diagnosing.

Varshi Chowdary

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Dr Prathana, Dr Dishitha & Dr Sadanand are grateful full and good guidance and treatment with patients

Raja Reddy

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Dr. Sadanand Shetty sir is very good in explain about the glaucoma, which my mother was suffering. His approach was nice and we had a good experience. Thanks to his patience and very good support.

Would like to thank the staff as well for their support. Thanks to Nutana for her support during the Hospital visit.

Pm Ramakrishnan

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Dr.Sadabad Shetty is too good to be true, very human in nature

Ravi Kiran Gowda

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Dr. Sadanand Shetty is a very good doctor. Cleared all our doubts and problems.. Thank you soo much sir..

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