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Kavitha Satish

Excellent facility and friendly staff, also very efficient and fast. Dr. Sadananda Shetty is very gentle with patients and provides detailed explanation and answers questions with utmost patience. Overall a very good experience.

Meera Wahlang


God bless Dr. Sadanand Shetty. I’m extremely lucky that I could meet him and is being treated by him. I would happily recommend this wonderful doctor to anyone who needs eye consultation. Thank you Dr. Shetty.

Anurag Dwivedi

Very quick and clear explanation by Dr. Sadanand Shetty. Again explained well.

Janhvi Tomar

Dr. Sadanand Shetty, He was very patient and heard our concerns patiently. He suggested lifestyle changes and a permanent solutions rather than just prescribing medicines.

Ninad Deshpande


Consulted with Dr. Sadanand Shetty, he was very good at the consultation, cleared all my doubts and very kind enough to provide any suggestions.

Ashwini Mohanraj

I was a very pleasant visit for us! I had taken my mother to the hospital and Dr Sadanand Shetty was explaining the entire cause in a very descriptive manner which made it very easy for us to understand. Thank-you Dr Sadanand Shetty

Malini B M

Dr.Sadananda Shetty is very good and very much satisfied with the consultation and the way he made Understand about issue and given the right suggestions,Thanq

Ruban Raj

DR sadanand Shetty, gave a good advice and attended with good suggestion.It was 1 st checkup and it went well.

BB Reddy

Dr sadananda shetty user friendly and ground to earth going doctor good experience

Mahesh Mahi

Dr. Sadanand shetty did a great job with my first ever health exam. he explained everything to me in a very clear manner. he was also kind and friendly. Thank you sir

sampath kumar

Met Dr.Sadanand Shetty he patiently enquired my issues and gave enough information which required and treated me with kindness.

Grace David

Dr Sadanand was very professional and made me at ease. He explained well and was calm in clarifying all doubts.

Reshma Banu

I consulted to my husband doctor is very good and his explanation to patient is really awesome.Thank u so much Dr Sadanand shetty

murali p

Consulted Dr Sadanand Shetty and was very happy with his consultation. He is humble, welcoming, attentive, detail oriented, un assuming and a through professional. I strongly recommend him for patients who visit the hospital. God bless him and his family ✋

Padmaja Mohanty

My father visited the hospital and had a very good experience with the treatment of Dr. Sadanand Shetty.

Ravi Parmesh

Dr…..sadanand Shetty very happy to have doctor like him,I am totally very satisfied for eye testing & opinion given by him very patiently takes care

Debnath Bera

Consulted Dr Sadanand Shetty. Very patient and friendly. Explains everything forehand. Nice experience.

Roseline Harry

Dr. Sadanand shetty is very good. I’m very pleased with him. Staffs too take good care of the patients

Vandana Rao

We met Dr. Sadananda Shetty for the first time. Extremely happy and satisfied with the visit. Support staff is also very courteous and helpful

Shivaraju K

I visited Narayana Netralaya near Indiranagar centre for Glaucoma symptoms *Dr.Sadanand Shetty MBBS,MS,DNB,Fellowship-Glaucoma. FAICO-Glaucoma , Consulted – Glaucoma Service* attended my eyes checked and he gave proper treatment He gave heartfull and very faithfull suggestions to me. But before coming this hospital i checkup nearest someone doctor inform me you have 100% Glaucoma like but when i checked here i am very happy because Dr said me no Glaucoma, Thank you very much. I recommend this Dr and hospital once again Thank you.

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