Glaucoma Fellowship

Glaucoma, being one of the leading cause of blindness in India requires an increasing number of skilled glaucoma specialists. Narayana Nethralaya is committed towards training the budding ophthalmologists in making them confident and self-reliant glaucoma specialist.

Training programme:

Qualification: Fellowship opportunity is offered to trainees with minimum qualifications: MS/DNB.

How to apply: The applicants are asked to submit their CV following which an interview is scheduled for further assessment.

Duration of fellowship: 18 months

Stipend: 40,000/- per month

For any queries please contact :

Email to :
Call: +91 9481840204, +91 9449029480

International applicants – can opt for short term observational or long term fellowship.

Contact person:  Ms. Cynthia Roy
Head of Department –  International


Hands-on training:

The glaucoma department here at Narayana Nethralaya, is equipped with all the latest machines and instrumentation for diagnosis and management of glaucoma.

The candidates here have access to the following  instruments on a routine basis – Tonopen, Perkins tonometer, iCARE, Ocular response analyzer (ORA), Corvis-ST, Humphreys visual field (HVF), AS-OCT, UBM, OCT-RNFL-GCC , stereoscopic disc photo, pachymeter, koeppe’s goniolens .

In the fellowship program, fellows will have a chance to evaluate a variety of glaucoma cases under the supervision of a consultant. The routine OPD evaluation includes an elaborate history taking, applanation tonometer, Gonioscopy, 90D disc examination, fundus examination and further investigation as required according to the clinical picture.

Fellows are actively involved in performing minor OPD procedures such as Yag-laser iridotomy, argon laser suturolysis,  post-op 5-FU injection.

There is a well equipped wet lab for practice and surgical training sessions for the fellows. Initially, the candidate will be allowed to assist in various glaucoma surgeries viz. Trabeculectomy, tube shunt surgeries- AGV, combined phacotrab surgeries, goniotomy, trabeculotomy,  bleb revision, TSCPC etc and once the candidate gains confidence, he/she will be allowed to perform these procedures under supervision.

Academics :

The fellows have an opportunity to take part in various national and international conferences. Candidates are also motivated to participate in the ongoing glaucoma research activities at our institute. Apart from clinical and surgical training, active participation in case based discussions, presentations, seminars and journal clubs are encouraged.

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