Contoura Vision

Contoura Vision is the latest and most advanced technology designed to enhance vision and involves the use of a diagnostic device called the topolyser which provides a highly precise and accurate mapping of the eye with 22,000 unique elevation points for each eye.  Launched in 2016 & FDA approved, it can identify corneal irregularities and creates a customized treatment profile for each eye. While all other laser platforms work on pupillary axis, Contoura is the only platform in the world designed to treat on your visual axis, resulting in sharpest possible vision.


Refractive Treatment

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Narayana Nethralaya, a pioneer in eye care, with state of the art technology and most experienced and world renowned Lasik surgeons was the first eye hospital to introduce Contoura Vision in Karnataka.

Advantages of

Contoura Vision


It is specifically suitable for patients with Astigmatism greater than 1D


It reduces difficulty during night driving


It results in less glare and lesser sensitivity towards light

Contoura Procedure

Contoura Step 1

Step 1

A detailed refraction and comprehensive ocular examination is performed by a refractive surgeon. This is followed by a battery of  preoperative tests such as the corneal topography (Pentacam) to check for the curvature and thickness of the cornea. It helps in deciding if the patient’s eye is fit for LASIK and also in deciding the need for contoura. A dilated fundoscopy is done and  retinal pathologies such as thinning/ hole/ tear if detected are found during the evaluation, are treated first using barrage laser. LASIK is then scheduled after 1 to 4 weeks.

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Contoura Step 2

Step 2

On the day of the scheduled procedure, the patient’s topographic scans are done using topolyser. The customised treatment planning is then done based on these scans Contoura Vision Femto LASIK is performed using the WaveLight Refractive Suite, the most advanced refractive platform available in the world.

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Contoura Step 3

Step 3

Bladeless Femtosecond technology (FS 200 laser) is used to create a thin flap, which is then lifted using the microsurgical instruments. Topoguided laser ablation for customised refractive correction is performed using the latest EX500 exicmer laser.

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Contoura Step 4

Step 4

Following the procedure the patient can go home after just 30 minutes. Post-operative medications and precautions are explained in detailed by personalized counselling. Eye drops are prescribed to prevent infection and to facilitate the healing process. The patient is called for the post-operative check-ups on day one and one month later.

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Contoura Vision Patient Testimonials

At Narayana Nethralaya, we are committed to providing our refractive patients with advanced quality eye care at affordable prices. These eye surgery experiences stand testimony to the excellence in eye care that we offer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Candidates Are Eligible For Contoura Vision Surgery?

Age >18

Constant Refractive error

Corneal thickness > 490 microns

Normal Corneal topography

Patients with a higher cylindrical refractive error in addition to the spherical power will benefit the most from Contoura Lasik surgery.

What Is The Difference Between Contoura Surgery And Lasik Surgery?

Contoura vision surgery has the following advantages over the existing LASIK platforms:

Better visual acuity: The post-operative refractive corrections on the Contoura are found to be better as compared to LASIK in terms of quality and quantity of vision. Some of the patients even experienced visual acuity better than 6/6.

Broader scope: In addition to correction of refractive error, contouracan treat the corneal curvaturalabnormailties.

Advanced technology: Contoura vision is the most advanced form of LASIK.The Contoura vision surgery maps 22000 points on cornea as compared to the conventional LASIK surgery maps only 200 points on the cornea.

Fewer complications: The complication rate of Contoura LASIK is less as compared to the conventional LASIK surgery. Minimal damage to the tissue is and relatively faster healing time make the post-operative period recovery quicker.

Does Contoura surgery hurt?

Most patients feel minimal or no pain during the procedure.

What kind of vision should I expect in the first few days after my Contoura procedure?

Immediately after the Contoura procedure, the first thing many patients notice is how clearly they can see the objects around them. During this initial period, they may also be sensitive to bright light and the vision may also be slightly blurry. This happens because the cornea is still healing, and once it heals, these issues may subside.

What kind of vision should I expect in the first few months after my procedure?

Over the months following the surgery the quality of the vision will improve gradually.

Will my insurance pay for Contoura LASIK procedure?

LASIK is considered as an elective and cosmetic procedure. Therefore, it may not be covered by private insurances. However, your insurance company executive can best answer.

Will LASIK affect my ability to see at night?

Some amount of glare or visual difficulty in very bright light at night is experienced immediately post-surgery. However, gradually these symptoms will reduce as the eye heals.

Will LASIK wear off?

Contoura LASIK refractive correction is permanent. However, ageing results in changes in the natural lens inside your eye while will eventually affect your vision. As above the age of 40 years, most people develop presbyopia, near reading glasses may be required.

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