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Surgical cosmetic procedures are considered when people want to correct physical imperfections and reshape structures of the face to enhance appearance and improve confidence. The key goals of cosmetic facial surgery include improving the proportion, symmetry, and aesthetic appeal of the face to bring lasting and dramatic changes to the patient’s appearance.

Surgical cosmetic procedures are a better option than non-surgical procedures when:

  • There is significant or profound  sagging of the skin and soft tissues
  • The patient desires a one-time procedure
  • The patient desires a long-lasting or permanent result

All surgeries offered by Narayana Nethralaya are Day Care Surgeries and most of them are Minimally Invasive. Consult us for the most advanced and the best option for your condition.

Surgical Aesthetic Procedures

The procedures offered by us include:


Upper Eye lid Blepharoplasty (eye lid lift or correction of hooded eyes ) and Lower Eye Lid Blepharoplasty (correction of baggy eyes)


Eyebrow Lift or Browplasty or Brow Ptosis Correction


Double Eyelid Correction in Asian Eyelids


Scar Revision Treatment


Removal of warts or skin tags, and Xanthelesma (Cholesterol deposits)

Narayana Nethralaya offers the following Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Options that can give you natural looking results


The first signs of ageing are usually seen around the eyes. Bags under the eyes, loose and drooping layers of skin on the eyelids (hooded eyes), as well as sagging eyebrows, give the entire face a tired or aged expression. Some of these problems can be addressed with minimally invasive surgery which restores a youthful appearance, by removing loose, sagging skin or puffy, bulging bags of fat from the upper or lower lids.



Frequently Asked Questions about Blepharoplasty:

What problems can be addressed with Blepharoplasty?

Loose, wrinkled extra skin causing hooding of eyes and baggy eyes can be corrected permanently through blepharoplasty.

What is Upper Blepharoplasty?

Upper lid blepharoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure in which droopy eyebrows, the saggy skin of upper lid and prolapsed orbital fat and lacrimal gland are repositioned back in their normal anatomical position, making the eyes appear younger and more refreshed.

What is Lower Blepharoplasty?

Lower lid blepharoplasty is rejuvenation of lower eyelids. In this procedure, the lower lid is tightened and prolapsed fat repositioned, to efface the lid cheek junction. This procedure rewinds the age clock, that is, it knocks a couple of years off your face and you will see a marked difference after the procedure.

How is blepharoplasty done and how long does it take?

Blepharoplasty is done with state of the art Radiofrequency Unit (Ellman), thus blade-less.

Minimal bleeding occurs during the procedure; however it is advisable to stop blood thinners one week prior to the procedure.Blepharoplasty is a day care procedure, and there is no need of night stay in the hospital. The surgery takes about 20 – 30 minutes per eyelid.Eyes are usually not closed or bandaged after the procedure.

Eye Brow Lift Surgery

Sagging of the eyebrows can make the eyes appear tired and small in size. This decent of eyebrows can be fixed by a minimally invasive procedure known as Brow lift.

An eye doctor who specialises in eye plastic surgery will examine the patient by carefully assessing the eyelids and brow region to determine whether a brow lift is required. The desired outcome is then discussed with the patient. During the procedure, the natural features of the patient are enhanced; and at no point would the result appear artificial.

Eye Brow Lift Surgery


Frequently Asked Questions about Eye Brow Lift Surgery:

What are the types of Brow lift?

Brow lift can be done through a minimally invasive surgery in the operation theatre or it can be done in the clinic with the help of Botulinum toxin (known as Chemical brow lift).

How long does Brow lift last?

The surgical brow lift has a healing period of about 5 – 7 days and will last for 7 – 10 years.  The non-surgical brow lift done with Botulinum toxin is an outpatient procedure and takes about 15 minutes. There is no downtime. However, the results last for 4 months as the effect of Botulinum toxin wears away.

Is Chemical Brow lift harmful? What are the risks?

Chemical brow lift involves elevating or shaping of the eyebrows, with the help of Botulinum Toxin.  It is a routinely done procedure; there are no known side effects or risks of the procedure. This is also known as liquid lifts. Slight asymmetry between the brows can occur, which can however be set right very easily.  

What is the cost of Brow lift procedure?

Surgical brow lift costs around 15 – 20 thousand rupees, whereas Chemical brow lift with Botox costs around 3 – 5 thousand rupees.

Double Eyelid Surgery / Asian Eyelid Surgery / Asian Blepharoplasty


Nearly 50% of Asians are born with no upper eyelid fold or crease, which makes the eyes appear small and sleepy. In such eyelids, there is no place for applying eyeshadow, and eyeliner if applied, gets hidden by the overhanging eyelid skin. Thus a fold in the eyelid is very desirable in this group of people.

Creation of this fold or a natural looking crease in the eyelid is known as double eyelid surgery. This makes the eye appear refreshed and widely open. It is a minimally invasive day care procedure. Either suture technique or incision technique is performed, customised to the needs of the particular eyelid.

Aesthetic Surgical


Frequently Asked Questions about Double Eyelid Surgery:

How long do the newly created fold /crease last?

Suture technique lasts for a few years, whereas incision technique gives more permanent results.

What is the recovery time?

It takes a week to recover from the procedure.  During that week, all normal activities can be continued except for swimming and strenuous activities.

What are the risks and complication of double eyelid surgical correction?
  • Infection -Sometimes infection (which is very rare) or inflammation can occur, which can be resolved with medication.
  • Scar formation – Faint scar can form after the procedure, which is hidden most of the times inside the fold of the eyelid and is not prominently visible.
  • Asymmetry of shape and height of the eyelid – This is a possibility, although all precautions are taken to avoid the same. This may require repeat surgery, if it does not resolve in a few weeks. Most of the times, pre-existing asymmetry of eyebrows and face, may be the cause.

Scar Revision Treatment

You don’t have to live with scars in the visible parts of your body. Most of them can be erased or made much less prominent with scar treatment at our clinic. Consult our team of highly qualified doctors to know more.

Scar Treatment


Frequently Asked Questions about Scar Revision:

What is a scar?

A scar is part of the body’s natural healing process; sometimes the healing process goes overboard, causing the area to look unsightly.

What are the common causes for scars?

Ragged wound, patient‘s keloid tendency, inappropriate suturing or using thick sutures are some of the main causes for scars to form.

Is it possible to get rid of scars?

Although it is not possible for the scar to disappear completely, it can definitely be made less noticeable and faint.

What are the treatment options?

Treatment options include Compression dressing, Silicone gel sheath, Intralesional Tricort and 5 FU injections, Lasers, and Surgical scar revision.


When should scar treatment begin?

Scar treatment should begin immediately after wound healing, for best results.

There are both non-surgical and surgical options to make the eyelids symmetrical. In case of upper eyelid retraction, Botulinum toxin injection done in the clinic can bring back the eyelid in position, giving an aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, the results last for 4-6 months.

In case more permanent results are desired, then surgery to repair the eyelid retraction can be done. The surgical technique depends on the cause and severity of the problem. The specific treatment is decided by the oculoplasty surgeon after a detailed discussion with the patient.

Our patient care philosophy

At Narayana Nethralaya, “Quality of Care” and “Patient Safety” is our priority.  Concern for our patients’ well being is at the core of what we do, and what drives us.  All 4 units of Narayana Nethralaya are NABH Accredited – the highest national recognition for quality in patient care and safety. Our Aesthetic team help patients make an informed treatment choice on the type of treatment and surgery that is best suited for their lifestyle. We have an exclusive counseling team to address any doubts or questions that people may have about Aesthetic treatment options and procedures.

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