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Deepak B R

I underwent Keratoconus surgery from Dr Rohit Shetty sir,truly thanking my Dr for my surgery ,i have a good improvement of my vision ,Should really thank a staff ,very professional,staff guide in each ways.

Hamza Alqasimi

My mom went underwent Lasik surgery under Dr Rohit Shetty it’s amazing experience and the doctor’s team are really great

George Koruthu

Contura surgery from Dr Rohit shetty
Had a very good and comfortable experience.
Staff is very helpful and professional.

Hema Bharathi

I had gone through surgery conducted by Dr Rohit and Dr Pooja and I am extremely happy

Sujay Hegde

Underwent keratoconus surgery By Dr Rohit Shetty.
One of the best experiences that I ever had in modern day hospitals, from explaining to prognosis , the best hospital for eye

HSushma Sai

My sister went contoura lasik Surgey
Her experience… All the staff is very polite with me… Entire experience is soo good… With advance equipment and experience doctors and members… We can ask any question to them without any hesitation …My doctor name Dr Rohit shetty


Underwent a contoura lasik surgery and it went really well which was undertaken by Dr. Rohit shetty. 100% recommend others who are willing to take the same.

Mohamed in Rifau

i did contoura lasik surgery from dr Rohit shetty.. everything went smooth and fine and the service is the best in bangalore. will surely recommend.

Swathi Shetty

I recently underwent the LASIK surgery at Narayana Netralaya and since then I have not had any issues related to eye sight. The whole process was very smooth and very well organised. The staff and the doctors, everybody were very welcoming and made it easy for us.
Over all it has been an wonderful experience throughout without any difficulties. Thanks to Dr. Rohit Shetty Sir and the whole team for this wonderful hospitality.

Venugopal Reddy P J

I went under contoura surgery from Rohit Shetty, I was afraid at the beginning but the surgery went smooth and i am very satisfied with the surgery and the care taken by the hospital.


I underwent Keratoconus surgery from Rohit Shetty sir,Staffs are very helpful,all were so helpful and I am greatful for the help and support each one have provided.very professional team ,Dr Rohit sir, special Thanks to you,and cheers to the super team.

Savita Nayak

My daughter Sanjana Nayak underwent a Lasik contoura surgery under doctor Rohit Shetty….she says though she was scared initially,she was made to feel very comfortable and the hospital staff was very welcoming and very supportive throughout the process….we extend special thanks to doctor Rohit Shetty for giving my daughter a new vision in life….Thank you so much

Vijay Kumar

I underwent smile Xtra surgery with Dr Rohit Shetty felt very good and hospitality was very good


My name is nethra H I got PRK surgery in Narayana Nethralaya by Dr.Pooja Khamar, Dr.Rohit Shetty was good experience and staf is very supporting towards the patient and clarify the doubts with patience
All over it was good experience
Thank you Narayana Nethralaya

Jeevan Chawan

Got trans prk surgery from Dr Rohit Shetty whole procedure went quite well and the staff at NN were kind enough, overall it was a great experience thanks NN.

Vidya G

I’d undergone Smile xtra surgery from Dr.Rohit Shetty and everything was just excellent. It’s by far the best hospital I’ve been to after evaluating at least 4-5 best hospitals in blr

Ajaykumar S R

I under went kerotoconus surgery Dr rohith Shetty my went on good ,no pain all the staffs are good supporting nd well communicated with me t
Thanks to the dr rohith Shetty and all the staff

Prakash Govindswamy

I am pavan i h completed my Lasik surgery from narayana nethralaya and it was a very good experience and they have taken good care and the hospital was very well maintained and staff were very good and they took very good care and Dr Rohit Shetty was very good at understanding my problems

Sreenivasa Murthy`

i underwent the smile surgery. It was a very nice experience. The surgery is not painful at all . Now I can see things more clearly. And the doctors in narayana netralaya were very good ,handled very well . Dr.rohit shetty was the surgen who did the surgery and Dr.pooja khamar doctor for follow up thanks to narayana netralaya who made this happen .

Meghana Lokesh

Thankyou narayana nethralaya for wonderful surgery….the hospital is very good…clean..the journey throughout the procedure was comfortable…thankyou pooja khamar madam and Rohit shetty sir

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