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Priya Yadav

Contoura Lasik Laser by Dr. Rohit Shetty Very seamless experience from Day 1. Staff has been very cooperative and helpful. You are made to go through several tests to ensure your eyes are healthy before the surgery and based on the tests you are recommended with surgery is the best for your eyes.Surgery itself takes hardly 2 mins and is completely painless process. Staff and doctors are there to look out for you even after the surgery. Had an overall wonderful experience and it feels great to see the world with new eyes.

harish r

My brother did Bilateral femtoseconnd contoura Lasix laser done under topical anesthesia. Form dr. Rohit Shetty,staff is good


Had nice experience, very well explanation by the doctors and councellors. Went through LASIK contoura vision surgery by Dr Rohit Shetty ,having perfect vision now. Thanks to Narayana Netralaya eye hospital.

Sakshi Parmar

Got FS Lasik done by Dr Rohit Shetty sir. On day 1 itself I am very comfortable with my vision. The pre and post procedure experience was also seamless All the staff , the counselor Girija ma’am and everybody around was very warm and helpful. Overall had an amazing experience at Narayan Netralaya.

sadiya ahmadi

I got PRK surgery from Dr.Rohit Shetty , it was a best experience and the staff are very much polite and helpful .

krishna krishna

I have done ICL surgery at NN, its been a month now, my vision clarity looks excellent. A Big thanks to Pooja MAM and Rohith Shetty SIR. All support staff are more supportive and Guidance’s from Consular is clear. I would strongly suggest to go with ICL at NN.

Gilbert Chongtham

I had Countoura LASIK done under Topical Anaesthesia by Dr.Rohit Shetty. I was a good experience overall.

Akhila Gu

It’s hy very good hospital It’s good response in the doctors or sister I am happy with me Doctor name: Rohith shetty Sherjari : contoura Lasik laser

Dattaraj Desai

Dr. Rohit Shetty performed Smile Lasik surgery and it was a smooth procedure & experience. Thanks for giving me freedom from glasses as I cn enjoy my visual experience fully without spectacles which was my partner since 20+ years – Anup Desai

Milisha N

It was a great experience with the team Narayana Nethralaya ,All the co workers and Doctor’s gave the best advice and information regarding the surgery. Really pleased by the whole experience. Thankful for Dr. Rohit Shetty and team for helping me regain my vision back👍🏻

Shalaka Maind

I recently got the Contura Lasik surgery from Narayana Netralaya by Dr. Rohith Shetty and my experience has been wonderful. Right from the intial scans to the surgery and post operative counseling, the team here has been very organized, supportive and helpful. They explained all the steps in detail thereby keeping me at ease all the time. The hospital as well is very clean with state of the art equipments. Overall the process has been very seamless and I will definitely recommend Narayan Netralaya for the LASIK treatment!

Lakshmi Rajanna

Narayana Nethralaya, as a hospital, is a very very organized one. It treats it’s patients with respect.Dr. Rohit Shetty was exceptional in treating my daughter with Contoura Lasik Laser surgery

chaitra patil

I underwent a surgery called PRK and Dr.Rohit Shetty was my doctor. The surgery was painless, staff was very kind and helpful.Excellent hospitality and doctors.

Reddy Sekhar

I had amazing experience with Narayana netralaya and I had Contura Vision by Rohit Shetty and the team and It’s a great experience to me.

Gowtham Tulasi

Writing this review after 8 months of surgery.I was having kerataconus problem. After consulting Doctor Rohit shetty Sir he suggested to go for CXL surgery. Post surgery feeling better and my progression got stopped. Thanks to Rohit Shetty sir and entire Staff.

Bipin Kumar Sultania

Amazing doctor, great service and lastest technology. One of the best in Bangalore. I visited the hospital for my LASIK. After the required test, they guided me for the surgery process and guidance. Rohit Shetty is the one who operated me for my LASIK sergery, he is a calm and composed doctor. Overall 5 star service.

Dinesh Kumar

Had a very good experience on surgery, Smile procedure was with good vision. Thank you Dr, Rohit Shetty

Arjun Sao

It was overall a good experience , Dr Rohit Shetty is an experienced surgeon and you can trust him.Staff were also very supportive Thank you Narayana Netralaya and team.


Myself Om Acharya and I was diagnosed with Keretoconus in my eyes. Right with Advanced and left with Early Keretoconus.The staff was very helpful here.I was recommended with surgery to stop progression of keretoconus with Tprk+Kxl By Doctor Rohit Shetty. Had Done both of surgery and I’m Very happy to be treated Here.

Aanigani Dileepkumar Reddy

I had Trans PRK done by Dr. Rohit Shetty. I felt very happy after visiting netrlaya. Before Narayana Netralaya I had visited 4 hospitals for opinion, finally at Netralaya I got all the answers for my questions. I have squint issues, they explained me clearly about everything and they suggested me better options and guided me well. The councellers also explained me well about the procedures and given me clear idea about the surgery and also explained clearly about the medications and precautions to he taken care. The hospitality by the staff is very excellent. They took care every single minute before and after surgery. The equipment is also very advanced

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