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sreekanth kala

My brother underwent Keratoconus surgery from Dr. Rohit Shetty, everything was very excellent. Staff response was very good.

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Mani Vg

LASIK SURGERY by Dr.Rohit Shetty was awesome and perfection. With minimal pain and maximum vision is been recovered… Plus all the staff is co operative and thrive help the patients as much as possible

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Jeevitha R

I am Jeevitha.R i did my smile laser surgery.. I would like to share my experience about this surgery… The surgery got really well Dr.Rohit shetty did this surgery without any pain.At first i was really nervous about this surgery but doctor helped me out to get this surgery done without any nervous…. I am really happy… I would heartfully thank Dr.Rohit shetty for getting my surgery done without any pain..

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Chandana NS

So many people suggested me about Narayana netralaya for LASIK. I am currently working in Dublin, I had been to lasik hospitals in other countries but I didn’t get the kind of confidence and vibe that I received from Narayana netralaya. Initially I had a call with Dr. Reshma, where she took me through how the procedure works and booked an appointment for the scan. After scan according to my eye conditions doctor suggested to get contoura vision surgery. Counselor Usha took me through all the procedures and I was so sure to get it done as soon as possible. There after I booked a surgery date after 2days as I was advised to use pre-op drops. On the surgery day I was really nervous when I entered the OT, but after seeing Dr. Rohit Shetty, I felt pretty confident. I was really nervous about this operation, but the doctor and the team were really patient and helped me to go through a smooth successful process. First day was little painful and it is advised to keep resting without opening the eyes for 12hours. Since it was a day procedure I didn’t get option to stay in the hospital, as I’m really sensitive regarding my surgery I wish I had an option to stay for first day. Next day there was a follow up appointment where they test eye condition and tell all the post-op procedures. As I was traveling back they gave me all the required medication for 6 months. So including scan it took me 7 days for recovery in which I visited hospital for 3 days. Even after recovery it is advised to take 15 days rest, but can see the screen after 4 days. Avoiding dusty environment is really important is what I have learned. So far a very nice experience for me. I thank all the Doctors and the staff for providing a great service.

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Rakshitha Madival 

I am mrs Rakshitha ..i amvery thankfull to Doctor Rohith shetty of narayana nethralaya for his extraordinary service ..he is great doctor with lots of knowledge and very good in heart..


Akshita Verma

Very impressed with the end tó end experience. The entire staff is very helpful, extra smiley and puts you at ease at every step 🙂 the whole process amongst the different departments is well coordinated and fully in sync despite the traffic overload!! Kudos Team. A big shout out tó Dr. Rohit Shetty himself for making the 10 minute surgery seem like 2 minutes with his interaction through it Shine on NN team!!

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ashwini rao

Doctors and staffs are really helpful. I had LASIK surgery operated by Dr Rohit Shetty. Who is very much experienced and kind. My surgery 100% successful.

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Kavya Shree

The services provided by the hospital were excellent. I have undergone lasik surgery by dr. Rohit shetty sir and his team. They are very co-operative and helpful. I’m satisfied and very happy with the results. Thank you counseler Usha mam and all the staff for the smooth process.

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Jayanth Reddy Kallam

I had lasik surgery in Narayana Netralaya. Dr Rohith Shetty was very helpful and also the staff cooperated well, took a very good care.

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Kavitha Lokesh

Dr Rohit Shetty done the surgery very well now she is feeling very well and thanking for your help to need your help while in operation time and I am very happy for good maintained and cleaness and maintained good atmosphere

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Faisal Khan

Underwent surgery from Dr. Rohit shetty, was very happy about the surgery. Staffs were helpful. Want to recommend others also to visit if require power correction

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Kevin Thomas

I got Lasik done here by Dr. Rohit Shetty. Highly recommend this hospital/doctor. Staff was very friendly and helpful.

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Sirish Reddy

I have keratoconus past ,1yr I have consulted (Dr.rohit shetty) doctor explain detailed manner, I done’ my surgery recently, I hope for the best, Tqu, Narayana nethralaya.

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Dhanush.V 1SG19EC027

I underwent TPRK surgery from Dr.Rohit Shetty, everyone took care of me very well. Staff coordination was good. I would recommend others too

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Went through LASIK surgery few days back. Special Thanks to Dr.Rohit Shetty for giving me the freedom from spectacles after 14years. Entire supporting staff and counsellors were helpful at all stages. I strongly recommend this place for those who are planning to undergo LASIK treatment. Believe in Technology and believe in your doctor.

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Gayana Jinde

I got my LASIK refractive eye surgery by doctor Rohith Shetty. I was extremely happy with the result and would recommend others as well. The staff members were really helpful and the hygiene was well maintained. They are happy to help you with all your queries. I was asked to revisit for my routine checkups so that they could guide me through any other problem I would suffer. I was extremely happy with the hospital and the staff there!

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shambhavi Patil

I did lasik surgery from Dr.Rohit shetty I’m very happy by there service it was excellent we did it in corona time the hospital was very clean and very hygienic and staff are very friendly and we loved there service

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