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syed javed Pasha

Got my wife’s contoura Lasik surgery done by Dr. Rohit Shetty. Amazing experience. They make you feel very comfortable. Experience so far is excellent.very organized and perfect in their work.My wife says her vision is 100% clear now.

Poojitha K C

Got LASIK laser surgery done by Dr. Rohith Shetty.Very easy going and polite staffs. Seamless procedure. Great support throughout.

Manon Fusade Boyer

I came to Narayana Nethralaya hospital for eye Bilateral Femtosecond Contoura Lasik Laser surgery and I am very grateful to the whole team and the great work of Dr Rohit Shetty. The whole team was very caring. I am basically from France and I could compare the difference. Here I got appointments very fast, the waiting time before each check up was short while in my native it takes almost one year to get an appointment just for a check up. All the procedure was well explained and the post surgery treatment as well. The surgery was fast and painless and a positive support was given during the surgery that was very appreciable during this moment. A big thanks to the whole team for their great work and care !!!!

champati prabha

Dr. Rohit shetty is really good. Laser procedure was painless and quick. Very happy with how Mrs. Usha and Mrs. Girija have taken care and explained everything.

Savita Shriya

Bilateral femtosecond contours lasik surgery was done by Dr. Rohit Shetty. The process was so simple and a careful process. The hospital staff is very much efficient and effective. Care taken was really awesome.

Loki Anand

I’ve done here LASIK surgery , Dr. Rohit Shetty sir has done the surgery to me .it’s a good take care . Thankyou .

Santhu Gowda

I did Lasik surgery from Dr Rohith Shetty sirThank you for the wonderful experience and very helpful staff.

slv Manju

Lasik Surgery from Dr.Rohit shetty, I had a great experience of the surgery,staff,doctors and everything else,Thank You Narayana Nethralaya Rajajinagar.


I underwent kxl procedures from Dr Rohit Shetty sir and Dr Pooja Khamar, every thing was good its a good experience,Thank-you for the wonderful team.

Rohan Fhatle

My experience was very good with narayana netralaya i got operated with my both eyes …very good staff and very experience..very good care was taken while operating…Dr Rohit Shetty was my doctor he was very caring plz do visit narayn netralay for your eyes.Must vist For your eyes..

Purushotham N

I had keratkonus in both my eyes. Previously I got my eyes check up at other hospitals only after coming to Narayan nethralaya I came to know that I had this problem in my eyes. They explained it to me in a very brief manner . Many of the people may also have this problem it happens when we use our phone and after that rub our eyes which causes the change in the shape of cornea. Many people are afraid of getting tested but once you come to this hospital you will realise that it’s not a matter to be afraid of. They will do eye surgery for this problem using modern technology which includes uv light Technics and there is no need for open eye surgery. Even the fees they take also very reasonable and affordable. Once you pay the amount no need for paying again and again for further testes. The doctors are so polite they treat you in a very homely manner . The Councillors also guide you in every step . So there is no need to afraid of getting your eyes tested . I am very grateful to choose this hospital for my eye health which is a very sensitive and very important part of eye. Thank you narayana nethralaya and thank you Dr. Rohit Shetty sir for performing the surgery and making my eye problem correct . Thank you❤️

Rakesh Raki

I done the lasik surgery by Rohith Shetty sir it’s good surgery by done it It’s good experience After surgery I didnt got any pain after surgery. Narayana Netralaya is Good hospital for eye This best hospital in our Karnataka.

Shiva Sagar

Got my lasik surgery from Dr.Rohit Shetty, overall i had a very good experience, Doctors as well as Staff members was very supportive and friendly. They explained about the pros and cons very clearly, Surgery went great. I would thank Doctors as well as staff members of Narayana Nethralaya.

thenmozhi jayavel ponnurangam

I had a great, hassle free experience at Narayana Nethralaya when I went in for my LASIK procedure. The staff were courteous, patient and helpful in addressing all concerns we had. The highly reputed surgeon Dr. Rohit Shetty performed the surgery which gave us confidence. As parents we are thanking you so much for making her to see the world like she did during her childhood. God bless you for the service you’re doing to the human kind.

Narasimharaju R

I got treated for PRK lasik from Rohit Shetty sir and team, the surgery went very well and now I can see without my spectacles on. The hospitality they provide is so nice and the premises is also hygienic.Thank you NN for the service and am glad I chose you:)

Chaitanya Ravi

I underwent Contoura LASIK from Dr.Rohith Shetty and team. My first visit to Narayana Nethralaya and I am absolutely happy and contented with how the process was carried out right from beginning patient registration till surgery and post-op counselling.My journey was smooth and efficient. The procedure was painless,well planned and my vision is corrected perfectly. Many thanks to the team.

Faizan Gaming

Had done my SMILE EXTRA SURGERY by Dr. ROHIT SHETTY, the surgery went really good the doctors were amazing, the staff especially were really good and caring. They were present when needed. Thanks to everyone of them.

Kaushitha K

I had undergone Kerataconus surgery in Narayana nethralaya hospital with the advise of Dr.Rohit Shetty, the surgery was not painful instead it was very smooth going process

ankit gupta

My mother gone through the Contoura surgery in the guidance of Mr. Rohit Shetty,She is very happy as she was using the lens from last 32 years and now she undergone the surgery yesterday and is perfect now. The experience was very good, all members of the hospital are very helpful and helped us a lot .She is very thankful to all the members of the hospital and feeling awesome after the same.Thanks for all the experience we had in the hospital, it was really great .I went through the ICL Surgery and really happy for the same . Everyone is very friendly and of caring nature .Really love the environment and the way of working of everyone. 😊

Jayanthi v Gowda

I am jayanthi v I had my contoura Lasik surgery The surgery was really good ..and without pain . surgery done by Dr.ROHIT Shetty. And the staff were very Cooperative and friendly If you are looking hospital for vision correction please visit Narayana Nethralaya

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