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Rajesh Bellary

I’ve gone through lasic contoura surgery by Dr. Rohith Shetty. Now my vision is was getting better without specs. The supporting staffs also very friendly. It’s good to refer all age group patients

Nishant Singh

My friend underwent Trans Prk surgery from Dr. Rohit shetty, I was with him throughout procedure it was too quick and everyone in hospital is so helpful and they explained the procedure and everything so clearly. After the surgery my friend doesn’t feel anything he can feel the difference after one two days of that

Subhendu Bhattacharya

Debamita did a surgery at Narayana Nethralaya.The surgery is Contoura Lasik done by Prof.Dr Rohit Shetty.The entire experience was seamless the staff is very helpful and efficient the pricing is very competitive,as such the experience was fantastic !

jinu raj

I have done Lasik surgery by Dr Rohit Shetty and it was seamless and amazing experience. From the time you reach hospital they will guide you through each step.

Dinesh Mysore

I had a great experience with Contoura LASIK surgery at Narayana Nethralaya, Dr Rohit Shetty operated on me and it went very smooth, now I have more than 20/20 vision! The patient experience and the counselling was outstanding by Miss Suchithra and they explained everything clearly every step of the way. I would highly recommend it!

Raju Kv

I just undergone Contoura Lasik surgery by Dr. Rohith Shety Such a amazing experience. Good service thought well treated .

manish sinha

With some reference I consulted the doctor for LASIK, after the operation done, I am happy that I can see the world without spectacles which was an integral part with me for last 35 years. Many thanks to Narayana Nethralaya and Dr. Rohit Shetty.Entire process is so smooth that you will never feel any trouble. Kudos!!!!!

Ruthvik Reddy

I had undergone contura vision surgery for my compound myopic astigmatism with Dr Rohit Shetty and post surgery I gained back my full vision, very friendly environment and staff in hospital and I thank Rohit sir and NN staff for their great services

Akrathi Shetty

I had a smooth and comfortable lasik surgery experience with the team at Narayana Netralaya, and under the able hands of Dr Rohit Shetty.The staff were polite and efficient. Thank you!

Udyath Rajan

Very efficient and friendly service. Got my Lasik done by Dr. Rohit Shetty. Was dealt with in a very professional manner.

Shreya Gupta

My experience was extremely comfortable and good. Dr. Rohit Shetty, conducted Contura Lasik Eye Surgery for me. It was very smooth and successful. I would recommend this NH branch very strongly. The staff too are very helpful and friendly. 10/10 i would rate them.

Saheblal Bagwan

Got the Contoura lasik done from Dr Rohit Shetty. Friendly and informative staff. Everything will be taken care on time.

gunni patil

I have undergone presbyopic surgery by Dr Rohit surgery it was excellent surgery , great experience & wonderful staff .Thank U .🌸

Sneha Bs

I got my smile extra Lasik surgery from the hospital. The surgery went very smoothly and they helped us with all doubts and clarified the doubts. They are helpful every step and guide us throughout. Doctor Rohit Shetty helped me in everything.

Ramesh S

Completed the Lasik treatment with Dr Rohit Shetty, have better eyesight and corrected vision within two days. Friendly staff helped throughout the treatment process.

Mohammad waheb

LASIK surgery by Dr. Rohit Shetty, My sister undergone surgery, very comfortable and had a good experience overall, she is performing well

nikshith gowda

I have undergone a Trans PRK surgery in NN from Dr. Rohit Shetty sir, and the I am full happy that I have chosen this hospital for the procedure… The staff here is more interactive to patients and they guide you in each and every aspect… It’s been 4 days after the surgery and my recovery is in progress.. For anyone who would go for the procedure, I would recommend Narayana nethralaya.

Nanda Praveen

My son got operate by Dr pooja and Dr Rohith shetty keratoconus now he is well Staff support me a lot thank you for your help and support

Shabina Taj

I just got my lasik surgery done here, and the doctors (Dr. Rohit shetty is the one who did the lasik treatment) and the other doctors are also very much helpful and counselors were amazing, they all are really helpful and co-operative and kind throughout the procedure, must visit this hospital if you have any eye issues.


Had a Lasik Contoura from Rohit Shetty.I prefer this is the best hospital for the one’s looking out for Lasik.Thanks to my doctor Rohit Shetty.

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