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Ajay anju

I did classic surgery with doctor Rohit Shetty and doctor Pooja khamar .The surgery they done to me was with a very good manner and the process was all in was good , hope i suggest this hospital for al

Venkat Krishna

Excellent experience from this hospital… Especially the staff were very humble and very friendly towards patients and about doctor Mr rohit shetty… Simply no words to say about him… He treated me like his family member during surgery time and right now I got good vision after surgery (I have gone contoura lasik)

Nishanth S

I had been under went lasik surgery from Dr Rohit Shetty and Dr Pooja and it was a matter of 15-20 min and my eye sight after the lasik surgery is very good when compared to my previous vision and I am also glad about  the staff and the way they respond to the patients and also the follow up procedure after the treatment is very good and I will also advice my friend to under go lasik surgery in Narayana as they are the best in all aspects

Aditi Bajpai

I did my Contoura Lasik surgery from Naryana Nethralaya. Dr Rohit Shetty has done my surgery and it was really good experience. I am doing fine. I am very thankful to Dr Rohit Shetty and Naryana team. I convey my thanks to Girija mam and Sibi mam 🙏

Prakash Channegowda

I chirg P gone through contoura lasik laser surgery from Dr Rohit shetty which had been a great experience that i had and i am very happy that without any little mistakes or problem the surgery was successful so i am very thankfully to Dr Rohit Shetty

Padma Vathi

Undergone Lasik, was nervous before siging the statement to undergo surgery, but thanks to doctor rohith shetty and team made me feel calm and understand.. Then All went well..had bit itiching and pain of first day of doing it, later next day was feeling normal and better, thanks all staffs and the doctor himself who cooperated well and nice.. And with good results. THANK YOU NN.

Ana K

I had consulted the Dr Rohit Shetty, one of the best ones in India for certain issues of a family member. I was very fortunate to get his appointment, he being the researcher in his chosen area and his valuable diagnosis.I was asked to come for follow up after a few months during which medicines were prescribed. We have followed the prescription and since September end 2022 waiting to hear him in those 2 minutes time he gives patients during the appointment, where we would be given further valuable advice.We are very satisfied with the entire experience and will keep waiting till we can finally get his appointment.Till then the progression of the eye condition also will understand the situation and would stop worsening, I am sure.We all – patients and the health issue alike, have to understand the value of excellence. What else can we do, right ?!

Bhavika Rajput

Contoura Lasik Laser Dr.Rohit Shetty Gud to visit here.. Feeling very happy ..supportive staff ..tqsm 😊

seema palora

Contoura,Dr.Rohit shetty Smooth process and well taken care throughout …Councelling was knowledgeable .Overall safe and satisfied.

Nidhi Singh

I underwent trans PRK procedure at narayan nethralaya by Dr Rohit shetty. The procedure was simple and people are very helpful at all stages. Everything is planned properly.

keerthana reddy

first I met with Rohit Shetty sir and then Pooja mam i have good experience with there treatment staff where supportive .over all had gud experience.

Sidhartha Nayak

I have done FS contoura in Naratlyana Netralaya at Rajajinagar .The doctor Rohit setty is very good doctor and staffs are very polite towards patients . My experience is good and I am seeing everything without my glass

Mohan Kumar

My sister underwent TPRK KXL surgery from Dr. Rohit Shetty sir & Dr. Pooja.Khamar mam, my experience was good with the hospital & i would to thank the doctor’s & i would like to thank the entire staff who supported in the OT

Abhishek Singh

I had my contoura surgery done at Narayan Nethralaya, Bangalore under the supervision of Doctor Rohit Shetty on 4th Nov. It has been a wonderful experience for me. It’s one of the best eye hospital in India, all the staffs have been very supportive. The surgery procedure has been very smooth with no pain or discomfort at all. It’s my first day after surgery and I already have better vision than a normal standards. I don’t have to wear my specs now, feels like a miracle. Thanks to Narayan Nethralaya for the wonderful experience. I strongly recommend this hospital should anyone is looking for a spec removal lasik surgery!

Rabia Rabi

Contoura surgery was performed by Dr. Rohit Shetty and Dr. Pooja Khamar. The surgery was carried out very professionally and very quickly.I’m very much satisfied by the procedure and post operation seeing the world clearly.

Guru Vajjal

I went to NN and took a contoura surgery and was happy with the outcome. Special thanks to Dr Rohit Shetty and team. It’s great to be specs free after 10 years.

keerthana reddy

I’m come for kerotoconus surgery first I met with Rohit Shetty sir he suggested me to take medicine for 6 months then they gave for Pooja mam.mam suggested to go for surgery it was done after 2 days i was all gud after 4 days lens was removed and staff where supportive and came.over all had gud experience

Shaik Mukku

I did keratoconus surgery from Dr Rohit Shetty sir,I came from Raichur for this surgery ,I am very happy after my surgery,i thank each one of the staff who guided me through out the surgery ,special thanks to Dr Rohit Shetty sir.Thanks to one and all..

vikram bhati

Very smooth process and surgery experience. Good process excellence and hospital management. Dr. Rohit Shetty can publish some articles on this . excellent hospital management staffs

Madhuri H.S

I underwent contours lasik surgery, it was painless surgery time taken was just 15 mnts, Dr Rohit shetty was very co operative and staff too.

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