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Riyaz Riya


I am delighted to have an opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to Dr.Rohith Shetty from the hospital Narayana Nethralaya consulted by Sibi Chacko & rest of the team exceeds expectations every single time. They are diligent & patient responding to any situation we have faced in the past several years I’ve been having problem in my vision and I have consulted so many doctors and hospitals where they couldn’t even find out what was the exact problem & then I met Dr.Shetty who resolved my problem () he connects with his patients at a personal level which gives significant reassurance.Very honest & positive approach in treatment which is a rarity. Extra smile surgery has brought a real smile Masha Allah 😇may Allah bless you 😍 Thank you Dr Rohith shetty and team 🙏


I underwent lasik surgery from DR. Rohith shetty and DR. Pooja Kamath Eye sight is better than before without spectacles feeling fresh First day I went through 17 tests and second day right eye surgery was done at Narayana Nethralaya Rajajinagar and third day left eye surgery was done at Narayana health city Excellent cooperation and tests were done very smooth

Akshatha V

The staff coordination was excellent and also doctor Rohith Shetty treated me well, I was so thankful for this hospital because they treat the patients well and I am doing well after my surgery .Thank you Narayana nethralaya

Gururaj Scorpio

I had undergone Lasik surgery, it was painless surgery, all staff coordination is good,Thanks for Dr.Rohit shetty sir & Dr.Pooja M khamar mam.


I underwent LASIK surgery here, it was a very pleasant experience since the staff there were very helpful and the doctors who treated me were very fluent with their work.I was given a thorough view on how the procedure would be performed and made me feel comfortable during the procedure for both of my eyes.I specially thank Dr. Rohit Shetty and Dr. Pooja Khamar for their effort in restoring my eyesight


I underwent Lasik surgery under Dr. Rohit Shetty and Dr. Pooja Khamar. The experience was overall good and promising. Initially I was nervous but the staff coordination and communication was clear which made the procedure a good experience

Mukesh மதுர

I underwent lasik surgery Dr rohit shetty I like hospital and they help me very well before i came here i’m really afraid of the surgery all workers in this hospital helped me and give hope to me so i got my surgery successfully so THANKS YOU Narayana Nethralaya eye hospital to bring vision back once i really thanking you all

Riyaz Riya

Smile extra surgery Dr Rohith Shetty I did under went smile extra surgery from dr Rohith Shetty. The surgery is done very quick and painless. Dr Rohith Shetty was a wonderful surgeon and staffs was always helpful and kind.I am so glad I choose Narayana Nethralaya.And very special thanks to my beloved Dr Rohith Shetty and Sibi chacko. 🙏

Mahalakshmi s

I underwent Lasik surgery by Dr.Rohit Shetty. Doctor was too kind during surgery and its scareless I didn’t get panic because of doctors help. I am happy with my vision now. Hospital faculty are very supportive. I have never seen and experienced such a faculties, they are always available and with us for all scans and checkups in hospital. I got regular check ups and follow ups with best service whenever here. Excellent service I recommend others for the surgeries here.

Vijay Kumar

I underwent PRK surgery from Dr Rohit Shetty sir, Hospital and staff are very professional, Thank you to all staff and very efficient.

Prateeksha Sonar

I went through Bilateral Femtosecond Contoura Lasik Laser surgery and it was an amazing experience! I thank Dr. Rohit Shetty who made this journey so smooth and I can see clearly with my naked eyes after almost 20 years of using spectacles as a kid. It’s amazing experience! Special thanks to DR. Reshma Ranade too who took care and made it smooth. Thanks to my Counsellor Sibi who was guiding me throughout this journey. It was painless and smooth. The next day morning was a beautiful clear morning for me..and the same continues! 😊 Thank you 🙏😊

Riyaz Riya

Smile extra surgery Dr Rohith Shetty I did under went smile extra surgery from dr Rohith Shetty sir every think is very Excellent . staff and hospitality is verry verry good I’m very happy with those treatment 🙏

Anil gowda

Lasik surgery by Dr Rohit Shetty .. Very good doctor and staff. It’s very helped lot fr me…

Swathi Deepak

It was fantastic to under go a smile laser with Dr Rohith sir it was pain less i am very happy with the service, staff coordination was good, it was painless surgery, Thanks for Dr. Rohit shetty.

Mj Sanjeevini

Contoura lasic was done by DR Rohith Shetty….It was great experience.

Neha mulgund

Well organised,very clean,systematic, caring and helpful staff.Highly satisfied with service of the staff and the operating surgeon Dr.Rohit shetty

Anoop VC

Did Contura Vision surgery. Surgery was done by Rohit Shetty, had really great experience.

rakshitha by

I had undergone SMILE XTRA and doctors were really humble and surgery and other scan procedures went smoothly. Thank you Narayana Nethralaya.Dr. RS Shetty

Vishnu Mahanthesh

It was really a good experience . Had a painless surgery , treated with good care and support , also received great advise from Dr Rohit Shetty and the counsellors , staffs were very friendly , and were available when ever in need , good environment and a great hospital for eye

Varsha A

I did keratoconus surgery from Rohith Shetty ,it will be fine no need to worry about the surgery,it will be fine , everything will be fine after the surgery,I am doing fine after surgery,I thank everyone for making this fine thank you

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