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Varsha A

I did keratoconus surgery from Rohith Shetty ,it will be fine no need to worry about the surgery,it will be fine , everything will be fine after the surgery,I am doing fine after surgery,I thank everyone for making this fine thank you

Public informator

I underwent keratoconus surgery from Dr.Rohit Shetty.I am extremely happy from the services provided here.Everything is good here including counseling, operation procedures,and optometry etc… I am very happy from the consultation received from here.The medicines given here are explained properly and counseling is excellent.If there keratoconus don’t be afraid come,check and undergo surgery.

Anjali Verma

I underwent Lasik surgery under Dr. Rohit Shetty. My experience was smooth and painless. Thanks to the doctors and the supporting staff for all the help throughout.

Siri Magaji

I have done lasik surgery under Dr Rohit Shetty and Dr Pooja Khamar and had a wonderful experience with gud vision.I was very well counselled by Girija about does and don’ts of lasik surgery and all the follow ups were very well done by staffs.I would highly recommend Narayana Nethralaya for who all are looking for laser treatment.

Chethan u

I had undergone Lasik contoura surgery, It was painless surgery, All staff coordination is very good, Vision also better, Thanks for Dr.Rohitshetty sir & Dr.Pooja mam.

snigdha ponneri

Had an amazing experience for my eyes after having lasik surgery, Kudos to Dr Rohit Shetty and team, They are very professional and systematic, No confusion at any point of time.

anirudh bhattacharya

We have a very good experience at NN. Staffs and Doctors are very well behaved. We have done Lasik Surgery from Dr Rohit Shetty sir and everything followed too well. Recommended to everyone who have some eye issues must visit NN.

Jyoti Rani

My husband went through contoura surgery at Narayana Nethralaya by Dr Rohit Shetty. It was a pleasant experience, the staffs were very cooperative.

Vinod Vinu

I had undergone TPRK+KXL SURGERY for keratoconus. When i came for consultation that time only i know about keratoconus.they explained about surgery.thanks for Dr.Rohit shetty sir & staff coordination also good.


I undergone keratoconus surgery from DR Rohit Shetty, it was well equipped and well maintained hospitality by staff members and all the doctors and staff members communicated very well..the surgery was done in well manner.Thank you.

Ayesha Tehreen

i under went with TPRK+KXL surgery Dr rohit shetty.my surgery was successfully done…. all the staff and Dr. rohit shetty was polite…. went with a very good experience….

Nanditharv Gowda

My sister under went PRK surgery from Dr Rohith Shetty , it is a painless surgery and now I can read or see better after the surgery, all staff are very good and they gave good service to us and they guided correctly thanks for this good service to Narayan Nethralaya

I have undergone lasik smile surgery on 1st March, I want to thank Dr. Rohit Shetty, his team and his entire staff, they were very helpful. Its been a great feeling having clear vision without glasses and lenses after 30 years. Thank you Dr. Rohit Shetty.

Suchithra BM

I had undergone Lasik surgery under Dr Rohit Shetty and Dr Pooja khamar, Surgery went very smooth n got a good vision. Staff were very cooperative n helpful . I would extremely recommend narayana netralaya for Lasik surgery. Thank you 🙂


My sister has under by rohit shetty And it’s a painless surgery after surgery I’m able to see half of my vision and the nxt is clear thanks for counseler, staff and Dr Rohit shetty

jagadeesh sankurathri

I have gone through the Lasik surgery from Dr Rohit Shetty sir, and the experience is really good… Initially I was worried how it goes but the doctors made me very comfortable it just hardly 5 minutes for both of my eyes nothing to worry if you are planning to take the surgery you can go through it very peacefully and staff service is really welcome.. They have given a good support and treated me very well..I would really suggest to visit Narayana nerthralaya for any eye concerns… I am sure you will experience the best treatment and you are at safe hands and the doctors are very experienced and friendly.

Praseeda Sahadev

My daughter underwent TPRK+KXL procedure for Keratoconus headed by Dr. Rohit Shetty. The doctors and staff were cooperative and helpful and the procedure was also done smoothly. All the post op medications and tests were explained thoroughly by the counsellor. The overall experience was good and would recommend.

Meghana N

I undergone smilextra surgery from Dr.Rohit shetty. Experience was great and everyone took care of me very well.

dheeraj reddy

This was a great experience to undergo contoura lasik surgery from respected doctor Rohit shetty sir. From the starting to end it was a well planned treatment. Thanks for all the staff and doctors of Narayana nethralaya for helping me to regain the best sight.

Sai Kiran

Underwent trans prk with doctor rohit shetty . It was good. Fast. No delay. No pain post surgery.

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