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Yateesh S

Underwent contoura LASIK laser under Dr Rohit Shetty Treatment was good ,my power is reduced from 2.5 to 0 The treatment was painless ,the staff are really sweet


I have undergone for Lasik surgery last week. In the first visit they have taken few tests and suggested me to go with trans prk surgery based on my eye condition. On the day of surgery Dr. Rohit Shetty was explained the procedure and finished the surgery within 10 mins (it’s painless). And then later met councillors to know about medication. First day I have eye redness, pain and watering but after that it was reduced. After 3 days they have removed the bandage lens and now I’m having good vision. Thanks for all the staff especially Sibi for making the entire process so smooth.

manohar reddy

I had contoura Lasik by DR.Rohit shetty..it was a really good experience.all the staffs here were also friends and they guide me on each and every step and this process is a painless process ..i am really glad i had a surgery here!!!

Harish Kumarn

Sowmya Here from Bangalore.I have undergone Contoura Lasik Surgery ..The day 1 i had come here for my scans till i got my surgery done i was guided with each and Everything Dr Rohit Shetty was The best i can say wherein i gained more confident to get my Surgery get done he explained each and eberythinh MS Sibi& Ms Girija counsellor was Very Good in giving Guidance ..
I suggest Everyone who are in minute Trouble with ur Eye sight to immediately come & get it Pampered without any double mind..Now I can feel i got New eyes with crystal clean vision

Sameeruddin Mohammed

My brother underwent Smile Xtra surgery under the supervision of Dr Rohit Shetty. The surgery went smooth and no pain during the whole process. I would recommend anyone who are willing to undergo any type of refractive surgery to definitely keep Narayana Nethralaya as the first option. The whole staff, counsellors and pharmacy are so kind and very helpful.

Darshan Gowda

It was a great experience the surgery went on really well the staff was excellent and the environment was very friendly. Dr Rohith Shetty and pooja made the surgery very efficiently and accurately. The staff and Girija maam were very friendly throughout the procedure.

Kushal Muralidhar

Got a Contoura Lasik done, the experience with narayana Nethralaya was wonderful. The surgery was painless and the process was smooth.Overall experience was just wonderful.Last but not the least I thank Doctor Rohith Shetty for such a smooth experience

Darshan N

Had a great experience, every procedure went very smoothly. Had no type of pain before and after surgery. Dr. Rohit Shetty guided me throughout the surgery. Anyone looking for safe surgery Narayana Nethralaya is the place to come.

Savitha Chennur

It was a very good experience at NN. They will give a detailed explanation to any query you have so that u leave without any doubts! Thanks to entire team of Narayana Nethralaya. Thanks to Dr Rohit Shetty

Sayandeep Majumder

Had contoura lasik surgery done at narayana nethralaya yesterday. Dr. Rohit Shetty and his entire team was very helpful, guiding me through the whole process in details. A day after the surgery and things look great so far. Would highly recommend

Keerthini G Krishna

I underwent Lasik from dr. Rohit Shetty. Waiting time is very less. Hospital is clean and tidy. Staff are very cooperative and friendly. Would like to recommend to others.Dr Aishwarya
The doctor treated well for my mother the procedure was easy and comfortable thanks for all the counselor for guiding us and surgery went very well

Sushmita S.P

Dr Pooja and Dr Rohit sir performed my LASIK surgery,my experience was really good and now i have got good vision and i would recommend going to narayana nethralaya branch in Rajajinagar


My brother just had his Smile Xtra surgery done, under Dr. Rohit Shetty.The surgery was guided and smooth. Operation was completely painless and had great support from the operating staff. Process was well structured to suite the needs of the patient. All the helping staff were very kind and helpful.

Nivedita Narayankar

Dr.pooja and Dr.Rohit Shetty performed my surgery well..the staff is very helpful to clear all r small doubts ..all my family members got lasik done here itself ..had a great experience

Darshan G Reddy

Treatment of Contoura lasik for my mother was successful under the expertise of Dr. Rohit Shetty . Thank you Narayana Nethralaya for the world class facilities offered.

Ishika Gupta

My experience with this hospital was very good I had my Lasik surgery at the age of 20 with Dr.Rohit Shetty. The counselor was very nice and she explained everything very well and calmly. You can trust this hospital for surgery.

sushmitha Sathish

I underwent lasik surgery from DR. Rohith Shetty.The hospitality was excellent and the ambience was too good.The staff over here treated me as patient very well.I’m thankful to Dr.Rohith Shetty and Staff who patiently explained me about the surgery.I’m grateful to each and everyone


Contoura lasik surgery will doing 30.03.2023 better experience in this hospital clear explain surgery. Dr. Rohit Shetty surgery will completed 7 min in one eye completed. Both eye 15 min completed surgery. Fearless experience. Narayana Nethralaya

BR Associates

I had smile extra surgery through Dr.Rohit shetty and surgery went well and i feel better now compared to earlier thanks to NN Doctors & staff


Service was good doctor and staff was friendly i had done my smile extra lasik surgery and was performed by doctor rohit shetty and it was good

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