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Shantanu Priya

Procedure: LASIK Contura Surgery by Dr. Rohit Shetty Overall experience was very good. All procedures were very structured and the doctors and attendants took time to answer all the questions/concerns. The hospital premises was well managed, from parking to operation theatres in terms of cleanliness, ease of access and information sharing

Shilpa Salunke

Keratoconus surgery useful for looking very nice now Doctor pooja mdm and Doctor Rohitha shetty….tysm all staffers

Preetham Mahadev

It was really a great experience, the surgery undergone was painless and the doctors treated me very well, I have a great vision rite now thanks for Dr.Rohitshetty& Dr.Pooja Mkhamar Totally the service was really good!

Manjumanju gowdas

I had undergone LASIK surgery ,it was painless surgery,my vision was good I’m soo happy thanks for Dr Rohit shetty nd dr Pooja khamar, tqu ,tqs for all staffs

santosh santosh

LASIK surgery has been performed. It was painless surgery my vision was good after surgery,Thanks for Dr. Rohit Shetty & Dr.Pooja Kharar, for referring thanks to Dr Harsha sir.

shilpa K

I had undergone lasik surgery, It was painless surgery, vision was good, thanks for Dr. Rohit shetty, Dr. Pooja khamar

Shastry H,S

I had undergone Lasik surgery, It was good experience, Painless surgery, Thanks for Dr. Rohit shetty & Dr. Pooja Khamar

Devika n gowda

I had a LASIK surgery with a very good experience. Painless procedure,Thanks for Dr.Rohit Shetty and Dr.Pooja Khamar.

Ramya Kumar

I am Deepika.A.C who got operated for my both eyes at Naryana Nethralaya.I underwet lasik treatment by Dr.Rohit Shetty and Dr.Pooja khamar.The whole procedure during operation was not painful. They made it very easy. I would like to thank the all the doctors and staffs who made it easy and convenient.

Kavya Gs

Doctors are really great, Good experience Mr. Rohit shetty and Ms. Pooja are really good

Kavya Gs

I underwent Lasik treatment My vision is clear and there was no pain during and after the surgery .Thanks for Dr.Rohit shetty& Dr.Pooja Khabarovsk.

Appajachar Thoyajakshachar

Lasik surgery The experience was good. My vision has drastically improved in just 24 hours which was surprising. Thank you to NN, Dr.Rohith Shetty and Dr.Pooja Khamar.

Manjula N

I’ve done through the lasik eye surgery here and it was painless. In gald and like to thank whole NARAYANA NETHRALAYA for getting my vision back. Special thanks for DR. ROHIT SHETTY sir and DR. POOJA KHAMAR mam.

sonali pal

I have did contoura vision by Rohit Shetty so it’s quite good place and the surgery I found is reliable and painless for the one who wants to remove there spectacles and also relevant because it provides good service as I’m from Bengal they took care properly, I have done surgery without getting any hesitation

Mehak Mehreen

Mehareen khanam We both were underwent Lasik surgery Vision was good it was painless, Thanks for Dr.Rohit shetty sir& Dr.Pooja M khamar mam.

Manjula Bhavani

Contour surgery bY Dr Rohit Shetty and Dr pooja khamar the surgery was not painful my was in left eye 8 as and the right eye was 7 the surgery and the hospital care is very excellent.

Chandrashekar m

Conura surgery is the best surgery for Me , now i can see everything properly and it’s a painless surgery , heartly thanking you sir/madam. Dr. Rohith shetty , Pooja Khamar

Niranjan.G Niranjan.G

It was a very good experience having done my keratokonus surgery from Dr.Rohit shetty sir at Narayana Nethralaya

Aishwarya Prakash

It was really good experience at NN1, I was referred to Dr. Rohit Shetty and he was very calm and also staff was very good, explained each and every step Good experience all together

Juveria Farheen

Dr Rohit Shetty did my Contoura Vision Lasik Surgery, the whole procedure went smooth n the hospital has the best Doctors and staff, Thank you Narayana Nethralya..

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