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Ashwini S

Helpful staff. Smooth going. Dr.Rohit Shetty being patient with the patients was appreciable.

Madhu s.rao

Contura Lasik surgery from Dr. Rohit Shetty.. We had a good experience with the process and explanation by the councellor, which helped me take decision. The surgery went very smooth and the staff inside operation theater were very supportive. Thanks to Narayana Nethralaya.

Madhu s.rao

Contoura Lasik surgery from Dr. Rohit Shetty.. We had a good experience with the process and explanation by the Councillor, which helped me take decision. The surgery went very smooth and the staff inside operation theater were very supportive. Thanks to Narayana Nethralaya.

sneha sequeira

I got smile extra surgery done for my sight correction here, it fast and painless and had a good experience.Thank you so much Dr Rohit shetty, Dr Pooja khamar and the Narayana Nethralaya team.

Likhitha Chappidi

I got Trans PRK lasik surgery by Dr. Rohit shetty. The staff guided me well during all the visits for checkups and the counselors are a great help. Overall it was a smooth experience at this hospital.

vishnupriya R

I am satisfied with ur lasik surgery from Dr.Rohit sir and Dr.Pooja Mam..I would recommend to others to go with Narayana nethralaya team..

Kruthi HV

I under went Contour Lasik surgery. I had really good experience. The treat was excellent. Dr Pooja M Kamar and Mr Rohit did a excellent job.

Enjoy N Learn

It was really a good experience getting treatment here , we had undergone a Lasik surgery by Dr Rohit Shetty…. staffs are very helpful and knowledgeable.

Pavithra G V

Lasik Surgery – Rohit Shetty. During surgery Dr Rohit Shetty’s interaction with my husband Nanda Kishore made more comfortable and confident and relaxed. After the surgery the vision is so normal and painless. Every staff members right from the day one gave one to one support at every step of the process. It was a great experience. Like to thank Dr. Rohit Shetty and staff.

Divya Ramesh

I underwent a LASIK surgery from Dr. Rohit Shetty. They made it seem very simple and easy for me. I felt so comfortable. Thank you

nimisha simon

I had undergone Contoura Surgery from Narayana Nethralaya, it was a seamless process, with great support from all the assisting staffs, doctors and Dr.Rohit Shetty. They helped me preplan everything well and were very supportive throughout the journey.

Rajath M

I underwent Lasik procedure from Dr. Rohit Shetty. The staff were cooperative and helpful, and the procedure was explained well and helped me all time. The surgery was successfully completed.We also had a Cataract Surgery with Dr Rohitha Nayak. Narayan Nethralaya has put together the most well organised crew with the most well planned procedure

Ramya Smily

it was very good experience in narayana netralaya , facilities are very good, I had a good experience a Narayana Nethralaya I had my Lasik surgery yesterday 20/ 12 /2022 my surgery was done by Dr Rohit Shetty and Dr Pooja. with well experienced doctor. they took care very well I am feeling very good. Narayana Nethralaya have good technology Advance machine. with well experienced doctor. if anyone wanted to do, Lasik surgery please Narayana Nethralaya it is very good. and you will have a good experience as I had. overall, thank you for everyone. For giving this good experience. by Ramya.N

Yashwanth V

Dr Rohit shetty, Dr Pooja Doctors and staff’s we’re very friendly and very well coordinated in entire process of the surgery. Hospitality was very good.


It’s a very good experience Dr Rohit Shetty Sir Did my surgery very well and it’s painless it’s good to have Lasik if we want to get rid of glasses and contact lens

Sakshi Devangi

I had been for vision correction to Narayan Nethralaya. Dr. Rohit Shetty was my doctor who treated me with my surgery. Hospitality was great and preferable to all. The staff treated me well during the entire surgery. Thanks to the team

Vignesh Vicky

I’m thankful to Dr.Rohit shetty and team,I came to vision correction and they done all the test and provided a accurate result. I had a surgery on Dec 20th, during operation they explained each and every step like what they are going to do.While doing operation also they explained what they are doing.Thanks to Narayana Nethralaya for correcting my vision.


I have done my Contoura Lasik surgery from Dr.Rohith shetty…. My experience was too good…. All the staffs are too supportive….. It was really a damn smooth surgery ,painless ,Anyone planning for the surgery can easily visit here without any doubt…. superb experience……#Happy patient

rajesh v

It was beautiful experience for me after my surgery and the treatment given by Doctor Rohit Shetty and Dr Pooja was very good. And special thanks to all the staff, since they took good care during my surgery and even during my consultation..

Sudarshan Grama Jayaram

I got the Contoura Surgery done here, and it went smooth. Dr Rohit Shetty provided detailed instructions and the entire process was super professional and well structured. Thanks to the counselors and the staff for constant care and the follow up.

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