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Bishnu Prasad

Recently I have gone through vision refactoring Lasik contoura surgery in NN Rajajinagar branch under Dr. Rohit Shetty guidance. Everything went well in this procedure. Team guided through the pre and post procedure and clarify all my doubts. With experience team of doctors the surgery went smoothly and explained medication for next 6 months. Thank you everyone in the Team. Keep up the good work.

shweta agrawal

I have done contoura lasik surgery from rohit shetty sir, experience was amazing i dr and other staffs are very friendly and now my vision is also clear . If you are planning to go for lasik you can go Narayana nethralaya

Chaitranjali Devaraj

I underwent Lasik Contoura surgery with dr.Rohit Shetty.I really felt happy with faculty because I was very nervous in the beginning but the way they care the patients is next level…they made me feel comfortable and I felt like I am in the safe hands…thank you Narayana nethralaya

afghan shahid

We have done lasik surgery from Dr.Rohit shetty. The surgery went well without any pain and the staff was very supportive. Thank you NN team.

Yashaswini KJ

Well organised hospital using high end technology and very cooperative staffs. My husband undergone LASIK surgery and Dr. Rohit Shetty treated extremely well and his vision was corrected to 0 power. I highly recommend Narayana Nethralaya Eye hospital for any optho related issues.

Deepthi.c Deepu

I had undergone Lasik surgery by Dr Rohit Shetty and Dr Pooja khamar and had a wonderful experience .All staffs were very friendly and my vision is very good .

Aman Jain

I underwent Trans-PRK surgery and my Doctor was Dr Rohit Shetty It was a good Experience like every staff and Doctors were Supportive in every way ..Overall it was a good Experience At Narayana Nethralaya, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru

Rohit Kashyap

I have visited Narayana nethralaya for lasik The operation was performed by DR: Rohit shetty and DR: Pooja khamar The operation was successful and the staffs very supportive

Podili Haribabu

I undergone keratoconus surgery from doctor Rohit shetty . The staff here is very friendly and the surgery is painless and would appreciate all the staff for treating me very well. There is no need to fear for the surgery as it is not painful , as being 17 year kid I personally would recommend others not to panic and go ahead with the surgery if required.

Jyothi Prasad Chennamchetty

I have done lasik contoura . The experience was so smooth and Premium. The surgery was done by Rohit shetty. My vision got better by next day .

Govindaraj Ravi

Hi, this is surendra i have decided to get lasik done as I turned 25, I was not sure where to get it done because eyes are very sensitive for every human being, after thorough research I have found narayana nethralaya, I have decided to get my lasik here, after I became eligible for surgery after all the scans, on 02/05/2023 my lasik surgery is done, I have a huge respect for all the staff & counsellors for helping me out throughout the procedure, I didn’t feel like was going for a surgery, special thanks to Dr Rohit shetty he easefully completed my surgery, I’m glad I have taken this decision, thank you narayana nethralaya hospital

dharini adiga

I underwent contoura Lasik eye surgery by doctor Rohit Shetty,the process was pretty smooth and went really well,all the staff and doctors were very cooperative

Solomon John

I underwent my lasik surgery in narayana Nethralaya, the doctor who was operating on me was Dr.Rohit Shetty, he is a very experienced doctor who patiently assess the situation and calmed me down during my surgery and it went really well, overall I’m very satisfied with my experience in narayana Nethralaya.

Ranju Kumari

Underwent Lasik surgery from Dr. rohit Shetty. The process was very seamless and staffs were very polite. Happy with the results of the procedure.

sunil singla

Overall experience was very mesmerizing. Undergone Contoura vision from Narayana Nethralaya by Dr. Rohit Shetty & got the best services, care & treatment. The doctor & staff both are very humble & they take special care of every patient. Moreover, the process is very fast & systematic, you don’t need to wait for long hours. The moment you enter the hospital, they will start guiding you for each & every step. The whole process took place in just 2,3 hours & the surgery was not even of 10 minutes. No second thoughts, just go for it.

Brunda Gc

I had undergone Lasik surgery under Dr Rohit Shetty. It was a good experience. Te doctors and nurses explained everything well and took care of everything well .

Arun Singh Baghel

Completed a Lasik surgery with Dr Rohit Shetty.Hospital was fantastic, staff is very cooperative. Highly recommend this hospital to my friends and family

Rania Sheikh

Got my refractive eye surgery done by Rohit Shetty and the entire process was extremely smooth and the experience was a good one.

Sarita Kovalli

I under went smile Xtra surgery from Dr.Rohit Shetty….There were good facility in this hospital, all staff members took care me properly, all are good person in this hospital,facility was very good, I can’t face any prblm in this hospital

Solomon John

I’ve under went my lasik surgery in Narayana Nethralaya, the doctor who was operating on me was Dr.rohit, he is a very experienced doctor who patiently access the situation and calmed me down during my surgery and it went really well, overall I’m very satisfied with my experience in narayana Nethralaya

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