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tripathi dd 

It was excellent and pain free surgery. I’m 100% satisfied and highly recommend Narayan netralaya for Lasik surgery Special thanks to Dr Rohit Shetty and Ms Usha for constant support throughout.

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Rajesh Barasara 

Highly professional eye hospital. Did not do unnecessary tests which is so rampant. Cynthia Roy, understands the needs of patients and attentively talks at length to make their visit worthwhile. Dr. Rohit Shetty is extremely knowledgeable and so much sought after. Difficult to get his appointment. I wish he had a little more time at his disposal. Also, if they tell patients the cause of their ailments, they can get six stars!.

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Rekha M Y 

Very very satisfied with the surgery done by Dr Rohit Shetty for lasik and Dr pooja for ICL. Please visit this place for full satisfaction.

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Pankaj Agarwal 

I had my lasik contoura surgery done by Dr Rohit Shetty. The process was very systematic and i had a wonderful experience.

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Rashmi Choudhary

I’m Rashmi and was treated by Dr. Rohith Shetty. This is one the best hospital I have visited. Best includes service, cleanliness, taking care of patient and explaining the medicines. This hospital also has best staff. For any eye treatment I would recommend NN.

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My name is srividya. I had approached Narayana netralaya for a LASIK operation. The first thing I liked about the hospital is that we are attended by a PR at the very entrance who will guide us to the right place. Then all the staff are curtuous and well organized. When the tests are conducted the technicians will explain what they are going to do, thereby we are mentally prepared and do not panic. The staff guide us from place to place personally and do not make the patients to search where to go for the next test. As such I was very nervous about the operation. Knowing this Dr Rohit shetty comforted me and filled me with courage in the operation theater. Overall it was a very efficient place well planned and good curtuous people who take good care of people who approach them I must say it was a cake walk for me to go through the entire process.

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Aditya Sudhakaran

I got my Contura eye power correction done through this hospital , DR Rohit Shetty had done the procedure and I have to say this is by far the best experience I have had with any hospital till date. The Drs and staff are highly skilled and well mannered, would also like to give a shoutout to the counselors Girija and Usha aswell for guiding and answering all questions throughout the whole process . All in all , highly recommend this place.

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Sreejan Nair

I have done contoura Lasik surgery and it went out very sucessful….i am able to see very clearly and i thank Dr.Rohit Shetty for this.

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I underwent Contoura Vision surgery for correcting my eye power from Narayana Nethralaya, Rajaji Nagar and it was sucessful. I would like to thank Dr. Rohit Shetty & team. I had a very pleasant experience.

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My name is shweta ,nd my doctor name,Rohit Shetty .my experience is very good Narayana netrayalay is seriously very good hospital.

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Vasanth Kumar

Dr.Rohit Shetty I have undergone Contoura Vision LASIK surgery in NN . And my vision is perfect. Excellent service, very well organized and systematic service to the people.i have never seen in any hospital. Any one who needs to go eye related any problems ,I highly, honestly recommend this hospital.

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