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Sai Kiran

Underwent trans prk with doctor rohit shetty . It was good. Fast. No delay. No pain post surgery.

Mohammed Saifuddin

My brother underwent Lasik surgery by Dr. Rohit Shetty.The whole procedure went very smoothly. The surgery was painless and took only about 8 to 10 minutes. The counselors explained the medication procedure patiently.The hospital is equipped with futuristic technology and excellent service. Great staff and clear guidance was given to us.

Riya Badwani

Extremely happy and satisfied with choosing Narayana Nethralaya and especially Dr. Rohit Shetty as my surgeon for my refractive surgery. The hospital is managed very well, with proper guidance at every step. Another special thanks to Sibi Mam for being so helpful and kind. Overall I would highly recommend this place for any refractive surgery.

Divyashree s

Dr. Rohith shetty and Dr. Pooja kamath done my lasik surgery.. It was really a very good experience and the staff also Co ordinated very well

amit rao

Underwent a Lasik surgery here this was conducted by Dr Rohit Shetty sir and his team …the initial consultation was done by Dr Pooja ..was an absolutely wonderful hassle free experience..the process was entirely smooth right from initial check up till surgery was done .the follow up consultation and counseling was done very well..would like to thank everyone

Parameshwarappa M

Contural lasic from Dr. Rohit shetty.Staff and total hospital atmosphere of the hospital is very good, they guided and treated very well Thank you Narayana Nethralaya.Thank you Bhujang shetty sir.

vamsi CA

Had my brother’s TRANS PRK surgery done here…it was a wonderful experience here….Dr.Rohit Shetty sir and his staff along with counselors took a really good care since from beginning explaining the survey details till finishing and post surgery counselling…our last counselor Ms.chaco explained things in a very cool and friendly manner and boosted confidence of the patient…definitely will suggest for all surgeries..

sanjay jaiswal

I had undergone smile surgery, it was painless surgery, my vision also good, Thanks for Dr Rohit shetty & Dr.Pooja khamar & Staffs also.

Umesh Ummi

I had undergone Smile surgery, Thanks for Dr. Rohit shetty.. My vision is very good … Painless surgery, staff coordination & service is very good.

Mamtha R

My husband underwent Contoura Lasik done in Narayana nethralaya by Dr. Rohit shetty. Overall, very happy with the surgery and experience. The staff members were really helpful.

Gagana ps

My brother got a Contoura surgery from Dr Rohith Shetty and it went well. Glad things went smooth and without any hiccups !

Viswa P

Very good friendly environment we are done contours lasik treatment done by Dr Rohith shetty sir we really happy with treatment

Nataraj Gowri

Thank you for Narayana Nethralaya I done with my smile Lasik by Dr Rohith Shetty I can see everything clear and good management thank you to Girija and Usha mam for exampling everything clearly

Meghana Reddy

I have taken contoura lasik under DR.Rohit shetty. It was great experience and made procedure so easy. The contoura lasik operation takes just in 10 mints with out any pain. I can see now without glasses right after the operation. Trust me, I have taken good decision to under go operation in narayana nethralaya hospital.The atmosphere is so good and u wont feel hospital environment.I always be grateful to the DR.Rohit shetty

Pooja vijay

I had an wonderful experience in the period of my eye surgery ( smile extra) operated by Rohit Shetty which was totally painless and got my vision back.


My brother underwent Smile xtra surgery from Dr Rohit Shetty sir,Thanks to each one and services provided.

Manaram Patel907

I have under gone a lasik surgery by Dr Rohit Shetty and had a great experience throughout and the staff here is really really helpful thank you so much for getting my vision back .

Arvind CR

Went a LASIK Surgery under Dr. Rohit Shetty, it’s like a new beginning ever since my surgery, i am more confident than before able to talk to people who more of eye contact, overall i am very blessed to have this opportunity

sheema Khan

I underwent lasik surgery from Dr Rohit Shetty sir The staff was so helpful and the hospital is so clean and discipline .I am so thankful Finally i got my eyes version Clear.

yashu gudekoti

Dr Rohith Shetty and dr.shruthi team, also Dr Rohitha Nayak treated myself and my dad. We have received good hospitality and services. Thank you…

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