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Abhishek Rajkumar

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I went under Lasik Contoura here under Dr Rohit Shetty. The staff here guided me well and were very patient in answering my questions.

Arsheen Taj

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I got my lasik surgery done under Dr. Rohit And I must say the overall experience with hospital and facilities are very good I loved it I will recommend too..

Muthukumar KR

My daughter Aparna underwent Contura Lasik myopic correction surgery at their Rajaji nagar hospital. We are extremely happy and satisfied with the entire process and the procedure. Dr.Rohit Shetty and his team did an exemplary job for us. Ms Priyanka guided us on post operative care. Our sincere thanks to all the doctors and staff at.


Hi, I’m Shreya. I’m 19 and always wanted to get rid of glasses. So I made the best decision of my life that is to visit NARAYANA NETHRALAYA. After severals scans, I was found suitable for SMILE SURGERY. I underwent the surgery just yesterday and I’m superfine today. Big Thankyous to DR ROHITH SHETTY sir and DR POOJA ma’am for treating me the best with all care. They are the bestestt. GIRIJA ma’am and USHA ma’am are definitely understanding and great councellors.I was nervous in the beginning but later it was as simple as cake walk. It was a painless procedure with super benefits in the end.Everyone here are very supportive and they make sure all are satisfied with visit.This is the best decision of my life and I’m always greatful to ROHITH sir and POOJA maam. Thank you NARAYANA NETHRALAYA.


Dr.Rohit Shetty – I was quite impressed with the customer service at the hospital it was excellent , and i thank the Doctor and the hospital my surgery went very well.


Dr.Rohit Shetty-Mrs. Girja was very helpful & supportive



I went through LASIK surgery for both of my eyes. It went very well. Felt very happy and safe to get operated by great surgeon Dr.Rohit Shetty. This was referred to me by Krishnamurthy.C.N. I am very Thankful to Krishnamurthy. Even in follow-up checkups, they have taken good care. Thanks to Narayana Netralaya for the good service.

Vijith Bk

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Great experience at Narayana Nethralaya. Had my Contoura lasik surgery done here on 23rd April under Dr Rohit shetty. I had no complications with my surgery and recovering well after that.
They have got one of the best medical team. All the staff has been very courteous and helpful throughout the process. Everything has been very systematic and had no delay or confusion during my treatment. I appreciate all the staff members rite from the main desk till Discharge. I can’t thank enough Dr. Reshma and Girija madam, for their for their valuable time and Care. They showed great deal of empathy, understood and prioritized my care.Thank you very much team.

Sneeta Almeida

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Did my contoura lasik surgery yesterday.. And it went so well.. Finally am able to see things without my glasses, all thanks to Dr. Rohit shetty for my eye surgery.. Thanks to Dr. Harsha for guiding me to choose this surgery.. Definitely a v good hospital for lasik surgery.. Well behave staff..totally satisfied😊

Vijaya kumar

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My wife underwent LASIK surgery. The entire procedure was well organised and surgery was successful. Councellors were very helpful.Overall a big thanks to Dr Rohit Shetty and his staff .

Bassam Fahmy

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Overall i had a great experience. Staffs and Doctors are friendly and helpful throughout my procedure My Lasik surgery was done by Dr.Rohit Shetty. Almost all the the procedures went on time with no delay. As explained by doctors the procedure was painless.I personally want to thank International Division of this hospital for their continuous help.I would highly recommend this hospital

Venkat Ramesh

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I am a physician myself and was chose to have my LASIK surgery here in March 2015. The operating surgeon was Dr Rohit Shetty. Everything from the initial consultation to the discharge process was smooth. I only met Dr Rohit Shetty during the surgery. I was confident in his abilities and he did a fantastic job.

Dhanya Giridhara

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I recently got my Contoura vision LASIK surgery done by Dr.Rohith Shetty, I experienced a real surprise as I have got clear vision and not using spectacles anymore!! The staff and technicians were very polite and helpful throughout, to mention Girija, Usha, Priyanka guided us very well from the scratch of the procedure. I would love to thank everyone involved during the process for making it extremely smooth, calm and hustle-free!!


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I was impressed by how well-organized the entire refractive surgery procedure was. Thanks to Dr. Rohit Shetty and the entire team. The patient is taken through each stage smoothly.; the entire team was easily approachable, particularly Priyanka, who patiently answered all of my questions regarding my LASIK operation. On operation day, I was little nervous, and wish someone had given me some pep talk before I went to OT :D. The operation went without a hitch. It would have been helpful if the patient had the opportunity to purchase the medicines outside of the hospital, as medicines are fairly expensive.

Poornima C N

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I had lasik surgery in narayana nethralaya rajajinagar. Surgery was done by Dr. Rohit Shetty. All the doctor’s, counselor’s and other staff responded very well to all of my queries. I’m really happy with the services provided by them. If anyone want to take lasik treatment I 100% recommend this hospital.

Shwetha K

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I Gone through a Lasik surgery for my eyes,it was a excellent experience i had with the coordinators, with DR Sumitha and rohith shetty. overall experience was good, if anyone having problems with respect to eyes please visit Narayana nethralaya..


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I underwent lasik surgery. Was referred to Dr Rohit Shetty by my family Doctor. After I met him I got the confidence to under go Lasik surgery. Experience was good.. I am able to see perfectly clear.. Thanks to Narayana nethralaya team.

Soumi Chaudhuri

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I underwent Lasik surgery from NN Rajajinagar. The experience was very good and I feel more confident now as I could finally get rid of my glasses. Well appreciated all the efforts by the hospital staffs and Dr. Rohit Shetty.

jallu sasikala

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I have done contoura lasik surgery for my eyes it was super there was very little pain after the surgery it lost for 15 minutes after that there is no pain and irrigation now i can see very clearly great thanks to narayana nethralaya must visit place for eye problems-Dr.Rohit Shetty

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