Dr. Aishwarya

Dr. Aishwarya Reviews

Total Reviews – 1937

Rangaiah H

Dr Aishwarya treated well and painless surgery, staffing also very essential guiding


Dr. Aishwarya operated for cataract and all the staff, doctors have good service

Deeksha kanti


amarnath bedre

Dr Aishwarya.. the cataract surgery was very neatly handled and organised.. both the eyes were operated on and was very organised both the times and the service by the attenders were genuinely great

kiran sunnad

Dr Aishwarya is a very good doctor for consulting for cataract surgery

Ashokkumar Bavalatti

Dr Aiswarya surgery treatment very well done,bt counseling dprtmnt lens cost some difference is there …

Srinivas naidu

Dr Aishwarya
She is good surgeon better service and very good treatment and hospital speciality good

Vasantha U

Dr aishwarya the service was too good and customer service was really good

shivalingayya chikkamath

Dr Aishwarya consulting very good and staff, nice hospitality, reference to others overall good treatment here, hospitality interesting,very positiveness nice to NN..

Teju Kumar N

My father underwent cataract surgery for both eyes and was carried out by Dr Aishwarya. All went well and process was simple. Thank you


Dr Aishwarya consulting very good and well service

Mahesh Hm

Dr Aishwarya good treatment and my right eye problem solved tq doctor and all staff good

Suhas B.R

My father undergone Cataract from Dr Aishwarya… Doctor treated very nicely

Naveen Kumar CR

Dr Aishwarya
Very good treatment and response from doctors and all staffs to patient and also very very good organised in hospital

Teju Das

Dr Aishwarya
She is Experienced n very corporative

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