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Dr. Aishwarya Reviews

Total Reviews – 1937

Pampaiah M

Dr shruthi is responding to the patients well. And i found satisfactory Dr. Aishwarya We underwent cataract surgery n the operation was satisfactory…. well explanations provided post surgery overall excellent service

rajesh kumar

Dr aishwarya consultation is very excellent. Service also very good.

Tarun Rai Tara

Dr Aishwarya has been really professional and the experience was seemless

Shashi Mardia

Dr Aishwarya consultation is good satisfied.hospital services also very excellent.

Kodandarama Bt

Dr aishwarya done good surgery then staffs are gave very good services am happy with services THANK YOU.

md nasruddin

Doctor Aishwarya madam in this hospital good treated treatment also good respecting of all religions good

Vish Mohan

Consulted Dr. Aishwarya for my mother’s eye cataract surgery. Very much happy the way staff and Dr took care of the processing.

Phani Kumar Tavva

Dr. Aishwarya did the cataract operation for my mother and the care was good.

Mysore Venkateshaiah Srinivasa

Dr aishwarya .she is a very good doctor and we appreciate her service.we will recommend for others also particularly dr aishwarya .totally very good service. Staffs also gives very very good service. We are very happy.


Dr aishwarya consultation is good and satisfied.

prash K

Dr Aishwarya very good experience well taken care all explained very by Dr.


Dr.Aishwarya, did cataract and very good .

Xavier J

Dr Aishwarya has operated my wife’s Right eye on 3rd March now she is fine previously she operated my wife’s left eye thankyou you Dr Aishwarya

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