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Shekhar Bhawal

My overall experience is very good with Narayana Netralaya. My mother in law recently goes for cataract surgery and retinal injections. Very smooth, hassle free and consistent process is established in the hospital. Dr. G.K. Venkatesh and team is very good and professional. Dr. Aaditi Anil kumar is also good. All supporting stuffs I have found are very responsive, humble, and polite. Hopefully they will maintain such high standard in future also. Best wishes.

Gururaj Mathad

Dr Aishwarya was an exceptional doctor and the process was very smooth

Ranganath Raju

Dr ಐಶ್ವರ್ಯ Operations was done very well
Very good treatment….

parinita s

Dr. Aishwarya Good treatment very kind and generous Doctor, thank you very much for the concern 🙏🙏🙏

Dileep K S

Thanks to Dr Aishwarya for the treatment and excellent service happy for the service

Kemparaj M

Dr Aishwarya Good service and best treatment
Staff are very friendly

Mahendra Kumar

#dr Aishwarya’s. Cataract and ref lens she has done good operation to my dad.And my dad opinion is also fine. And satisfied….

Bhargav Raj

Dr Aishwarya.Did second eye surgery to my father
As if this is my father second eye surgery it went flawless as it was at first eye surgery

Dr. Aishwarya madam has done the operation and everything went well. Highly recommended to visit Narayana Nethralaya.

Aishwarya K Sathish

Dr. Aishwarya S Operation done by the doctor was very helpful for my grandma’s vision
She is very happy and we are thankful for the doctor

Gunjan Chandak

Dr Aishwarya Very good service and i am happy with the service

Amit Kumar

Dr Aishwarya madam did a good surgery on my mother Asha Devi eyes for cataract. She is recovering well. Both eyes have been operated by the same doctor. I am grateful to NN and Doctors and supportive staff in the hospital.

Sreyans Jain

Operation conducted by Dr. Aishwarya was very good. We are highly satisfied

Retesh G

Dr Aishwarya, has always been very polite and guided my father before and after the surgery. We are very happy with the hospital facility. ( patient name: Gange Gowda VS )

Bindu K

Had a great experience with narayana nethralaya Dr. Aishwarya as an experienced took care of my Grandma’s operation very well

R S Raju

Dr Aishwarya Very cooperative smooth handling successful operation thank you doctor

Renukamba RG

dr aishwarya she very good surgeon and good experience
she is best

Sharanu Gaddenor

Dr Aishwarya.Good surgery good staffs and clean hospital best treatment in Karnataka.

k sujith Kumar

Dr Aishwarya,Did second eye surgery to my mother.
It was done very well.

Mahendra Hagalavadi

Dr, aiswarya.Satisfied about whole process. All staff including doctors are friendly and guided well.

Srinivas Murthy

Our father’s eye treatment is very good with the help of Dr. Aishwarya madam

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