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shree agatagi

Dr.AishwaryaThank you Dr. Aishwarya madam for successfully completing eye cataract surgery for my father Madam is so kind hearted and humble Thank you for your service….

Nataraj M

Dr. AISHWARYA. It was a satisfactory experience though out. Cataract surgery done for my both parents and she thoroughly examined the patients and given all the needed advise to prepare for surgery and post surgery as well. Thanks to Dr. AISHWARYA and the NN staff who were really helpful and supportive

Ravi Je Gescom

Dr Aishwarya @ Narayan eye hospital Treatment Very good, I Suggested to all if any eye related issues,I think Dr Aishwarya is good .

Raju Subramanyam

Dr Aishwarya She is very good doctor and having patience. My mother gone cataract operation. She is fine now.And operation was successful. My mother is very happy.Thanks a lot Madam

shashi kumar

Dr.aishwarya Actually I’m getting more fear about surgery till enter to operation theatre but actually I have not at feel any experience about operation they have did vary carefully and fearless surgery

Chandrashekhar B. N

Dr aishwarya treatment very good ಅಂಡ್ staffing guidance also nice caring patients well 🙏


Dr. Aishwarya is highly professional, the team has been caring, empathetic and my Mother’s cataract treatment has been a great success. Thanks to all at Narayana Nethralaya Super Speciality Eye Hospital.


Dr.Aishwarya did a great job for my mother-in-law. The cataract surgery was done by her smoothly and we are happy with her treatment.

Mohankumar K

Dr Aishwarya.. very good. Yesterday she has conducted surgery to my wife successfully, she has guided me very well before the surgery, she is very cordial at patients , very gud surgeon

Manasa L

This is really very good hospital for treatment of eyes. Hospital have very polite staff.. Here everybody are ready to help the patients.. Yesterday my father in law got cataract surgery by Dr Aishwarya. Now he can see clearly.. Thank you Dr Aishwarya mam and all staff there.

Sudhakar GA

Dr Aishwarya madam is very nice and polite, And hospital staff also very close to move to patients. One of the best hospital in India.


Dr. Ashwairya has a God gifted hands. My wife’s surgery was done well. I am very happy with the surgery performed by her. I could carry out my household work on the same day itself. All my thanks to her and her te

Buzzle Head

Had a very good experience with the Dr. Aishwarya. She was very patient and explained all the intricacies of the cataract surgery and cleared all our doubts. Thanks Dr Aishwarya!

Saqib Ansari

WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE with Dr Aishwarya. Appreciate the service and procedure.Special thanks to the staff.

Srinivas Reddy

Dr.Aishwarya cataract surgery in Narayana nethralaya hospital, She is very good Dr and great facilities in hospital, good caring staff , I am satisfied form hospital

Venkatachalapathy M

Narayan Nethralaya is really amazing. My consultant was Dr. Aishwarya. They really treated well.Excellent

lekha v

Dr Aishwarya My mother got both her eyes operated for Cataract in NN. The whole hospital was very caring and accommodative and the process was undertaken smoothly. It was a hassle free experience

Sathish.C.L pranav

i had been suffering from vision loss in her left eye for twenty years, good response, my heartiest regards Dr. Aishwarya Aishwarya ma’am

Raghavendra Kamble

Dr Aiswarya : she was explained each and every point during visit Hospital: year ago has visited same hospital for right eye operation. Seen few problem related insurance and time management. But this quite good impress because those problems not this time. Thank you for addressed

Jyothi Giri

Dr.Aishwarya Operation was successful,Doctor was very co – operative and helpful Consultation is very good

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