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sumanth hn

Dr Aishwarya She is good surgeon and good hospitality…

T Rajappa

Dr. Aishwarya Operation was done very well good experience nice staff all is ok .

Noor Asma

We had been here for cataract surgery. It went smooth and doctor Aishwarya was very professional and experienced.Thank you for all the assistance.

Ajit Padaki

Dr Aishwarya
Operation was done very well

Vishnu Vish

Dr.Aishwarya has done a fantastic job with the Cataract surgery to my father

Anuradha Rao

Dr. Aishwarya
We had very wonderful and successful surgery..homely treatment and we are very happy to visit this hospital thanks to all the staffs and treatment given..

Gulzar Begum

Dr Aishwarya….undoubtedly satisfactory service….worth every penny

gulzar begum

Dr Aishwarya….undoubtedly satisfactory service….worth every penny

Avinashe Muraleedharan

My mother undergone cataract surgery for both eyes and which was done by Dr. Aishwarya. A big thanks to mam and NN for the smooth process and all the support. As the procedure is according to the process there are no delay or any problems. Thank you so much NN and special thanks to Aishwarya Mam for clarifying our doubts and my mother’s vision.

Puuta Swamy

Dr Aishwarya
Did very successful and smooth surgery Ian very thankful to her

k sujith Kumar

Dr Aishwarya,
Thank you. It was an excellent service. Great work.

Lokesh Nayak

I took my mother for cataract surgery in the hospital Dr Aishwarya was very professional and helpful happy with the services and support

Anand Aivalli

I am Anand. Husband of Suneeta. She got her Cataract operation opting for Multi Focal Operation. 12 years back my own Cataract operation was done here. And, I am enjoying good vision all along. My wife opted for the latest in technology, Multifocal lens. It cost a bomb. I wish the cost comes down and more people will benefit.
Professionally Narayana Netralaya deploys highest level of expertise. Dr. Aishwarya is a dedicated professional. Society is grateful to her. I only wish that it should become more affordable to the masses.
My very best wishes with gratitude.

Syed Maqsood

Dr Aishwarya
Operation was done very well and overall service was good.

Venkatesha Venki

Dr Aishwarya consultation is good and satisfied.Dr Sharon d Souza had a good treatment

harsha bharadwaj

We had great day with Dr Aishwarya .Excellent care of patient post and after operation Thank you Dr Aishwarya

Preethi Shalini

Dr Aishwarya
The surgery and followup check was satisfactory. Thank you

Shiva Kumar

Dr Aishwarya and I had a surgery done by Dr Ramesh venkatesh i am feeling very good, staffs are given more importance to all the patients

Hussain Basha

Dr tejal and Dr aishvarya Operation was done very well and very good treatment from dr Aishwarya

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