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Total Reviews – 2017

Ashu Acchu

Nararayana netralaya is one of the best hospital which takes care of patients very well..they makes us to feel comfortable and convenient…they makes us to understand the situation and guide us to good enancity….thanking each every workers and DR.Aishwarya who gave us better hospitality..

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Revathi Revu

Do. Aishwarya, My grandma was done laser operation yesterday.. The doctors treated them well.. An all the entire hospital gave good response an service to us… I wish the same service continue forever..

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Latheesh Kuma

Dr Aishwarya,. My Mother catrate surgery under gone with her. She is the best Doctor I have meet very co-operative and understand the patient very patiently.

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Mahesh Krishna

Dr. Aishwarya has treated cataract to my mother successfully. The hospital staffs are very helpful to patient. we are Overall happy with the excellent services recieved.

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Sriram Md

Dr.Aishwarya I am very happy with the excellant services extended by NN1. My sincere thanks to Dr Aishwarya for her excellant cooperation and conducting surgery in excellent manner. My thanks to Lloyd staff too

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MRD No. 1197863

Technology is updated and well maintained. Ms. Aishwarya Maam and Ms.Meenakshi Ravi and Mr.Veeresh. Thank a ton, I advice for a camp of free surgeries for the poor and needful people.

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MRD No. 539612

Good  facilities  provided to patients. . well caring by doctors  n also staffs  over here.and we regard  narayana nethralaya , we thank  Dr.Aishwarya madam for operating well, satisfied  with  all your  faciltiy

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MRD No. 121865

facilities, promptness of all employees here. systematic and proper information  and clinliness I would  like to thank Dr. Aishwarya and Dr. Mathews Kurian for their assistance.  and corporate insurance  people. Not as of now. I m happy with service

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Yogesh Ramachandra

Dr. Aishwarya gave good confidence about the surgery for my dad. And was very well treated. Extremely organised process for surgery.

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